Growing Lump On Bottom Feeded Pet of the Month
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Dec 26, 2014
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I have a bottom feed with some mass growing on it's fin. Not sure what to do and where to start to treat it.

I quarantined it in a seperate tank and do weekly water cycle.

I am new to aquariums and fresh water tanks.


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It almost looks like a tumor of some sort or maybe a large open wound?
What kind of fish have you got in that tank? If there's anything nasty in that tank I would blame it on that but otherwise.... I'd say tumor? Which I don't believe you can treat.
I only have 3 ther mollies in this 10 gal tank.

The mollies had a problem with their scales and at the pet store they told me to seperate them from my 70 gal tank and add some salt to the water to restore the scales.

For the bottom feeder it looks more lie a tumor. At some point it shrunk by itself and grew back. It's been there for almost 2 weeks now.
looks to me like your bottom feeder might be a chocolate catfish or banjo catfish. Try medicating him with whatever fish safe antibiotic your LFS has. also try adding Indian Almond leaf extract just to make sure. The tumor looks really bad. How long have you had this fish?
I think you are correct about it being a Banjo. I've had it for roughly 1 year now. I did try to use Melafix as antibiotics i was advised. No progress was seen for a week. I might be guessing it is a Parasite.

I've heard of a rather drastic method as final attempt. Using a Q tip with and dipping it in Nox or some sort of medicine. Then to catch the fish and rub the infected portion and repeat for 3 days. Not sure it will do anything good.

I will look for indian Almond leaf extract as suggested.
The Q tip method will just stress the fish even more. You can do it but it is a risky  move.
Try getting a different med for your fish. keep monitoring him. The lump really looks bad

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