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May 13, 2011
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Central New York, USA
As many of you know, Byron Hoskins has been my friend for many years as we were both moderators on another fish forum years ago. As a matter of fact, when a new company took over that forum and I was expelled without cause, Byron left in protest on my behalf...cementing a lifelong ,albeit long distance, friendship.
Also as most know, Byron has been fighting the good fight against cancer for years. I have just heard from his cousin in the U.K....I'm afraid this report is not good.
Byron was doing an immunotherapy and having some success, but stopped last July as the side effects were unbearable... so he chose quality of life over longevity. After experiencing some cognitive issues, it was determined recently that the cancer had migrated to his brain. He fell recently and broke his hip and the cancer prohibited repair. He is in the hospital and will shortly be transferred to an adjacent hospice facility. The end is near for my dear friend.
I know that so many of the old timers here will continue to miss Byron's words of wisdom on fish keeping and that his journey with us all is nearly over.
He'll never really be gone as long as there are those of us that remember him fondly. Still this is all very sad. 😒
This is not what we wanted to hear...
My fingers were still crossed with hopes that he would recover from this all. Of course, we'll keep his spirit alive overhere. But as a cancer patient myself I can understand his choice to go for the best quality of life at this stage of his illness. My prayers are with him. I'll light a candle for him. Please, keep us posted if you hear something new.
And a well deserved respect to you. For it must also be very hard to tell us this sad message.
Bryron was such a big part of our forums. He was very generous of his time in answering so many members' questions. He really enjoyed helping others here. He is sorely missed on our forums. If he is conscious, send him our prayers and thank him for all he has done helping other members on our forums over the last 15 years.
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@AbbeysDad how are you holding up?

What do you write in situations like this. I hate cancer, it's a horrible insidious disease that governments need to spend lots more money on finding a cure, and releasing those cures to the public. Here's hoping Byron doesn't suffer too much during his remaining time :(

Sorry if this sounds a bit callous but has Byron got his fish research and papers on disc? If yes, can you ask him if he or you can post the information on the forum. And can the moderators set up a section in the scientific part of the forum for his research papers so people can read up on the different fish he studied? Sorry if that sounds like I'm a greedy relative fighting over his stuff before he's even died. I just don't want someone chucking his research out when we can use it here.
This is such sad news. Byron has played such a huge role in this community, and he has taught me so much in my time here. My thoughts are with him and his family.
I'm sorry to hear this, Byron has been a real help to me when I've dealt with issues, and he has so much knowledge he's probably forgotten more than most people like me will ever know! Sending my condolences, I hope he is comfortable and surrounded by those who care for him at this time.

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