1. V

    How do I get rid of wall algae?

    There's been algae on the tank walls for a while now. I can't scrub it off. I have the light on for seven hours each day. It's a planted tank. I've had algae on decor and plants too but that's been easier to wipe off. I have a snail and platies that sometimes pick at the algae. I don't want to...
  2. V

    I've already tried all the basic recommendations

    I have algae on the walls, decorations, and live plants. I've already tried wiping off the algae, but it wouldn't come off. I have the light on for 7 hours a day. I do regular water changes. I have a snail and some fish that like to pick at the algae. I have a 20 gallon so I can't get any big...
  3. bettafishlover86

    Poisonous root tabs?

    I recently added api root tabs to my tank. Now my snail is dead. I am testing the ammonia and will post results when finished. Is it possible that the root tabs killed it?
  4. outofwater

    Just a big boi patrolling the tank

    This chunky boi grew pretty quick and it's now the glass boss
  5. A

    Do Bladder Snails lay eggs out of the water?

    I seem to have found a clutch of Bladder Snail eggs that are out of the water. I have seen Bladder Snails avoid the air but this must be an inch off the water surface... What are your opinions?
  6. G

    Selling Freshwater Fish

    Well cared for fish and tank content. Selling only because we're moving to a salt water tank. Will also provide care information and tips on each fish etc. Selling all together or individually: Mollies - $4 each Platies - $3 each Angelfish - $12 Neon Tetras - $3 each - SOLD Guppies - $4...
  7. K

    Product to kill snails in a tank

    Before anyone freaks out, no I'm not thinking about any copper based, or salts to kill off snails. I'm already aware of benefits of snails and MANY methods of getting rid of them or taming them by feeding less or vacuuming more often for less foods for an outbreak. I'm not looking for any other...
  8. D

    Too many assassin snails

    Alright. My assassins bred like crazy even though I've been told they were slow breeders and it was unlikely to breed from just a random two since you can't Sex them. Where can I get rid of some?! I just moved the other adult into a different tank to stop the breeding.
  9. Yuhui

    Snail in fish tank

    Hi, so I notice two snails in my first tank and they randomly just appear. Im wondering if anyone know what snails they are?
  10. ellamay

    Best snail for algae cleanup?

    I have a 105l tank with ember tetras, corydoras and a betta (who will be moving into his own tank soon) and lots of shrimp. Id like to get some snails, ideally ones that help the tank a bit with algae etc. What types are peoples favourites? And how many would I need for a 105l tank?
  11. N

    Breeding all types of snails.

    Hi, I am looking to breed all sorts of snails for me to sell on me ebay shop, but also for the pure enjoyment of breeding. I am here today to see if anyone has any tips on how to breed successfully and efficiently. The snail species I currently have are: - Bladder snails (Physella acuta) -...
  12. outofwater

    Snail question,

    Hi, so during setup of my 29 gallon I decided to add snails, and got 3. A nerite, a mystery, and an assassin. I'll come clean and admit I had no idea that the assassin honors its name, I just thought it looked cool. I'm glad he didn't starve, because I have no infestation and I suppose he was...
  13. D

    Snail problem?!

    My tank is being over run by pest snails. I currently have my betta in a 10 gallon and when I noticed snails started appearing I purchased an assain snail, they producing faster than it was eating so I purchased another and planned on moving the second one to a different tank once the pests were...
  14. A

    Mystery snail

    Hi! So I've just noticed a snail In my tank. I think it's come in from se new plants I've just put in there. I have zebra snails but I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me which type of snail this is? Is it okay to keep in my tank?
  15. K

    Nerite snail white rim?!

    I've had two nerite snails for over a year now, they're great at their job. No problems. I'm concerned that one has recently developed this white rim between it's shell and body. Do I need to be concerned?! I've attached a couple of photos. Nothing has changed in the tank. Levels appear fine...
  16. G

    How did it happen

    Yesterday I found a baby snail in a tank ... a fry grow out tank in my kitchen. This tank was established with everything out of my main tank no worries done it before , no new plants wood rocks all from my tank .. with no snails . How is it possible , I can’t show a photo as I was disgusted by...
  17. Circus

    Picked up Free Tank, Free Fish

    So I was browsing the marketplace yesterday and came upon an ad for free fish tanks. I, of course, hopped on it. Just got home after picking it up and setting it up. It turns out, she still had the fish, but would have no tanknonce I left with the last one. She offered the fish as well. I...
  18. Falconwithaboxon

    A bit morbid

    So this is probably a bit morbid but I use my dead snails as a decoration in my tank. I love snail shells so if one happens to die I clean it out and put the shell back into my tank. Am I alone in this?
  19. F

    Snail eggs?? Should I be concerned?

    Hey y’all! I’m Jon, and I’m new to the fish scene. Ive had all of my fish for 3 months now. They all get along well, and all are thriving. I was cleaning my tank today and I found this right above the surface, hanging from the middle part. I have a 55 gallon tank and here are my fish: 1 red...
  20. carligraceee

    My tank has been overrun by snails... help!

    Hey you guys! So, my tank is home to several snails. I bought floating plants a month ago and I believe they brought pest snails with them. I am extremely upset and out of options when it comes to disposing of them. I seriously have an endless amount, 2-3 dozen of these guys and they just keep...