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  1. S

    Platy looks a bit boxy

    My platy looks a bit boxy and i would like some confirmation from someone who knows what they're doing
  2. S

    Why is my male platy aggressiveley chasing my female

    My male platy has been chasing my female around agressiveley and id like to know why
  3. S

    Pregnant platy cloacas open?

    Both of my pregnant platys seem yo have an open cloaca and im a bit worried
  4. S

    Platys might be pregnant

    I think my platys might be pregnant if so how soon are they due. Im new to this and i would really love some help I did my best with the pics and Thier gravid spots look alot bigger in person
  5. Anjoy Kumar Roy

    Hi from a new entrant

    I am Anjoy residing presently in Pune, Western India since the last 10 years in course of job. I started keeping fish since 1974 when I was eight years of age and my Dad arranged for an aquarium and the first members to inhabit were 6 zebras (Danio Rerios) and a pair of Black Mollies. The...
  6. T

    Why won't my guppy drop her fry??? Please help...

    Hello, I am having a little complication with about several of my female guppies. They just won't drop their fry. They are huge and look as if they are balloons on the verge of popping. Now between them they are going on about a month and a half to 2 months without dropping any fry and I know...
  7. P

    How Do I Know When It's Time For My Platy To Give Birth?

    just a couple questions about my pregnant platy, and again it's my first time with pregnant fish! i keep hearing the ways to tell like they'll be squared off like this kinda \__/ and they'll get the gravid spot but it's still not really easy for a first timer to identify those things, can anyone...