1. J

    Zebra Danio Breeding

    I recently decided I was going to try and breed zebra danios. I saw a video using a breeding box so I bought one from Amazon. I do think it is a little on the small size so I swapped the slits in the bottom for some marbles to add more space. I believe I have 2 female zebras and 1 male leopard...
  2. pimudh

    Single white spot on Bleeding Heart Tetra

    Hi everyone, I'll go into details to hopefully give a clear picture of what's going on and will write a summary near the end, for those who don't want to read it all. Around 2 weeks ago I suddenly noticed a white patch on the head of one of my BHT's. It must've appeared suddenly and not slowly...
  3. F

    Why is line breeding often considered a responsible practice in the breeding community?

    I'm genuinely curious about why line breeding is seen as a responsible way to breed fish. I understand it's not as severe as 'inbreeding' since you breed the fish with indirect relatives like their grandparents or cousins. However, isn't that still a form of inbreeding? While the offspring may...
  4. Y

    Advice, tips, and question!

    I have 8 ember tetras, 1 cherry shrimp, 3 Beckfords pencilfish. Parameters are: 26 Celsius 0 ppm nitrite 10 ppm nitrate 0 ppm ammonia 6.4 pH Today i added water lettuce to the tank, the embers are more active but always swims at the front, is that normal? What can i add to the tank (Plants...
  5. K

    bizarre growths only on black scales question.

    history: i have a 37g live planted tank in it i have a young dwarf pleco, 7ish mollies, dwarf pleco, and 3 other sucker fish(i think they are panda gorys). my mental health took a turn for the worst and i neglected all tank care.(im better now and im fixing problems around my life, house, and...
  6. F

    SOS! Is any molly pregnant?

    Hello friends, i am new here, i was looking for a forum to post my mollies to check if any of these 2 mollies is pregnant. I am waiting for a fast answer so i can put the pregnant in safe place to give birth! Thank you for your time.
  7. M

    Cichlid Aggression

    Hi guys, I have two cichlids (Along with two armored carfish who aren't causing problems) and they are showing major agression towards eachother. It started as the yellow one being the boss (there was a larger blue one that died due to nematodes and all have since been treated), and now they've...
  8. Koenator

    What kind of moss is this?

    I recently acquired some moss from a local creek I visited. I put it in a small jar to wait for all the parasites to die out (probably for too long, the discoloration hopefully doesn’t mean it will die soon), and everything i saw in the jar has died so I took the moss out and washed it...
  9. Circus

    Can I use a Fluval 307?

    I am growing out a Fahaka Puffer, and he is about the size of a pea right now, and just started his week qt in my 10 gallon hospital tank. His final tank is 100 gallons, so with only the single fish in the tank, with plants, can I use a fluval 307, or will a 407 be needed? I plan on also...
  10. S

    Tank Size Question?

    I keep many tanks at home and I just bought a baby endlicheri bichir a month ago. I just moved back to college for my second semester and I decided it would be cool to take my new baby bichir with me. Right now it’s in a 10 gallon tank all by itself at home. It’s about 3.5 inches right now and I...
  11. Circus

    What is Reasonable for Used Tanks?

    I am looking at some 4 and 6 foot tanks used, online. Some set ups seem reasonable, until I look at prices elsewhere that are cheaper. What are used tanks going for in your areas?
  12. I

    aquarium sand types

    I recently got 4 blood parrots, and they seemed to really like pushing things around the tank, so I threw in a couple of pebbles, which they like. i’ve been told that these blood parrots like digging sand, and I would like to know which type of sand fits best for these fishes, their ease of...
  13. PaddlingPuffin

    Help identifying a fish!

    Hi everyone. I recently got a tank of tetras and guppies etc. but the previous owners couldn't remember the species of this fish (the bigger one in the photo). They're transparent in some lights and blue in others and they're my favourite! Could anyone help me identify the species and whether...
  14. Circus

    Yoyo Loach Size Difference

    So I have had my Yoyo Loaches since February and some of them show good growth. Others are the same size as when I purchased them. The largest one is about 3.5 inches and has doubled in size since February. The smallest is not even 1.5 inches, I don't think it has grown at all in the 6 months...
  15. G

    Fish Food

    Hey, this might be a silly question but today I've bought 2 different fish foods. Its the first time I've ever bought two different types. One of them is high protein (expensive and a little less in amount) and the other one which I've been feeding my fishes. I've read that feeding variety of...
  16. sweeteybabey

    Just Some Random Questions!

    Hello everyone! My 20gal is finally cycled (after 17 days :D) and I'm beginning to buy stuff to fully decorate it. I was wondering if I can use trimmings of my ginseng bonsai tree for decoration? I would boil the leaves since I use bonsai ferts, but I wanted to check just in case it's harmful, I...
  17. O

    Is My Pearl Danio Pregnant??

    Hiiii! My Pearl Danio is looking much rounder lately and I'm new to this hobby so can someone please tell me if my Danio is knocked up.
  18. M

    Question about AMMONIA, NITRITE, NITRATE

    Hey guys this is my second post and since I received so much help regarding my questions on my first post I want to, once again, come here and ask a question. So I have had my tank for over 3 weeks now with fish in it (was established prior to putting fish in through a fishless cycle with Fritz...
  19. G

    Pink Zebra Danios with Rosy Barbs ?

    (Dont mind my bad English) I have 7 Rosy barbs in my 40gal tank who are 1.5 - 2.5 inches in sizes. They were living with a gourami(3 spot). The gourami have grown way too big so I've given her back to the fish store. I saw there some beautiful pink zebra danios and was very tempted to buy those...
  20. Circus

    Foam Under Acrylic

    So I traded one of my 29 gallon tanks for a 55 gallon acrylic tank. My stand is coming in the mail soon. I have been told (or read somewhere) that an acrylic needs foam under it. What kind of foam? Styrofoam, neoprene mat, yoga mat? I have some 1/4 neoprene foam matting, about 5 feet of it...