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  1. J

    Help with potential Camallanus Worms in Guppies

    Hi there. More than a month ago, I made a post asking if a guppy I had recently bought is pregnant. She has not had babies yet and I am concerned she is infested with Camallanus worms. I bought another guppy with this one and both looked a bit fat in the shop, but since then it's gotten much...
  2. Y

    Using ChemiClean on a no filter tank

    I got a little Cyano outbreak and i can get chemipure at my lfs. Can i use it on the no filter aquarium? My shrimps? Would it ruin my cycle?
  3. Ama

    My Oscar is sick or habit any issue?

    Hi, yesterday I bought new oscar for my old tank and today I noticed he/she is not that energetic nd seems stressed and laying down in the bottom. Also he/she not taking any feed. Is there any issue with it? Thanks
  4. T

    Transparent White Specks on Aquarium Glass

    Hello, I just got Ich (verified,) and have moved my fish (6 white skirt tetras) from their 20L to a 10g hospital tank. This will be their home until the Ich is gone from the main (now shrimp only) tank. I'm beginning to notice these on the tank glass. Any idea as to what they may be? From what...
  5. V

    He didn't make it...

    I suspect my betta had pretty bad fin rot, since part of his fin was falling off. I gave him medication (don't remember what it was called) There was specific instructions to leave the filter flowing. During the treatment, the initial damaged fin came off and another part of his fin came off...
  6. E

    Bloated Oscar fish - What can I do?

    I have a Oscar fish who has gotten pretty bloated as of the last month. He behaves normally, eats normally, etc. Today he was very sluggish, but ate normally yesterday. Fasting did not result in bloating going away, tried this for 4 days without food, then a week at 30% feedings, and then 70%...
  7. A

    Treating a tank for hair algae with no fish?

    Hi everyone. I have a low tech 5 gallon tank that I usually keep a betta in, for the past four years. However, Duke has passed away recently after a long, fulfilling fish life. Before I get a new fish for the tank, I’d like to treat the hair algae that has completely taken over. I’m hoping not...
  8. P

    Parrot Cichlid with mystery illness

    Hello all, I am messaging in with questions regarding my parrot cichlid, and their unknown illness. I believe he is male, and has always had a healthy appetite and great attitude, chasing and nipping my hand if I even touch anything in the tank! Recently he has been at the base of the tank just...
  9. F

    Does my Cory have popeye?

    Yesterday I noticed that my cory’s eye looked bigger than the rest of my catfish. Is this popeye? If so, how could I treat it? I’ve been doing ~20% water changes every 1 to 1.5 weeks for my 36 gallon bowfront tank. Nitrites are at 0. Ammonia <0.25ppm. Nitrates <5.0ppm.
  10. A


    hey there, so basically I have a 60L tank in my bedroom, it currently has two guppies, 1 molly and 6 neon tetras.. my fav fish, the molly was displaying signs of swim bladder disease and I recently got some treatment from Maidenhead aquatics. I was in a rush and without reading instructions...
  11. N

    Does my Clown Pleco Have Ich?

    Hello everyone! New to the game and just noticed my young clown pleco (I think that’s what he is) has some white spots all over his body. Does it look like the ich? Also have in the 30 gallon tank: 1 Neon blue dwarf gourami 1 Angelfish 3 tetra glofish Thanks!
  12. L

    Hello! Question on if my fish has Ick or not?

    Hello everyone my name is Logan and I am fairly new to fish keeping (been about 6 months since my first fish and tank) I recently got a new 20 gallon tank and allowed to cycle for a good month and a half including starter bacteria and fish food occasionally to get ammonia spikes and then see if...
  13. M

    Sick Molly fish and possible stressed pleco

    Hello, It should be noted I once had a snail in the community talk who had a parasitic infection. A month or two later, another snail died in the tank and I didn't find him until detritus worms had emerged. So, I took all the fish and put them in a hospital tank to treat them for any possible...
  14. V

    Suspecting internal parasites - but won't arrive soon enough

    I suspect my corydoras have internal parasites. The medicine I was recommended can only get here by delivery, by then it might be too late. Is there anything I can do without having the medication? The suspected parasites kill my corydoras quickly after they show symptoms. They seem to be the...
  15. Yuhui

    Cleaning ick

    Hello, so I’m currently treating ich with salt and Turning up the heat for my goldfishes. Nothing major and most of the ich is already clearly up. I’m still kinda new to the fish hobby and stuff and I’m not sure how to probably clean the filters after the whole ick treatment things clears up. Is...
  16. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  17. BBfishes

    Clamped fins and shredding tail treatments

    What should I do to treat a platy with clamped fins and a shredding tail? This happened over a period of two days.
  18. CozyCat

    Treating velvet disease

    Hi all, I have just noticed a milky cloudy stuff partially covering the head of a guppy fish, it's also on the body and tail fin of my betta fish. They are also quite lethargic and are sitting on the substrate (especially the guppy). Though after some googling and youtubing, I'm pretty sure the...
  19. M

    Brooklynella or Ich? And what are alternative treatments?

    So in the past 2-3 days, my new clownfish showed symptoms of what I assume is brooklynella. I had fish with brook in the past so I started treatment right away. Where I live, formaldeheyde is illegal to sell, so I'm doing a 5 minute FW bath followed by a 60 minute metronidazol bath, and dosing...
  20. A

    Betta Fish is Sick... Help please!

    Hello, I have had my betta fish for about a month now and since I have gotten him he has been very active and happy. I have him in a 5 gallon tank with live plants, drift wood, and clay slates. I have adjusted the water flow so its not too strong, do weekly water changes about 30% of the...