1. Slammin’ Aquascaping

    Fungal infection (almost certain)

    This might been a more or less “she may survive but maybe not” thread, but one of my cobra female guppies started showing symptoms of an infection a week ago.I do not have much experience with fungus and infections but I have been treating the tank for a good 4 days with API Melafix (and ick...
  2. F

    Help please!! - My goldfish has eaten another fish 😭

    Hi, all: My fantail goldfish has eaten an algae eater yesterday evening (we know she is a greedy fish but this is taking it to another level). As you can see, the fish is stuck in its mouth with the tail hanging out. My goldfish is lethargic and idle, staying at the bottom of the tank. I have...
  3. Killerbro511

    Betta has big hole in head

    Hi so my betta had always had what seemed like a tiny dot missing scales on topcof his head but when i woke up its now become a massive hole. Does anyone know the cause so i can prevent it and how can i heal it? His tank mates are ember tetras and kuhli loaches
  4. N

    Betta WHITE POOP?? Help needed

    Hi I have my 2 bettas in a temporary 5gallon tank. I’m going to move them to a ten gallon soon. But my betta seems to have white poop. The water quality is fine as in ammonia=0 Nirite=0 and Nitrate=20. He is a little lethargic. Is it internal parasites? If so, what medication would u guys...
  5. M

    Female betta behind filter

    Hey guys, My female betta has started hiding behind the filter at the top of the water. I’ve checked my parameters and all are good! I’ve had her since January and never had any issues or sickness. I can’t see any damage on her so I’m a bit confused as to why she seems to be lethargic. I’ve...
  6. P

    Betta fish needs urgent help!

    Guys i would appreciate a quick response, and i would be very thankful for all responses, im a new betta fish owner and i have no idea whats happening to her. my betta fish was being inactive for a last 3-4 days, I had it since 1 year now its my first fish and im very attached to it, few days...
  7. G

    COLOSSAL Amount of Stringy Poop

    First off wow, pretty sure my fish is going to die. Based on the rate of excretion it looks like this happened over the course of a few hours. He is acting normally otherwise. I confirmed it is poop and not a parasite. I'd like to know if this is constipation and if so what treatment is...
  8. F

    HELP Betta not doing well

    PLEASE see attached. I know it’s only a betta but my young daughters first fish and part of family. Usually swims up to us and on bottom of tank. There is a white “tail” off its side when hes swimming. Can’t tell if infection or cut itself SEE ATTACHED Water Quality is fine There are “suds” on...
  9. A

    New and needing advice.

    Hey, I just registered here, and I've just recently picked up a few fish to care for. I had 2 corydoras and 4 neon tetras. now I'm down two 1 and 2. I'm very unsure how they died, all I can remember is treating the emerald cory for a bloated bladder w peas, him recovering, and then me finding...
  10. primsloaches16

    HELP PLEASE!!!!! Angelfish declining, ick or columnaris???

    Hey yall. I've had two angelfish for about 4 months now, and recently one of them has been declining in health and acting strangely. She is the smaller of the two (they are a mated pair). She used to be super active and stay close to the male, but lately she has been very lethargic and wont eat...
  11. Sushiiii

    Need help with betta!!!

    Hi! I have a betta fish named Finley, I’ve had him for two years and honestly, I had no idea what I was doing at first, but now I have educated myself more on bettas proper care. I had my Betta in a 10 gallon and he was doing well for months and I noticed his right pectoral fin was almost gone...
  12. J

    Guppy with lump and red spot, getting worse

    Hi, If anyone could reply that’s great, Me and my partner have had our 6 female guppies since the start of april, they were pregnant at the time and i think this one still is. We added three albino corydoras and some shrimp yesterday and later that evening we noticed one guppy which we think...
  13. B

    Is swim bladder medication safe for corys?

    Hi, One of my cory catfish has swim bladder disease, so I just went out and bought a medication However, it says that it can't be used for scaleless fish. I know corys have "plates" instead of scales, so would it still be safe to use? Thanks very much, any help would be appreciated
  14. T

    HELP! Algea, Fungus, and Snail Eggs???

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon aquarium that's been cycled for a month or so at least. No fish in it at the moment but a while ago a fish died and I couldn't find it so I couldn't take it out of the tank. Now I have - brown algea looking stuff on my rocks and plants - Some dark green or black algea...
  15. A

    Brand new cory catfish with possible swim bladder. Help!

    I just got 2 new luxozonas cory cats. One of them is doing great and the other was rough from the start. He swam through some bubbles and looked a little wobbly. Then he was just laying on the bottom. After a while I noticed him having a hard time keeping himself straight. Eventually he was...
  16. RenC

    White Stringy Poop

    Help! 2 of my 4 guppies have white stringy poop. They have good appetite and only one is slightly lethargic but always has been since he tends to be picked on. I recently introduced them to a new tank with 5 neon tetras and two ottos. The guppies seem to be the only 2 with issues. I’m not sure...
  17. R

    What is wrong with my Mollie.

    My mollie is acting weird for the past few days. Sometimes I find it just standing up straight and doesn’t swim at all. I have a 30 gallon tank with 6 mollies 4 corydorays and a lot of guppy babies.
  18. LexiLex888

    Growth On Fish?

    I just got this fish not to long ago, maybe 3-4 weeks. He’s been doing great with my other fish but today I noticed he has some kind of a growth on his side? I don’t know if this is an emergency or not and I don’t know what to do. What is this?
  19. LexiLex888

    Bubbles on Fish, 4 dead

    Help! About 2 months ago I decided to purchase a 55 gallon tank and start a tropical fish tank. I set it up, let it cycle for two weeks and then slowly started to add fish. I have about 25 (all tropical) fish in there now, and 4 snails. There was a slight bacterial bloom a while ago, and my...
  20. C

    Very Sick Betta Fish

    or starters my name is Courtney and I'm new to this. I have a friend who's betta fish is sick with what we believe is columnaris. Here's a little about her tank: She's had it for about a year, it's a 5g tank with heater and filter. I know she does change the filter cartridge every month and she...