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Mar 6, 2021
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Hey, this might be a silly question but today I've bought 2 different fish foods. Its the first time I've ever bought two different types. One of them is high protein (expensive and a little less in amount) and the other one which I've been feeding my fishes. I've read that feeding variety of food is better. I know 2 different food is not really a variety but I ll still like to ask how to feed the two I've bought? I dont want to share brands..

I wanted to mix both of those in a bottle where I keep their food earlier and feed to make things easier... but I can also feed alternatively, one in the morning and the other at night.
You can alternate which food you give, a lot of people do this - and many people feed several different types of food, one at a time.
I wouldn’t mix them if I where you. A variety is a good thing, but feeding them at the same time doesn’t guarantee quality control.
What sort of fish do you have?
What are the ingredients in the fish foods?
I feed my fish the regular flakes, and then feed them the more expensive bloodworms twice a week.

Try and make a pattern so the fish can figure it out( they're actually not that stupid)
Thanks to all of you I wouldn't mix those two and try to feed alternatively.

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