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  1. T

    New Aquarium Owner Questions!?

    Hey! I have a new aquarium and cycled the water for 4 days before adding fish (I was impatient)! I added glo fish, tetra and pleco. The water has been very cloudy for the last few weeks, I have done a 20% water change everyday, bought and tried many products as you can see in the video - what...
  2. S

    Limescale on silicone seals

    Hi all, I need some advice on these seals, hopefully you can see the pictures. I bought this tank recently and there is limescale all over it. I'm worried will the tank bust or leak due to the lime ale seeping into the silicone seals? Thanks in advance
  3. Ama

    My Oscar is sick or habit any issue?

    Hi, yesterday I bought new oscar for my old tank and today I noticed he/she is not that energetic nd seems stressed and laying down in the bottom. Also he/she not taking any feed. Is there any issue with it? Thanks
  4. R

    Rate my tank?

    Some info: Size-20 gallon long tank Stock-Golden dojo loaches, yo-yo loach, red tailed shark, mollies, white cloud minnows(gold variety), albino cherry barb, banjo cat, too cat, Nerite snails. Planted-half planted half artificial. Filtration-Aqueon10 and sponge filter for redundant filtration in...
  5. Couwu

    Honest opinions on my tank?

    Hello there! So, my tank is a 150litre tank with 1antenae Placo, 1 Mosaik placo, 1male dwarf gourami, 2swordtails and a ton of guppies ( due to reproduction, can't estemate how many, but at least 30+ Inc. Fry) So I only had a big rock in the back which was the antenna placos territory and 5...
  6. W

    Tips for my first aquarium!

    Hi all! I have just completed the set up of my first aquarium. It has driftwood, sand, a plant nutrition soil and plenty of plants. Something on the aquascape seems a bit off to me and I'm wondering if anybody has any tips! This tank is an EHEIM LED second-hand 150 litre aquarium, 60cm x 50cm. I...
  7. R


    Consider all as group of 6 are gold tetras as nippy as Silvertip ? Are bloodfin tetras nippy? I know all tetras can be nippy kept in small numbers, however I'm talking about in general. Are black line tail tetra anymore nippy than any other? Are they as nippy as silvertips?
  8. Linkandnavi

    My new 193 Gallon Planted Build

    So my custom sized.193 (us gallon/731 litre) tank arrived on Friday, for the second time. It first arrived the week before Christmas but they'd damaged one corner during delivery and it leaked. Collected with argument, replaced over Christmas and now delivered once more. Manhandled through an...
  9. S

    help bubbles inside silicone aquarium

    hi everyone I bought a nano tank 2 weeks ago, today I noticed a bubble inside the silicone i didnt notice that when i bought it im also didnt test with full of water , I'm currently doing a dry start method with this tank so its impossible to fill full water right now, I tried to contact the...
  10. Narideth

    First time rimless tank question

    Hi, I've been testing the seals on my new 14 gallon aqueon rimless cube, and it came with the mat which I definitely used immediately. With the tank full of water and otherwise empty, I can see all of the hotspots from the tiles on my counter top. I'm concerned that the mat may not be taking up...
  11. Linkandnavi

    Polystyrene base for giant tank

    Hi everyone, I've just commissioned a custom 200 US gallon tank (or close enough). 179cm length, 61cm depth, 67cm height. At that size it's impossible to find an aquarium underlay so would have to join multiple together. Instead it was recommended to me that I get a large piece of polystyrene...
  12. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  13. Barry Tetra

    Aquarium Bottom pane crack

    Hello everyone. I cracked another aquarium today! This is 5th time I broke an aquarium pane this year! I was wondering if this bottom pane can be patched instead of replacing the it?
  14. A

    Building 200 gallon Aquarium materials

    Hello, We hae a Silver Arowana.. We are looking at building our own 200 gallon Aquarium but we are a little lost on finding the right materials and a decent DIY guide on how to build it... Can someone please help us and outlay what materials are needed, how you build it and also how to keep it...
  15. quyenquang1988

    The New Technology Aquarium Tank 4.0 Sterilisation Virus 99%

    What is the new 4-layer technology Arowana aquarium ? it's the latest technology 4-bottom full range bottom suction filter system with a technical wall only 3cm - 4cm thick to hide the tube to make the arowana tank more aesthetic, your arowana will look more balanced than the filter system...
  16. crupp29

    Plant Identification

    I just bought a couple of plants from my LFS and need help identifying them.
  17. crupp29

    Recommended Filtration Media

    I have a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium that I am plan on keeping a few guppies and a couple of plants in. The filter I have is the Tetra Whisper IQ. I was wondering what the best media for mechanical and biological filtration would be in my situation. Most of what I've read has said that...
  18. crupp29

    Plants for 10 Gallon Aquarium

    I am trying to choose plants for my 10 gallon freshwater aquarium. The water I am going to be using for the tank has tested 0ppm for nitrate, nitrite, and chlorine. It tested somewhere between 150-300ppm for hardness and 300 ppm for alkalinity. The pH is somewhere between 7.8-8.4. If possible, I...
  19. sweeteybabey

    I Need Some Quick Reasurance!

    Hello everyone! I'm not particularly stressed, but I'm just curious and slightly worried about one of my albino female corydoras. She had a red spot that faded to black on her egg area around a week ago, but it's completely gone now and she was lethargic for one day but instantly improved (it...
  20. Barry Tetra

    How thick should an aquarium mat be?

    Hi! Me again with another question. So as you might already know, I bought new tank and it’s herrendous (see #6 post of this thread https://www.fishforums.net/threads/never-buy-a-very-large-glass-aquarium.471179/#post-4042973) It comes with an aquarium mat which is 3mm thick, and I was...