1. J

    Help with Cory eggs

    Hey all, I woke up this morning to Cory eggs all over the side of my tank. I did some research and quickly found out the would become fish food if not rescued so got my old betta tank out, probably about 2 gallons, threw some sand and a plant in, took the eggs out with a credit card and put a...
  2. S

    Out of control!!

    I have a 60 litre tank that is in perfect balance with gouramis neon tetras bsn plecos and 2x albino corys and 1x salt and pepper corys and a few shrimp It is fine at the the moment however i have noticed at least a hundred cory eggs im worried that it will tip the tank over the edge I dont...
  3. S

    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Hello world! I've been watching my Honduran Red Points fish do some stuff recently that I thought some of you might find interesting, so here goes -- My largest female, Zinnia, and my largest male, Rhaegar, successfully spawned about three months back. As soon as fry were free swimming, dad...
  4. T

    Do female rams lay eggs without males?

    I am fairly certain i have two female blue rams. They act as a pair, both laying eggs and tending to pretty sure ive seen both of them lay eggs. They both have dropped tubes, i cant find any info if a male displays a tube as well though. Do you think this is maybe a m/f pair and i just...
  5. L

    Angelfish laid eggs but hungry fish try to eat them!

    I got my first angelfish about a week ago and they've been laying eggs today! However this is a community tank and I have a lot of hungry fish that would want to eat their eggs. I can set up a 100l tank with water and filter media from the big aquarium. I really don't want to disrupt it all tho...
  6. J

    fry, fry and now eggs!

    Dear all Very new to the aquarium world and decided to bite bullet and set up 60litre tropical aquarium- tank cycled and decided Danio were the safest starter fish. Fast forward 12 weeks and now have 4 leopard danio and one zebra, one panda Cory (had two - one died a week ago) Last week I...
  7. E

    Male Ram attacking Female after eggs were eaten overnight

    I made some posts about my GBRs spawning recently. Basically this morning I turned on the light and all the eggs were gone (corys ate them most likely). But now the male is seeking out the female ram and chasing her - I can distract them with food and they leave each other alone for a few...
  8. V

    Cory eggs

    Hi everyone, We have a 125 L (30ish gallon) tank with 3 Swordtails and 7 Corydoras Sterbai. The corys have always seemd pretty happy, and they have occasionally layed eggs. We have a few, now. But they never seem to survive. Is there anything I can do to protect the eggs/fry? Can the eggs...
  9. G

    Fish eggs?

    I’ve had a tank for 2 months and just noticed these at the back of the tank, are they fish eggs? Thanks
  10. K

    Rosy Barb laying eggs????

    PLEASE HELP!! Hi all, I think my Rosy Barb may be laying eggs? I have 6 plattys, 2 rosy barbs in the 30l tank. I have attached images below, she seems to be a lot bigger than what she was a week ago. And she’s often hiding behind the “rock” we have in the tank which she never used to do. Could...
  11. Vengified

    Are these eggs?! No bubbles anymore, but unknown orbs remain?

    Like title states, my male gourami seems to be guarding these eggs, if that is what they are? Background: Yesterday, my wife saw the male, and BOTH the wild honey and yellow honey, doing circular dances. I had to leave for a while, asked when I came back if they did it more, or if they got...
  12. R

    Corydoras eggs - Fertile or Unfertile?

    Hi all, I have a community tank and my albino cories have decided to lay eggs. This was not intentional but I am uncertain if they are fertile or not. If they are fertile, I would like to try and hatch them. The eggs on the glass appear to be relatively clear/white (therefore unfertile I...
  13. Cameronb_01

    Breeding Discus

    Hi everyone, About a week ago I identified a breeding pair among my discus, (due to their constant proximity and the protective nature of the male). From that point forth I started doing 25% RO water changes daily, increased the temperature from 28°C to 30°C and also changed their food to...
  14. Wrecker4488

    Goldfish eggs?

    This morning a gave my goldfish some food and i saw a white cloudy ball with a membrane float across the substrate and thought it was leftover food from the night before that got overturned and continued with my day. I came home and said hi to my goldies and noticed several of them attached to...
  15. R

    Can someone identify what these are?

    Got these scattered all over the bottom of my tank not sure what they are any help would be appreciated.
  16. S

    Snail eggs ???

    Hi, Are these pictures below snail eggs? I was sure they were until I noticed the colour, they are almost a transparent orange in colour with small black dots, not clear with white dots which is what is showing online. Thankyou
  17. T

    Amano Shrimp Eggs Hanging on Plants?

    I have had 2 Amano shrimp for the last 2 weeks, and having read about their breeding behaviour believe that they have been at it (having observed one sitting at 90 degrees on top of the other). I saw several things hanging from one branch of our fake aquarium plant yesterday, and they looked...
  18. ElizabethFrancine

    Literal Mystery Snails

    So I have a little mystery on my hands with my mystery snail. I have 1 (ONE) mystery snail, which I have had for a little over a month. Yesterday, I discovered that I have two more tiny baby mystery snails. I haven't seen any eggs anywhere, and I am assuming that without a male there...
  19. K

    Fancy Guppy Eggs?

    We have a fancy guppy who we believed to be pregnant. We just moved her into her own tank a few days ago so our other fish wouldn't eat all the fry, and last night she looked like she was in labor. However, when we came down this morning, there were bubble/egg like balls floating on the top of...
  20. LyraGuppi

    Valentine's Day Rams

    I was feeding the 90 gallon fish when I found that two of my bolivian rams had made a nest! I don't doubt that the eggs won't make it, but it was fascinating to watch their parenting. These guys are likely the best first time parents I've ever had. There wasn't any excessive aggression, or...