1. K

    Golden wonder breeding

    So... After making and putting a spawning mop in with my two golden wonder panchax killifish last night, tonight I have a total of 23 perfectly clear little eggs. I have separated them from the mop and placed them into a hang-on breeder box and replaced the mop in the hope of more eggs! Until...
  2. F

    Snail eggs?? Should I be concerned?

    Hey y’all! I’m Jon, and I’m new to the fish scene. Ive had all of my fish for 3 months now. They all get along well, and all are thriving. I was cleaning my tank today and I found this right above the surface, hanging from the middle part. I have a 55 gallon tank and here are my fish: 1 red...
  3. S

    Suspected egg in tank

    Hi, new to fish keeping literally only had fish for a week and I already have so much going on. In the tank I have 2 x Cory catfish, 8 x pacific blue-eyes (1-2cm fish), 6 x male guppies, 6 x female guppies, 6 x neon tetra, 1 x male gourami and 1 x snail. This is in a 100L tank. They all seem...
  4. K

    Which of my babies is having babies???

    Hey guys, I’m new here so forgive me if I’m asking any obvious questions. I have 2 Angels, 3 Platies, 2 salt and pepper Corydora, 3 panda Corydora, (what I think is) a leopard snail, 3 rabbit snails and a rapidly increasing (unknown!) number of ramshorn snails! Now then… I’ve been at my...
  5. C

    Shrimp eggs or something else

    Hello, I suspected one of my shrimp to have eggs 2-3 weeks ago and now my aquarium glass is showing little spots (mostly on the left side). I am just wondering if these may be shrimp eggs or if there is something else going on. As far as I know, there is no snails in my tank and I have not...
  6. T

    HELP! Algea, Fungus, and Snail Eggs???

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon aquarium that's been cycled for a month or so at least. No fish in it at the moment but a while ago a fish died and I couldn't find it so I couldn't take it out of the tank. Now I have - brown algea looking stuff on my rocks and plants - Some dark green or black algea...
  7. Pidge1992

    Poss. gravid tetra?

    Hello everyone! I’ve got a question... I have a black skirt tetra that I think is just carrying eggs but wanted other opinions. She is one of 6 fish I rescued from horrible conditions. Subsequently she was treated for parasites, fungal, and bacterial infections right after acquiring her. She...
  8. Circus

    Orange Chromide Eggs

    So I have a pair of my 5 orange chromide cichlids guarding a corner of the tank and chasing away the dalmatian Molly and other chromides. I strongly believe these two are guarding eggs. Here are some pics. It is a 29 gallon aquarium. 5 orange chromides, 1 dalmatian Molly, 1 guppy, 1 wrestling...
  9. primsloaches16

    Are these Corydora eggs fertile? *VIDEO OF SPAWNING!!*

    I am a very proud fish mom today! My corydoras have been spawning FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER all day today!!!!! I've been able to save 11 of the eggs so far, but most burst when I tried to get them. I'm not sure if it's because I'm inexperienced but I tried to be gentle. I read that fertlizied...
  10. Guyb93

    Why would she change her territory

    About a month ago I added this small useless internal filter when my corys stated to die , yano grasping at anything that could help , and since on iv just left it in there as a bit of a food debris collection, yesterday I cleaned it completely as have the massive external so wasn’t worried...
  11. M

    German blue ram eggs fertile?

    Hey again. So update on the ich first. I am actually not 100% sure if it was ich or not. The spots aren't on the oto anymore after I gave him a salt bath. He has actually started eating more and seems more active. However, I have no idea if it will come back because it has been like a week and...
  12. A Fish Named Sue

    My Peacock Gudgeon Laid Eggs and Now What?

    I have a 26 US planted tank that I started a couple months ago, with 11 Neon Tetras, a male swordtail, 4 cherry shrimp, and 3 Peacock Gudgeons... Monday night one of my female gudgeons layed eggs, but not in the cave I have placed for her. She laid them in the cave of my mangrove decoration. It...
  13. Guyb93

    I think my electric blue acara have had eggs

    I think my acara have eggs , they are juveniles around 3 inches the last week I noticed two what I thought males were very friendly always together I then noticed them Both start removing all gravel and sand from inside this selected tree cave , last week days I have noticed very territorial...
  14. M


    Can anyone tell me what these are. fish eggs or java fern related. thanks 120lit 0 amm 0 nitrites 5-10nitrates kh& gh is fine ph 7.4 stock is 7 corydoras, 1 bristlenose, 7 rummynose, 2 zebra nerites, 6 cherry shrimp
  15. Circus

    Breeding Nerites

    So in my 20 gallon Brackish I keep my specific gravity around 1.08. Up until now I didn't have to be super on top of it because the only fish in there are female guppy, which are euryhaline. A couple of months ago I placed 4 zebra nerite snails in there. I was hoping they would breed (I know the...
  16. B

    Yellow cobra guppy laid eggs

    Hi everyone. Recently I started an all Male tropical fish tank. I began by 4 male endlers and then last week added in 2 Male yellow cobra guppies. I didn't understand why all my endlers were chasing one of my new guppies every second of the day as they're all males. But today I noticed one of...
  17. brokenoob!

    Are these ADF eggs in my tank?

    Hello there! I just got two ADFs (that I believe are both females) and added them to a newly cycled tank 2 days ago. Today I noticed some strange egg-like objects in the gravel today. The only thing is that I know that ADFs usually lay eggs hundreds at a time, and I've only found about 10 of...
  18. H

    Marimo moss ball mystery.

    So I woke up to these on my moss balls/ in the gravel. I might have seen one come out of my rainbow shark. I have 2 rainbow sharks, 1 pea puffer, one Tiger barb(rescue fish).
  19. J

    Help with Cory eggs

    Hey all, I woke up this morning to Cory eggs all over the side of my tank. I did some research and quickly found out the would become fish food if not rescued so got my old betta tank out, probably about 2 gallons, threw some sand and a plant in, took the eggs out with a credit card and put a...
  20. S

    Out of control!!

    I have a 60 litre tank that is in perfect balance with gouramis neon tetras bsn plecos and 2x albino corys and 1x salt and pepper corys and a few shrimp It is fine at the the moment however i have noticed at least a hundred cory eggs im worried that it will tip the tank over the edge I dont...