1. Meg0000

    Clean up crew

    Hi tomorrow I am going to my LFS and I would like to get some type of clean up crew because one of my two nerite died. I would like something that can eat dead leaves and fish poop. Would ramshorn snail be a good idea and how many? I would have got shrimp but I have a paradise fish that would...
  2. M

    Do Nerite Snails need to eat calcium or just have it in the water?

    So, I'm relatively new to snails. My boyfriend always wanted me to get one, but I wasn't really interested (too worried about crazy snail reproduction after hearing some horror stories from friends). But I found a beautiful little tiger nerite at the fish store and I fell in love. After a quick...
  3. Barry Tetra

    Which snails is good for betta tank

    My betta love sitting on top on top of my nerite snails, im thinking of getting another snails for him any suggestions? (No mystery snails or pond snails)
  4. Barry Tetra

    Can you ID this mysterious snails?

    I found this weird snail in my tank yesterday, can you id it
  5. cmhassinger

    Good or bad snail?

    So even though I tried hard to keep snails out of my tank.. I see that two have made it in. I have been keeping them out because I just don’t know if they are bad or good. But now that I see two I figured I would learn more about it before making my decision to remove them. They are very tiny...
  6. fishperson100

    Walstad Method

    Have any of you every tried the Walstad method? I was thinking about setting up some nano aquariums with shrimp and snails using this method, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it. Link explaining it -
  7. Annemarie

    White Patch Neon Tetra

    Hello! So as of a few days ago my largest fish seemed to develop a white patch overnight on his fin. It looks like it’s a little fuzzy? But I’m not sure. I have aquarium salt I could use, but I have a shrimp (ghost) and dont know if he would be okay in salted water. I know how to use aquarium...
  8. S

    Snail surprise in my tank

    I recently set up a tank. It has amazon sword, java fern and a plant that looks like cryptocotyne species. But now i started seeing snail's in my tank. I didn't put them in the tank. They just appeared. First there was one but now i see five. Since I have live plants in my tank so I am afraid...
  9. P


    Hi there, I’m new to the forum to ask advice on what the outcome of my HUGE mistake might be. I’ve had my ten gallon tank for a year now and have 4 platys and 3 snails in it. I’ve been told by the people at my local fish store that this isn’t an overloaded tank as long as I keep on top of tank...
  10. Lauren Schmalz

    Ramshorn Snail Not Moving Location

    I bought 3 red ramshorn snails 2 days ago, and I have noticed that they come out of their shell and twist in turn in the water, but they do not leave the spot they are in. They were drip acclimated into the tank and seemed fine for the first few hours. After that, they would "squirm" upside down...
  11. Chelipe831


    Hello recently purchased an Apple snail for a 5 gallon aquarium and today about a week later after I purchased the snail I found baby snails in the tank ? They baby snails look dark and black was wondering are they the same species of snail or a parasite?
  12. H

    Can a sick fish infect snails?

    I'm thinking of putting a snail or two in my second tank which I use to hold sick, injured, or pregnant fish. Is it fine to add some snails to clean up a bit even if I have a sick fish in there?
  13. N

    Looking for a snail expert

    So hello everyone, I'm new here and was hoping I could find someone to answer a question for me. I recently bought a couple new snails out of a tank labeled "black racer snails" One of them is obviously a black racer but the other is about the same size but the shell looks like a rock. It is...
  14. A

    Is this a healthy environment for a snail?

    Hi, So recently I ventured in making a cute little tank for decoration purposes. I wasn't planning on putting anything in there like fish, however I was recently thinking of adding a snail. Although I was wondering if it was a valid environment, not having a filter or heater and it only being...
  15. L

    Mystery Snail Shell Growth Issue?

    Hello, I bought a mystery snail a few months back, put him in my community tank with an Angelfish. The angel left him alone at first, but then started picking on him. As a result, the snail's shell has grown down over his "face", and his tentacles are a lot shorter. I've moved him, and put him...
  16. Lyuba_buk

    Greetings from Illinois

    hi! i am Lyuba and i am new to fishkeeping. Well, several years ago I had tiny tank with betta fish, which survived a lot (never did any cycling or dechlorinated water). Currently cycling my new 10 gallon tank with One & Only. I would like to have one betta and a couple smaller fishes (looking...
  17. SadFishGuy44

    What kind of snail is this--and how did he get here?

    Hi all, I'm new to this website, so I'm sorry if I make any posting etiquette mistakes or anything like that. But essentially, I don't know much about snails and I'm pretty baffled as to how this tiny guy got in my tank. I got three Nerite snails about 3 months ago to keep my betta company. The...
  18. S

    Snail eggs ???

    Hi, Are these pictures below snail eggs? I was sure they were until I noticed the colour, they are almost a transparent orange in colour with small black dots, not clear with white dots which is what is showing online. Thankyou
  19. Fiji

    Snail/Shrimp Colony

    I am currently running a 16 gallon tank with a Fluval C3. I've always wanted an invert tank but have never actually gotten around to setting one up. I was thinking about breeding snails (pond snails, mystery, ramshorn, etc.) as well as cherry shrimp to raise as live food for my fish in the 55...
  20. bytez


    i ask for a mystery snail and this one was given to me.. i havent introduce this to my aquarium because im afraid it looks like an apple snail and i dont want it to eat my plants which i just recently planted.. like 2 hours ago.. could anuone please help me.. this is about 3-5 inches snail