Tsunamis overtakes 8 Countries

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D Chia said:
High heel shoes?!!!  :crazy:
Do pardon my initial response too.

That loaf of bread, that old coat or that pair of shoes may have been given out of someone's desire to help others, but cash would ultimately enable the NGOs to get to work quickly, enabling them to implement their relief plan by purchaing and distributing items that meet the specific needs of the survivors and displaced persons.

I was watching the news last night and I saw people donating stacks and stacks of old clothes, assorted canned food, chocolates, etc. to the Red Cross. All these may have been given out of good intent and goodwill but the whole place looked like one huge heap of mess (and a logistic nightmare too)!

Edit: I totally agree with Bush (or the person who helped prepare that statement).
yeeviabetta said:
So pls avoid eating sea foods.. don't eat fish in particular...Thousands
fish died at Telok Bahang after the tsunami attacks
Thanks for the warning, Yeeviabetta.

This will definitely contribute to the outbreak of diseases anticipated and reported in the news.
You are welcome, D Chia. I got it from my friend in Malaysia and they want to spread out the news.
I am also doing a donation post and I would like people to donate too. I do hope people can donate to the tsunami victims. I know if someday, we too become a victim, I am very sure people will willing to help us out like I am doing now. :nod:
yeeviabetta said:
I know if someday, we too become a victim, I am very sure people will willing to help us out like I am doing now. :nod:
I'm sure they would. :)
i just heard from a friend (well known plakat breeder and seller in thailand) that his brother owned a diving operation in phuket...6 clients were killed and his brother barely escaped with his life when the tsunami's hit. :(
US pledges $350m in tsunami aid

UK tsunami donations reach £50m - The British public has donated £50m to help the victims of the Asian tsunami, say relief charities.

Asian disaster: How to help

Global aid organisations have launched urgent appeals for donations to help survivors of Sunday's Indian Ocean earthquake disaster.

More than 100,000 people are confirmed killed by the waves and millions more are homeless.

Many governments and organisations - including the US, Canada, Australia, the EU and the UN - are sending aid.

The UN has warned that supplies are urgently needed to support the survivors and to try and prevent disease which, it says, could double the death toll.

The Disasters Emergency Committee - www.dec.org.uk - is an umbrella group of UK aid organisations - including Action Aid, British Red Cross and Oxfam - working to provide clean water, food and shelter to thousands. To call from the UK, dial 0870 60 60 900.

The United Nations World Food Programme - www.wfp.org - is seeking donations to feed victims of the earthquake.

Medecins Sans Frontieres - www.msf.org - is sending aid workers to the region, focusing on medical care for survivors and displaced people after the rescue operations.

The United Nations Children's Fund, Unicef - www.unicef.org.uk - is working to meet the "urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of people" affected by the tsunami disaster.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR - www.unhcr.ch - which has been helping victims of conflicts in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, is delivering relief supplies to tsunami survivors in both countries.

Save the Children - www.savethechildren.org.uk - has already flown a plane out to Sri Lanka carrying plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, tents to run children's services from and essentials such as clothing and cooking utensils.

Anti-poverty organisation Care International - www.care.org - has already provided food for thousands of affected people in Sri Lanka.

Cafod, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development - www.cafod.org.uk - is working with partners across Asia to provide shelter, food aid and medical assistance, and assessing what further relief is needed.

The Red Cross, with its sister charity the Red Crescent, is supplying blankets, cooking utensils and other crucial goods. It has had to set up a new site - www.ifrc.org - because of the unprecedented demand from people wanting to make donations.

The Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force - www.hinduforum.org - comprises 50 organisations and is raising money, clothes and medicines. Donations can be made online or by calling the ISKCON Disaster Appeal on 01923 856848 or Sewa International on 0116 261 0303.

Christian Aid - www.christianaid.org.uk - has already allocated £250,000 from its emergency fund to help the victims of this disaster but says more money is needed.

Christian charity Tearfund - www.tearfund.org - and its partners in Sri Lanka and India are helping devastated fishing communities and coastal villages get back on their feet.

Islamic Relief - www.islamic-relief.com - has also launched an appeal to provide medical supplies, tents and sanitation facilities for those affected.

The Islamic Aid Emergency Relief Fund - www.islamicaid.org.uk - aims to provide immediate relief and long-term support to people in the affected areas.

Another Islamic charity, Muslim Hands - www.muslimhands.org - is collecting money and sending volunteers to help in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Medair - www.medair.org - is providing emergency support to agencies with a long-term presence in Sri Lanka and its medical experts are assessing the likelihood of malaria and diarrhoea.

