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An Illustrated Article to the Bichir - Folio #1

Bichir's remind me of the Platypus

An animal that has not quite made up its mind what it wants to be, so went for a little bit of everything
Here are the pics, I’m not too good with identifying them, I have 2 of the Delhezi in the second pic and the first pic it appears to be a blueish/grayish body with a white belly. And the last one is hiding I can’t really get a good pic of him, he’s almost black with many spots throughout his body.


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Here are the two I couldn't identify, please help me with these


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P Ornatippinis is the first one. The second looks a bit off to be a Delhezi. Maybe an endli. With a lighter substrate it makes it more difficult to tell. What was it sold to you as?
I think I just found out which bichir I have after browsing through this website, it is called the Gold Dust Bichir

I think I just found out which bichir I have after browsing through this website, it is called the Gold Dust Bichir

This is my palmas. P Palmas and P buettikoferi were classified recently as the same species, but bichir enthusiasts call them P Palmas Palmas and P palmas buettikoferi. They are the same species genetically, but look slightly different.


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I'm not too good with identifying them, it looks like the one on their website so I'm going with it. And I definitely have one of each; the P buettikofer and P Palmas, just a tad too small for now. But regardless, they are cool fish. I don't have them in a species only tank so I have to hand feed them with tongs (they do eat kind of slow compared to the other fish I have in the tank).
He is about 3.5 to 4 inches, is he short-bodied or is he just kind of fat?


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