He didn't make it...

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Fish Crazy
Jul 8, 2022
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I suspect my betta had pretty bad fin rot, since part of his fin was falling off. I gave him medication (don't remember what it was called) There was specific instructions to leave the filter flowing. During the treatment, the initial damaged fin came off and another part of his fin came off. When I finished the treatment, he was still very lethargic. I tried to feed him some bloodworms to recover his energy. He didn't touch them. I figured if he still was like this by the next day, he would need more treatment. I checked on him. He'd move from his last position, but he wasn't breathing. I found a bubble nest which wasn't there before. There was no reaction from him, no gills moving, no resistance, nothing. Rip little guy, maybe I should stop keeping bettas for a while.
Sorry for the loss of your fish:(
I’ve lost a few bettas and I know it’s discouraging:(
Sorry for your loss. Don’t give up on Bettas.
So sorry about your little guy. Don't give up on them though, it's all part of the learning experience. Its how we all learn.

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