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Dec 4, 2014
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Alrighty so i posted a while ago about a ton of saltwater questions and so far this is what i got (this referring to the picture attached) i still have a bit of aquascaping to do but this is my 55 gallon tank so far it's cycling now and i want to start seriously considering fish/invertebrates to add =). the picture doesn't do it justice and there is still lots of swimming room. eventually the goal is to make this a reef tank and upgrade in maybe a little over year or so to something twice the size. just gonna list some fish i really like and i've read a bit about and i'm more than open to any recommendations/advice/telling me what is and isn't compatible and how many!!! 
(also future plans to add corals, mostly basic like mushrooms and polyps and whatnot =)
-black ice clownfish (they sell them at my lfs and i love them)
-damselfish (though i've heard they're the devil and if that's true then they are out!)
-chromis (i love the colors of most of the blue green ones)
-anthias (i love the sorbet like colors of the randall's anthias, as well as any other anthias with similar colors)
-tangs (beautiful but as far as i'm aware my tank is too small for any tangs until the day i upgrade)
-orchid dotty back (just in general love it and purple is my favorite color)
-butterfly fish (again tanks too small, and as far as i'm aware they aren't reef safe)
-flasher wrasses (don't know much about them but they are pretty)
AND last but definitely not least the FLAME ANGEL!!! it is by far my favorite fish and one day i dream to own this beauty, i have done sooooooooo much research into the flame angel for a million different things (this is my number one fish and i want one more than anything else i've mentioned!!!) i've read everywhere about if they are reef safe and some people say NONONO definitely not but i've actually heard many more success stories about if you keep up with regular feeding they won't constantly nip and kill the corals (any personal opinions?) also might not do corals for quite a while till i can get some stronger lighting (not too strong of course but strong enough) but I WANT THIS FISH!!!
please help me come up with a good mix of fish and suggest any cleaners or invertebrates or anything that can get along with some combination of these fish (preferably a combination including the flame angel) 
thanks for any input =)


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