Unknown Disease / Injury In Blue Gourami?

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Feb 6, 2016
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Okay, before I post anything, please note that I know how stupid I am for having two Gourami's in a ten gallon. I know I should get a 20 gallon, but I didn't have enough money to get it, and the needed equipment, like a filter, heater, and decor. So please do not even think of saying anything about it because I know it's stupid.
So I got a 10 gallon tank around Christmas, set it up, let it settle for a while, then got two Gourami's, a Gold ( Tiger ) , and a Blue / Three Spot'er ( Silver ) , both males. This part not being my fault because I stupidly bought them from a Petsmart, and at the time, didn't know the difference between the male and the female, and so they gave me two males.
They're been just fine up until now. Admittedly, I didn't do a water change since I got them, but that was because I didn't know the filter I had was washable. I thought it had been disposable, so I thought I needed to buy more filter pads as I didn't have the money ( Now I know, so I won't be doing that again ) . I'm afraid I can't tell you what the water levels were, as I don't have anything to test it, and I'm not going out now to get that.
Anyways. A few days ago, I noticed that I wasn't seeing my Blue Gourami, Silver. I thought he was just hiding, as Tiger, the Gold, loves to go and hide behind the filter ( Silver does tend to nip and chase Tiger, but it stopped for a while long after they had settled in ) . I didn't think anything of it, was still trying to get the money together to get the new filter pads, things like that. I found Silver last night, right near the heater ( Automatically keeps itself at 85 or so degrees ) , and I thought he was dead. He was on his side, very bloated ( Now mind you, he's been kinda bloated since I got him, probably from stealing all of the food, as he wouldn't let Tiger eat much, so it wasn't very strange, and I started feeding them less anyways ) , and completely still. Naturally, I took the tank lid off to fish him out, and he started freaking out, swimming out frantically, barely managing it. He could still swim, but he was leaning heavily on his side, and would often go flat on his side after.
Of course, I started telling him that it'd be okay, that I would get him some medicine tomorrow, told him to just keep fighting and hold on. Well, earlier today I was going to get some, my aunt ended up bringing me some before we left, and I started on getting a small one gallon tank set up for him ( Used for Bettas, it was the only other tank we had around that had a lid ) . I had to clean it, ended up scalding my hands because of the hot water, because my cousin had had Goldfish that died in it, and it was never properly cleaned. So, I cleaned it, the gravel, and the fake plant, and added half a tablespoon of aquarium salt, a drop or so of Melafix, and the usual water treater I use. I put the poor thing in it, and I thought he was going to die right then and there in front of me, as he stopped moving away from me altogether and just weakly moved his fins on his side.
So, I went to take care of Tiger and the main tank, doing a water change, adding some aquarium salt to it as well, all the usual things to get it set up. I let it set for a good while, both Silver in the small tank, and the water in the main tank, before I put Tiger into the main ( After he had gotten used to the water, of course ) , and I decided to bring Silver to my room, in hopes of giving him more peace and quiet, and to get his tank warmer ( I don't have another heater, and I don't have the money to buy another ) .
As I was walking him to my room to put him near a lamp to help keep him warm, he started to move. He was able to keep himself upright longer, and was able to swim around more freely ( The minute before I did this, he was still in his unmoving state ) . I placed him down on the desk, plugged in the light for the little tank, and he's swimming around freely now. He's still a bit jerky in his movements, and he won't eat ( I put a very very small amount of food in there, only like a small flake or two crunched up ) , but he's swimming around the tank, shying away from me and then coming back when I've moved a bit away, acting mostly like his usual self.
He does not have white, black, or any type of fungus visible on him. His scales are not protruding, and neither are his eyes. The bloatedness is only on his sides, and is not visible at the bottom of his stomach. He is staying near the top of the water and is not swimming down, most of the time, he is not going to the bottom at all. He has no sores or redness that is visible, his color is very vibrant, and his fins show no signs of damage. He also does not have any noticeable worms or parasites visible on the outside of his body, nor is there any hanging out of him.
Silver's symptoms were floating on side at top of water, not eating, extended sides, and not moving. He is also acting better after only an hour or so of soaking in treated, medicated, clean water.
Tiger not show any signs of having whatever it is that Silver is experiencing. He does not have any fungus, wound, sore, worms hanging out, nothing. He is thin ( Normal size ) , not eating currently ( He never eats much, due to Silver having always snagged it from him ) , and color is a bit on the pale side, but isn't worrying and is better than when he was gotten. He is also behavoing normally, swimming around, and acting like himself.
I am looking to possibly rehome Silver, or at least try to get him his own tank ( I won't be keeping him in the small one gallon, it's just until he's better and back to his old self ) . I will not be putting them together in the main tank again unless I desperately need to, and they will be watched closely to prevent them from fighting ( I always stopped the chases before anyways )
Does anyone know what's wrong with Silver? I've looked up the usual fish diseases, ones that only Gourami's get, only tropical freshwater get, things like that, but none seem to fit what he's experiencing. I have looked at Dropsy, but because the swelling is all over, and the scales appear to pop out, I have dismissed it because it doesn't fit what's happening with him. Again, Tiger is not affected at all by whatever is going on, and Silver is seemingly recovering in just a few hours of being in the medicated water.
Since I can't seem to figure out how to edit the post ( I can't find a button for it ) , here's an update / add on 
-They have no other tankmates, nor so I plan on adding any if both are in there. If I add some to the main tank, they will be very small and few to prevent overcrowding.
-Tiger has been extremely friendly for no real reason.. Maybe he's finally hungry, but it's past his feeding time, so he'll need to wait a bit. He's been swimming up to the wall of the tank whenever I come near.
-I'm unsure of the best way to keep the smaller tank heated, though Silver seems happy enough, possibly bored. He's still not going down below the surface of the water ( Tiger swims mostly at the top, but goes all around ) , is still very jerky in his movements when he's still. I've been watching him from my bed though, he's seemingly fine, recovering, though I'm just wondering what was going on with him.
-I was thinking it could be constipation? But, then, why would he suddenly perk up when I began to take him back to my room? How did the medicated water help with that? I don't have any medication to mix in with their food ( Just tropical flakes, but I also gave them dried bloodworms before I ran out, to mix it up ) , just the Melafix. Should I add that to the main tank as well?
Another update, really could use some advice here as to what could be wrong with Silver. If I have a name to what it is, then I'll be able to know how to prevent it fully, and how to treat it if it happens again. I don't think it could've just been near death, because why would medicine help with that? It should've taken at least a day or so to help heal him if it was just near death, wouldn't it, instead of literally just an hour?
-Tiger's started eating again! Silver still isn't eating though.
-His bloating has gone down a lot, so much so that there's barely a bump on his sides anymore, he's closer to Tiger's slim shape.
-I think I discovered a personality trait for him, Silver seems to enjoy me talking to him. When I was changing his tank water and letting the water and medicine settle, I was talking to him in his little container, and he kept swimming up to the side I was closest to and watching me. He's so adorable.
-I also noticed that his bottom fin has a black edge.. I Google'd Fin Rot, but apparently it's white? I'm not sure. Either way, there's no missing parts of the fin itself, it just kinda looks singed, and his fins seem fine. They said it could just be his natural coloration that I haven't noticed before, for reaching maturity. I hope that's it.
Dropsy,my blue gourami died from that.It looked so nasty with scales sticking out and it was all fat.
Well, if the Melafix worked, then it is some fungal are bacterial infection, as that is what Melafix is for.

Can you give us an update, and water parameters of both tanks?

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