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  • ...Still need to get another extension cord, wash out the two water dishes, and get the other baby monitor set up we ordered that is coming the next day after tomorrow. I also need to clean out the duck coop and put fresh bedding down
    About to go out and do yard work to prep for winter. I just did goat maintenance since breakfast. A few of the does are due this Saturday. Put sand down in the kidding stalls, dusted, cleaned the old bedding out, sprayed them down with vinegar, cleaned out the mineral dishes, and got hay... To be continued..
    I packed one kidding kit but I still need to pack the other. I have school and college work to do today as well. I'm really having to step up as my dad is having knee surgery due to a deformity in his knee and he will be out for 2 weeks. Busy, busy, busy!!
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