Zebra Danio Breeding

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Mar 1, 2024
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I recently decided I was going to try and breed zebra danios. I saw a video using a breeding box so I bought one from Amazon.
I do think it is a little on the small size so I swapped the slits in the bottom for some marbles to add more space. I believe I have 2 female zebras and 1 male leopard. I cannot use a separate tank as I only have a 24 litre community tank. Can anyone help me as I haven't had any success so far.


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Don't waste your time using breeding traps or boxes, they are too small.

Set up a small aquarium around 18 inches long. Have some gravel on the bottom, an air operated sponge filter, heater (if required) and a clump of Java Moss on one side. Separate the males and females for 5 days then put a pr in the tank in the afternoon. Have a cover on the tank. The next morning they should breed. Remove the adults as soon as the female has shed her eggs (she will look skinny).

More info at the following link.
Breeding for that species is a race. They tear up and down the tank, with the female dropping eggs and the chasing males fertilizing them. A breeder box doesn't give them enough to room to run, so sadly, it won't work.

You also have to figure on lots and lots of fry with zebra danios, so room is essential.

Back to the drawing board, but it is something you can accomplish.

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