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Nov 2, 2020
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What is the new 4-layer technology Arowana aquarium ? it's the latest technology 4-bottom full range bottom suction filter system with a technical wall only 3cm - 4cm thick to hide the tube to make the arowana tank more aesthetic, your arowana will look more balanced than the filter system Arowana fish sucks the bottom of the whole line...

Advantages of arowana aquarium with 4-layer bottom technology.
4-layer technology pond bottom to make the wall thinner, looking at the arowana tank more balanced and aesthetic.
When looking from the outside, we will see that the 4-layer arowana tank is very aesthetic when all the pipes are hidden, the tank is balanced on both sides of the gable.
The latest technology 4-bottom full range bottom suction filter system with technical walls only 3cm - 4cm thick hides the tube to make the arowana tank more aesthetic, your arowana will look more balanced.
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Disadvantages of 4-layer arowana aquarium tank divider
The 4-bottom arowana filter system requires high construction techniques and skill: workers have to go through many lakes to grasp the core technique of the system. Many workers only look at the lakes of reputable companies that start, do not understand the principle of suction and discharge of the arowana filter system, leading to a dead point in the lake, the ability to suck the bottom does not work because of the arowana filter system. 4 bottom should only apply aquarium size under 2.5m will work well. That's why many customers when using it, they have to hold the bitter fruit without knowing how to reflect.
Large pump capacity: due to the reduction in the size of the technical box, the suction and discharge forces are compressed to ensure a clean strip full of suction. A large capacity pump must be provided.
It is easy to clog the water down position and it is difficult to clean the technical box after using it: this is the problem we have after a long time of installation, after using leftover food, fish feces is deposited at Some areas are difficult to clean in the usual way. from that reason can lead to blockage of the water line down. This is what causes the pumped water to overflow through the face suction hole.
More consumables: more glass and pipes are used than full-range Ver 03 filter.
Larger weight: Much heavier than the arowana filter system ver 03

What aquarium tank sizes and weights is "standard"?
Usually, when designing arowana aquarium, people will mainly care about body length. The minimum length of a normal aquarium will be 3 times the body length of an adult arowana. The width and height can be increased by 10-20cm compared to the body length so that the arowana can swim freely.

For example: An Arowana Blood Dragon can reach a size of up to 60 (cm) when mature, so the minimum aquarium size corresponding to length x width x height is: 180x70x80(cm) . At this size, arowanas can easily function naturally without worrying about curvature of the spine or swimming sideways.

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