Tsunamis overtakes 8 Countries

:-( Absolutely disasturous. Msn i think was showing a home taping of the wave comming in...absolutely unbelievable. The devestation of the country, home, life, business is all too much to register. After being in China for a week and visiting the poorest cities/towns and applying that to Thailand i can only begin to imagine the chaos those people have to go through. I say prayers for them in the best hopes diseases do not kill off the children...

When i first heard the news my mom came and told me she wasn't sure if we would be going to Thailand spring vacation, when i asked why she got teary eyed and told me what had happened. At that my mind ran in a million directions. Forgive me if this is a bit graphic...bodies of peoples loved bloated and pale washing up on the beach, the smell alone against the sight. Colleria (sp?)...if we still go you bet all my christmas money is going out to them.

If you had family, visiting or not in Thailand and the surrounding islands i pray you have gotten in contact with them. This has been devestating.
bkk_group said:
the rumours we had been hearing on the thai forums turned out to be true, the king of thailand's grandson was lost in the tragedy.
as well, a childhood friend of my wife lost her dad when the hotel he was in was overcome with water. all my wifes family was safe though as we found out when we were finally able to get through to them by phone.
Glad to hear you wife's family came out of it alive. I was thinking of the two of you when I was watching some of the tragic footage of Thailand.
bkk_group said:
cutechic said:
Sorry if you've already answered this already, but did your wife get in contact with her family, bkk? :unsure:
yes, we were finally able to get in contact with her family, they all live in bangkok but we didn't know if any of them had gone on holidays to seaside resorts, luckily they all decided to stay home this year.
I see you've already answered the question on the 28th. :X

Anyway, good to hear they're safe. :nod:
Advice to tsunami donors: Send cash, not bread
30 Dec 2004 00:05:04 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Irwin Arieff

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Relief groups have some friendly advice for people who want to lend a helping hand to desperate tsunami survivors: Don't donate that old sweater or a loaf of bread. Just send cash.

"CARE as a policy does not take in-kind contributions. It's too expensive to ship stuff abroad. Then, the logistics of getting goods to the site are often very complicated," said spokeswoman Lurma Rackley of the international aid group now active in 70 countries around the world.

U.S. President George W. Bush had similar advice for potential donors,telling reporters in Crawford, Texas, that gifts of money would help organizations "focus resources and assets to meet specific needs."

Some relief groups will accept goods but they also have many stories about inappropriate offers.

"People call up and say, 'Can we send a loaf of bread?' We received donations of high heel shoes for East Timor, and that's really not going to help," said Caroline Green of aid group Oxfam International. East Timor in Southeast Asia is one of the world's poorest lands.

"Cash enables us to scale up quickly, buy needed equipment and start getting out relief," Green said. Jan Egeland, the U.N. emergency relief coordinator, said businesses and governments as well as individuals should always consult with a major relief agency like the United Nations or the Red Cross-Red Crescent system before donating anything besides money.

"In my 25 years of humanitarian work, there have been too many examples of week three and four and five really being a week where you try to navigate between the things that there was not really a need for and those things that may be clogged up that there is a desperate need for," said Egeland, who is coordinating the response to the Asian tsunami disaster.

"There are very few airstrips in many of these areas and air space and air strip space is very very precious," he said.

After an earthquake struck the Iranian city of Bam last year, killing 31,000 and leaving 100,000 homeless, relief aircraft unloaded their goods at the nearest air strip in such a rush that the runway was soon too crowded to use, U.N. officials recalled.

Volunteer search-and-rescue teams, not bothering to check first with local officials, kept pouring in to Bam from around the world for weeks after the search for survivors was called off, officials said.

"We ask people to send cash. The cost of transporting goods is just prohibitive," said Alisha Lumea of the International Rescue Committee, a relief group active in 25 countries.

High heel shoes?!!! :crazy:
it's so horrible, everytime we log onto thai forum boards, all the messages are from people looking for missing loved ones. the scale of it all is overbearing, picture upon picture of people lost, it's hard to comprehend... :(
Let see other things since we all are into fish catagories. :huh:


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Alert everybody After Tsunami dangerous VIRUS call ZULICAN is spreading through sea food


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People are so mean! Pick up the fish for what do you know?


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to sale in the market.

So pls avoid eating sea foods.. don't eat fish in particular...Thousands
fish died at Telok Bahang after the tsunami attacks



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