guppy birth

  1. NearMeBettas

    Magenta Red Dragon x Albino Koi

    Female gave birth 3 days ago. Fry are on frozen bbs and 25% water changes a day.
  2. G

    Is my guppy pregnant?!

    I got her three weeks ago from the aquarium store, the owner thought she could have gotten pregnant in transit. She’s super aggressive, still very hungry and active, poops a lot. There’s only her and one other female in my tank. Thank you!
  3. BibsyBobsy

    How to yield more male guppies?

    I’ve recently been searching on the web about methods of yielding more male/female Guppies from batches of fry. I’ve read that softer water with lower PH yields more females, harder water with higher PH yields more males. I’ve read that even the temperature can affect the ratio of sexes. Has...
  4. Dopatri

    Guppy still pregnant after giving birth?

    My Guppy gave birth to 6 fry around a week ago. The fry are doing very well and all have survived so far. But I swear my guppy is still pregnant! Is this a normal thing for Guppies? She still has a round belly and I swear I can see some fry in there if I look closely near her gravid spot. You...
  5. C

    Pregnant Guppy ?

    This is my second post, I just realized I may have another pregnant Guppy but I’m not so sure, she’s hiding in the plants just like my other pregnant Guppy ? Can anyone confirm and determine when she may give birth
  6. C

    Pregnant Guppy ??

    This is one of my female guppies and I suspect she’s pregnant I have a plant hideout along the wall and she’s been hiding in it since I put it in there and I want to be prepared how far along does she seem ?
  7. C

    Guppy Birth

    I have 3 pregnant guppies, the black and silver ones are far along I’m sure I just don’t know, they have the box shape, when should I separate them and when do you guys expect them to give birth ?
  8. H

    Guppy is still very big after having baby’s

    So my guppy had baby’s about just under two weeks ago about 10 or less but she is still so big would anyone know why fist photo of her having baby’s and second is now
  9. shaziasadiqah

    Breeding Guppy

    Help! My husband owns a guppy tank. It’s a 10 gallon with 4 guppies, 2 male and 2 female and 3 nerite snails. today as we watch the tank we notice that there are something moving, very small fishes and then we found out that was one of the guppy baby. the question is, what should we do now...
  10. R

    Did my guppy give birth?

    Hey so i took this first picture 2 days ago and the second right now the dark spot is completely gone does that mean she gave birth? She never got too big so i didn’t get a chance to move her to the separate tank to give birth. Thanks in advance!
  11. G

    Pregnant guppy gave birth to only 4 fry

    I am confused. She still has a belly and just popped out 4 fry like 4 days ago. Could it have been stress induced? She was getting harassed by males. Is she going to have more? The babies are also uninterested in any food. I've tried pellets, flakes and shrimp but they don't want anything.
  12. Bksulli1

    What type of guppy?

    I have been breeding guppies and this is the first fry I have brought to maturity. They have beautiful colors and are almost holographic. I do not know the type that the females are and I have no clue what males they were bred with. Does anyone know if there is a specific name for this type of...
  13. L

    How long does my guppy have left?

    Hi just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long my guppy has left please
  14. J

    pls let my guppies be pregnant

    Hi! My partner and I are really struggling to determine which guppies are female and which are male. I know about the gravid spot, male gonopogulum (sorry I don’t know how to spell it), and such but I feel like I’m loosing my mind. I have some guppies I would like to make sure are pregnant and...
  15. N

    Pregnant guppy

    Ok, IM a new fish owner and I bought a pregnant guppy and I was just worried for her so I separated all the males and females . But I still want to know when she’s due. She doesn’t eat as much any more and I tried separate her from the other fish in her own tank and she just stayed toward the...
  16. J

    Pregnant Guppy Help

    My pregnant guppy has a thin white string coming from her mouth. It wasn’t there a few hours ago. I don’t know if I should try to pull it our or if this is something she’s trying to eat or what. Please look at the pictures and let me know what u think. 15 gallon tank live and artificial plants...