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fin rot betta

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  1. V

    He didn't make it...

    I suspect my betta had pretty bad fin rot, since part of his fin was falling off. I gave him medication (don't remember what it was called) There was specific instructions to leave the filter flowing. During the treatment, the initial damaged fin came off and another part of his fin came off...
  2. B

    Betta Fish Unwell

    Hi everyone I am reposting since my last thread was quite some time ago. If you need context please see: https://www.fishforums.net/threads/betta-fin-rot-desperate-for-help.461247/ But now my betta Itachi who I got in 2019 isn't doing so great. His tail has almost completely receded and is...
  3. E

    Looking for thoughts on Beta fin rot

    Hello- I’ve got a pet smart half moon beta who’s almost about 3 years old. He has some fin rot that has failed to be treated by more frequent water changes, aquarium salt, or antibiotics (I did two rounds of metroplex as well as one of kanaplex, just to be sure I covered my bases). As of now...
  4. E

    Super resistant fin rot, please help!

    My half moon Betta, Crescent, has had some chronic fin rot on and off for the better part of a year. This is very long, but I am desperate. Please help! While at first I made some beginners mistakes with an unfiltered and too small tank, he’s been in a cycled 5 gallon for all but maybe a month...
  5. artisebony

    Yeah I just bought a 32 Gallon Fluval Aquarium

    Salam I just bought it is should be here in a few days I only have access to commercial fish. What should I do? I have a Betta and some sad tetras (3) as they are schooling fish and I only have 3 at the moment. Where can I get some good fish I live in the Desert So I would like to stick to...
  6. jessicarf00

    help- betta fin rot?

    just this week i noticed my betta, harry’s, fins looking jagged/ a little shredded? nothing else seems very different about him, so i don’t know if something is wrong with him he’s my first and only fish, by himself in a cycled and heated/filtered 10g tank. he has live plants (swords, floating...
  7. L

    Fin rot

    Hello 👋 This gonna be long so bear with me... I have a butterfly betta who has had fin rot (I believe that's what it is) for about a year. I feel like I have tried everything and I've spent over 500 dollars on meds trying different things as well as completely rebuilding his environment to...
  8. charlotte1211

    Betta - fin Rot

    Hello, my friend has a half moon Betta he has been getting progressively worse with fin rot. We have tried interpet fin rot medication for the past 3 weeks along with salt baths. All water level are fine after testing. I am not too sure what else to suggest for her.. can anyone help?
  9. T

    Fin Rot?

    Hi, I’m new here but am in need of help. I have had a betta fish for a couple months now but I believe he may be suffering with fin rot. I’ve removed all ornaments so don’t believe he has ripped his fins. I have tried partial and full water changes. We have a closed filter system so I...
  10. A

    New halfmoom dumbo betas fin problem. Don’t know what it is.

    Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5 gallon Does it have a filter? Yes tetra whisper Does it have a heater? Yes What temperature is your tank?78-80 Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? No Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind? 2 black racer nitrite snails Food...
  11. A


    Hey everyone, I have had my beta Neptune for about 6 months now. He is in a 2.5 gallon tank with a small filter, water heater, and a couple sprouted pothos cuttings. The temp is consistently around 80 degrees. I change the water 50% twice a week and clean the tank every 2-3 weeks. I test the...
  12. M

    Need help with my Betta!

    My brothers office closed due to covid and I ended up with these beautiful Betta fish on my hands. the first thing I did was move them to a bigger environment , I admit I am still working on it but this red guy is either a really picky eater or I worry that he has fin rot (from what I read). I’m...
  13. D

    Betty fin rot or fin nipping ?

    Hello. I have been noticing that my beta fish fin has been looking a little rugged lately. I’m not quite sure if it could be mild fin rot, tear, or nipping. Water conditions are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate If it’s fin rot, how could I help prevent it from getting worse & can it spread to...
  14. Barry Tetra

    Fin rot getting worse!

    So as you guys may already know, my betta have fin rot for about a month now, I do 95% daily water changes and it still getting worse, here is the picture of before and after the finrot. @Colin_T Is it possible that he nip his own fin?
  15. Barry Tetra

    Betta fin rot, once again...

    Anyone? @PheonixKingZ @TheTenthDoctor @Deanasue @Colin_T
  16. N

    Help with betta (fin damage, possible fin rot)

    Hello! I’m writing because I’m really concerned about my betta fish Barry. His fins have been looking off lately but today they look wayyy worse. This AM there were two new holes and rips In his fins and I’m pretty sure now, this afternoon, the holes have ripped and created more tears. I’ve...
  17. B

    Fin Rot?

    Hi all! I'm new to forums but I joined this one because I'm concerned about my betta. I got her at the beginning of March as a surprise gift. I've done extensive research and tried to give her the best care I can. I honestly can't believe how attached I've become She's a feisty, flitty little...
  18. K

    Does my betta have fin rot?

    Hello, I’m worried about my black mustard betta. I might be paranoid but I just want to make sure that’s he’s ok. I’ve noticed some of his scales are a little bruised up and on top of his eyes, there’s like a white clear dot. I got rid of the plastic plant that might have caused damaged. I’ve...
  19. caroline12

    Betta fin rot... again!!

    Hey guys!! My bettas fin rot was finally going away and now it's back and worse than ever. I have been doing 90% water changes daily, adding the medical stuff called Bettafix along with a bit of aquarium salt to kill any bacteria. It was good for awhile but has gotten significantly worse and I...
  20. A


    EMERGENCY!!!!: I purchased a betta 4-5 days ago and he was put in a heated and filtered 2.5 gallon tank. I noticed he had fin rot shortly after purchasing him but he was eating just fine. This morning I woke up to him with white fuzz covering him (I’m guessing fungi) and most of the color gone...