sick betta

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  1. T

    My Betta is sick, help!

    I had my female betta, Sunshine, in a 10 gallon with 4 Rosies (that pink feeder fish) and a small algae eater(unsure of breed).my tank is heated and filtered. I came to find 2 dead Rosies and a dead algae eater the other day. I removed the filter and exchanged 1/4 of the water. I have a well...
  2. M

    Betta has been dying for months, I’ve tried everything.

    My betta was sick when I bought him about three months ago but I got him into a heated, filtered tank and his condition improved drastically. He was doing just fine for about two weeks and then it all went to hell. Out of no where his color began to fade again, he began clamping his dorsal fin...
  3. F

    Help my Betta fish is not acting right

    My Betta fish that I got from PetSmart a year ago is starting to act kinda funny, he stays at the bottom of the tank, not moving, and is oriented at an angle. When I put my finger near the glass of the tank (where he can see it) he darts around the tank and goes up to the top of the tank (for...
  4. M

    Fish Sick. Possibly graphite??

    Early this morning I noticed that my betta fish had a grey streak going across the side of his body that was not there before. My fish was also laying on the bottom of the tank at one point breathing very heavily. From research I have done it looks like it could possibly be graphite but I am not...
  5. M

    Have a very sick betta

    I'm going to say this first: I am cycling a new tank for the sick fish. I tried to talk my mom out of its current tank to no avail! Finally, she decided to give him to me. I was determined Okay. So scenario. In January I got MY betta for 5 gallon tank. My mom saw one she loved but didn't want...
  6. omega59

    Betta With White Lump

    My male Betta has this lump on it's top side I'm not sure what it is. I tried Pima Fix for body fungus i did 2 rounds and its still there. I also just recently started adding aquarium salt each water change, as suggested by my LFS. Can someone help me with this and what to do. I live in Canada...
  7. I

    *EMERGENCY* Please help my sick Betta

    Hello, A few weeks ago my betta started to act weird. He didn't eat from the surface as he used to, so I had to drop the food down for him. Now He doesn't even want to eat that. He randomly lays weirdly on the plants and stays in its cave without moving for hours (He is always hanging at the...
  8. M

    Female betta behind filter

    Hey guys, My female betta has started hiding behind the filter at the top of the water. I’ve checked my parameters and all are good! I’ve had her since January and never had any issues or sickness. I can’t see any damage on her so I’m a bit confused as to why she seems to be lethargic. I’ve...
  9. lynhagan

    Fin rot or damaged/growing fin?

    I have a Betta fish whose fins look a bit raggedy. I thought he had fin rot before and dosed with Aquarium salt and bought but did not use meds. I'm new to this and had some problems with water hardness which now looks resolved. He eats and blows bubble nests. My parameters are nitrite 0...
  10. katienewbettakeeper

    New betta fish, white discoloration

    I got this fish yesterday from petco, he had raggedy fins that indicated fin rot and a very sad expression, and he won me over so I brought him home. noticed this white spot on the drive home, not sure what it is. fungal infection, tumor, scar? He’s very sluggish and stays at the bottom unless...
  11. F

    Fin rot, lethargyc behaviour, fish stays at the top of the tank. I need help.

    Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great day. I'll start by writing about my tank setup: Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5gal Does it have a filter? yes, sponge. Does it have a heater? no What temperature is your tank? 80F stable (live in tropics) Does your tank have an air stone...
  12. Y

    Betta fish SUDDENLY losing color

    I’ve had this betta for maybe 3-4 years now. I kept him in a betta bowl for most his life unfortunately. He was always healthy and made frequent bubble nests. After moving him to a 5 gallon with perfect parameters and weekly water changes he got sick. His bones poked out of his back fins and I...
  13. SAJin

    Fungus on my betta?

    This grey mark showed up on my betta months ago and I thought he had burned himself on the heater since he figured out how to rest on top of the suction cup, but now I think it's changed shape and I'm concerned. I want to check with more experienced people before putting in treatment for it...
  14. lynhagan

    Sick betta advice needed

    I bought a betta two weeks ago and put in a 10 gallon fluval flex 34 l (filled to 30l with a filter sponge) tank that I had cycled with Seachem stability and Dennerle. He was very small, a bit pale and I put a few plants and a catappa leaf in there with Seachem monitoring system. HIs dorsal fin...
  15. L

    Betta fish is sick

    Hi everyone, I’m new to owning a betta and he isn’t doing too well. We’ve had him over a month but the last week he’s getting worse and worse. I’ve checked the levels in his water and they’re fine but I’ve also made sure to do regular water changes incase. He has been spending more time at the...
  16. M


    Hello So this morning I was checking on my baby bettas that I bred myself and one had a long and CLEAR tendril coming out of it. The tendril isn’t moving so I assumed it is not a worm/parasite. It’s similar to a fish bone almost. I will attach a picture, it is hard to photograph it but you can...
  17. A

    Sick betta, aquarium cycling

    TLDR: Female betta with visible ich for 4 days (4 maximum spots and 1 current spot) is breath fast and has lowered activity. Is it possible a secondary disease and if so, what could it be? Our family is trying to set up a sorority betta tank and have not been having any luck getting the tank...
  18. M

    Sick betta

    Can anyone help me with my sick betta. Has been loosing color just wants to sit in corners up top
  19. S

    Received Betta for White Elephant, Noob at Fish Keeping, Fish seems Sick! SOS!

    Hello everyone! I've been very stressed about my Betta, Dobby, I received him for a white elephant gift and I'm determined to be a good fish dad! Everything is new, tank, heater, lights, plants, filter, etc. Dobby won't eat and is hanging at the top of the time and is very lethargic! Took a...
  20. bettafishlover86

    Is my betta sick?

    There are weird marks in my bettas gills and black spots on his tail.