1. C

    African Cichlids vs Planted/Tetra Tanks During Power Loss

    I recently bought my first house, so my wife and I are excited to get our first aquarium together (I kept aquariums for 10 years from middle school through college). We are looking to get a 125 gallon aquarium and are trying to decide between doing a 'typical' Mbuna tank (just sand/Texas holey...
  2. G

    Fish Food

    Hey, this might be a silly question but today I've bought 2 different fish foods. Its the first time I've ever bought two different types. One of them is high protein (expensive and a little less in amount) and the other one which I've been feeding my fishes. I've read that feeding variety of...
  3. UnknownFishies

    My Official Freshwater Journal

    Finally decided to to make a journal for my tank. The first picture is from 3 days ago and the second I decided to rearrange it yesterday and here’s the picture.
  4. Tegz

    First fishy friends

    Hi all I hope that everyone is well. I'm a28 year old graphic designer from cape town south Africa and this tank sits on my desk I got my first tank 2 weeks ago and have loved every second of having it. It's a 3.2 gallon (not a great start I know but space was very limited I have a bigger...
  5. E

    Big ol' filter queries!

    Hi all, I have a few filter quandaries and could really use some advice. I currently have 2 Juwel tanks (120L and 110L) and use the eccoflow 500 filters that came with it. I also set up the spongers as shown in their instructions. Both filters have started stalling a bit, one a lot more than...
  6. T

    55 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I have a freshwater 55 gallon tank that im re-doing and am uncertain what to stock it with. Here are some of the ideas I'm playing around with so far: - Discus with some sort of tetras - Angels with some sort of tetras Maybe add loaches too. Are these good combinations? What would be your...
  7. SteakNShrimp

    Rainbow Fish recommendations

    I’m not completely familiar with all the types/colors of Rainbow Fish, but I’d like a few in my 55g. Anyone know some nice looking Rainbow Fish that will grow to a max of 4-5 in? I want to get each one with a different color, so probably 5 different species...preferably that can be easily...
  8. Emilee Maphui

    Tetra fat or Pregnant?

    I have a 5.5 gallon with four tetras to start, a mystery snail, I think its a pond snail, and a cat fish which i believe is a Cory. I also have one Live plant. I previously has problems starting a tetra school, but they had all died. I also had a gourami that died this morning. All the sudden I...
  9. T

    established aquarium problems?

    hello all, I have been having a problem with very high ammonia all the time in the 8ppm range. i have done 50% water changes every other day for 2 weeks and I cannot get the levels to get past about 6ppm. I don't have any dying plants or fish. fish are acting normal and plants are thriving. i...
  10. M

    Views on using a sump system for tropical

    In addition to my tropical tank I have a 400l marine tank which obviously filters through a sump which also houses a heater, UV lamp and a protein skimmer. (I know I won’t need the skimmer) I’m looking at upgrading my tropical to an 8ft 1000l one. I really like the sump system on the marine as...
  11. M

    Chinese algae eater is sick?

    This morning I woke up and checked on my fish, I have a chinese algae eater in a 20 gal well circulated tank, with 2 tin foil barb, a paradise gourami and a tiger barb, he has always been shy and moves quick when other fish come near, but when I just checked on him I thought he was dead but when...
  12. K

    What fish should I get to stock my 38 gallon freshwater tank

    I just recently got a 38 gallon tank. I plan on making it a freashwater tank. I already have 3 Corey cats and a tiger snail. I want to know which fish would be best to add that would be compatible.
  13. Chris1075

    20 Gal Freshwater to driftwood or not...

    Hello all... I am just seeking some information and comments about expanding my aquarium. As my post say's, I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank, with some java fern, money wart, cabomba for plants. I have 3 bleeding heart tetra's 3 golden long tail tetra's and 3 turquoise guppies. 1 golden...