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Anjoy Kumar Roy

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Jul 30, 2020
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I am Anjoy residing presently in Pune, Western India since the last 10 years in course of job. I started keeping fish since 1974 when I was eight years of age and my Dad arranged for an aquarium and the first members to inhabit were 6 zebras (Danio Rerios) and a pair of Black Mollies. The looking after transformed to a passion and a hobby thereafter which I continued till 2009. While my activities involved research on several oviparous and viviparous fishes, I experienced challenges and in several instances found ways to overcome them since I attempted breeding of fishes in aquariums only and not in ponds or larger tanks. The multi-colored fins attract me even today, getting a little opportunity today would result in welcoming the aquatic friends once again. Till then, I believe collecting the experiences and idea from other members would be of immense help for me.
Hello and welcome not the forum! :hi:

You sound like and interesting family, cool!

Tag me if you ever need help with bettas or live plants. Hope to see you around the forum! :fish:

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