Planning my first reef tank

If you live close to the beach, grab your own water from there and if there's a few rocks with algae on, grab them too (assuming it's legal). Some countries say it's illegal to grab a few rocks from the ocean, whereas other countries don't care. You might get some snails, starfish, local anemones or crabs on the rocks too. These usually do well in aquariums as long as the water temperature doesn't fluctuate rapidly. This is especially important for marine algae. Any sudden change in temperature or salinity will usually kill the algae. When I was collecting macro algae I would take enough water from the beach to set up the tank and take rocks with algae at the same time. Then fill the tank with the natural seawater and add the rocks with algae.

Blennies are cool. It doesn't matter what species, they are all cool. They see everything, tame down really quickly, and even breed if you get a pair. Blennies have to be one of the best fish for aquariums. They are real characters.

The wrasse should be fine, just make sure it's eating at the shop before you get it. The picture is of a male, the females aren't as colourful but a dominant female fish will turn into a male. One male will have a territory with a group of females.
So finally yesterday I was able to obtain a second-hand used aquarium with equipment for very cheap that I will use as a quarantine although it is in need of restoration especially the silicone which is in need of being resealed as I could see that gravel and dirt had seeped into the silicone seams and it was broken in certain parts.

I have been working hard since yesterday to get all the old silicone off with razor blades which I am doing great process on as I am getting close to removing it and it just needs some more extra work before I can add new silicone

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