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I've learned so much about fishkeeping from Byron. Probably more from him than anyone else, IRL or online. I'll always be grateful to him for that.
Now I spend a lot of time on other social media trying to help other people with fish keeping. And I try to pass on what he taught me to other people. So maybe in a way, that could be a legacy of sorts for him. All of us taking what he taught us to provide a better life for our fish and passing that along so that others can do the same. I think he'd like to know that he helped countless fish in that way.
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So sorry to hear this. Like many others I enjoyed his insights. Wishing him a smooth passage into his next adventure x
Thanks for sharing your wishdom and knowledge Byron. You will be missed but always remembered.
Byron and I had a long PM going over many months. He answered so many of my questions when I was getting started.

He was a great help to me and many more.

I will be thinking of you every time I look at my tank.
Byron will be missed. He really cares about the welfare of fish and I greatly respect him for that.

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