Polyp-like Growth

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Mar 22, 2018
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Why is there a coral growing on my fish?

I’ve never seen a parasite like this before. On close inspection, it looks almost exactly like a coral polyp. The fish is active, and somehow managing to eat well.

Ph: 5.5
Kh: 8+
Nh3Nh4: 0
No3: 5
No2: 0.3

Has anyone ever seen this before?

That seems to be a tumor of sorts and not a parasite. The general location is around the nose area but I can't tell for sure if it is growing from the nostril of the fish. I've seen it a few times where a growth comes out of the nostril of a fish and often times it is cancerous. Not sure why it happens, it just does. Unfortunately google doesn't have too much information on tumors growing from the nasal cavity of fish...

Is it effecting the vision of the fish? Are any of the other fish having a similar issue? If the fish doesn't seem to be bothered by it you could just wait and see what happens. If it were my fish I think I'd try removing it by sedating it with clove oil and then every so gently snipping it off with sharp, sterile clippers or a razor.
Thanks for your reply.

My first thought was to sedate and remove it, but I wanted to get a second opinion before performing minor cosmetic surgery on my fish.

What puzzled me initially were the tentacle and mouth-like structures on the end of the growth, which makes it look like a coral polyp. That’s why I thought it might be a parasite.

The fish doesn’t seem to be troubled by it. It’s not flashing or having trouble eating, and none of the other fish are showing any sign of illness.
A non cancerous tumor will usually, but not always, be on the smoother side whereas many cancerous tumors will be lumpy bumpy. I'm not saying it is cancerous, but it could be.

I say go ahead and remove it. It would be a good idea to quarantine the fish afterwards to allow it to recover, plus extra water changes in a smaller tank is easier than in a big one. Look out for infection, maybe even dab a bit of Methylene blue on it afterwards and put some in the hospital tank to further prevent infection.

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