Handicap International - www.handicap-international.org.uk- is focusing its efforts on helping displaced people, disabled people and vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, elderly people and children. It is trying to raise £425,000.

World Vision - www.worldvision.org.uk - has also launched an appeal and has already delivered relief goods to thousands.

Concern - www.concern.net - is working with local partners to meet the needs of families in the devastated coastal villages of Tamil Nadu, the worst-affected state in India.

The International Rescue Committee - www.theirc.org - is providing emergency supplies and materials to "people most affected by the crisis".

The Salvation Army - www.salvationarmy.org.uk has local teams working in a number of affected areas and is sending a team from its international headquarters on Wednesday evening.

Muslim Aid - www.muslimaid.org - has already donated £100,000 towards the purchase of food, clothing and medicine in the region but wants to raise more.

Action Aid - www.actionaid.org - is the biggest charity working in south India. It is focusing its relief work on the coast of Tamil Nadu, where 7,000 people died. It is working on providing medical assistance and sanitation for the survivors.

Oxfam - www.oxfam.org - is active in Indonesia, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sri Lanka and India. Their relief operations include distributing food packs and hygiene kits and setting up water and sanitation facilities.

Asia Quake Relief Appeal UK, a UK-based Sri Lankan organisation, is also raising money and can be e-mailed at [email protected].

World Jewish Aid - www.worldjewishaid.org.uk - is working with local partners in India, Indonesia and other affected areas to help survivors threatened by water contamination and disease.

Hindu NGO Baps Care International - www.bapscare.org - is working in villages around Chennai in Southern India distributing food, drinking water, tarpaulins, utensils, stoves, clothes and blankets.

Goal teams - www.goal.ie - are at present working in Tamil Nadu in Southern India where they are distributing aid to 5,000 families.

A large team of doctors, engineers and logisticians are also in Sri Lanka.

You can donate to all the campaigns via their websites.

yeeviabeta -

Babies betta for you
:thumbs: :thumbs:
I've just been so horrified by the destruction and i heard of the countries holding candel viguals, so i decided myself to light 3 candels representing hope, love and a happier future and set them infront of my Chris' tank. May their New Year bring hope and love out of the destruction.

Here in Finland most cities and towns cancelled the new years eve fireworks and donated the money to help tsunami victims. I hope there is enough donations and manpower to prevent further losses.

I can't even start to understand the scale of destruction there. It has touched us all, I just hope it helps us to unite as a mankind. To understand that we are all the same, everyone as fragile and helpless as the other, we need to stop fighting over petty things and start helping each other, not only in time of catastrofies, but every day.
That would be very nice rain, but thier always seems to be someone with hatred and tries to talk freedom away from other people like terrorists and such.....
ral said:
Me, I just hope the death count stops increasing...
Probably not :(

They said it would end up being 120,000 x 2 because of disease outbreak :(
But what is more important is not how you manage to survive a 30-second burst of a wave, it's how you manage to survive what comes afterwards, when you see men looking for their wives, when you see mothers looking for their children and screaming their names, when you see people that you have danced the night before away with, not accounted for.

That is when reality strikes.


Read it. Don't know what to say. I just read it and felt I should share it.

The local Roman Catholic priest, Father Anansha Kumar, told me that 95% of the people in this area were Catholics. "Isn't it a shame they are not getting Christian burials?" I asked.

Reflecting on the fears for public health he replied: "I don't think the Lord is very fussy about this."

turbotiber said:
Hehe the good thing is that this December I'm going to visit my parents in Penang Malaysia

Remember the post? I'd emailed Turbotiber and she'd replied that her family were down by Ipoh driving to KL on the day the tsunami hit. Thank goodness!!!

I'd also informed her about Yeeviabetta's health warning about the contaminated seafood.

Can't wait to read her posts. I wonder how her bettas are getting on in Mexico.
rain, thats quite noble of ur country to cancel celebrations to help people. really cool :D it makes me sick how the toll continues to rise, im putting together a small web page with all kinds of helpful links to make finding information easier, ill post it when iv finished. sry sorrel about the last post, ill remove it. im sry if i offended u or anyone else in any way, i did read the topic there, i guess my views are slanted in another direction, i too have people i know over there and a few i have not been able to contact, i feal just as bad about the whole thing as everyone else. again i am realy realy sorry it wasn't me it was the caffine high talking not me :D

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