1. S

    Who has attacked the barb!

    Hey guys bit of a problem! Purchased a few new fish a few days back including 3 melon barbs and a figure of 8 puffer. Now the store assistants informed me that the figure of 8 can be a bit nippy but should be compatible with my tank as i have no long finned fish. Today however i have woken up to...
  2. V

    Tank design

    Hello everyone, In the last 2-3 I have taken over my family aquarium as our goldfish all died from old age! The tank is 20 gallons (75 L) and is looking very basic. At the moment in the tank I have; X2 Dwarf Gourami X2 German Blue Rams X4 tetras (2 cardinal and 2 orange ones I'm not sure what...
  3. Cameronb_01

    All My Plants Are Dying

    Hi Guys,   I was going to post this last week in Tropical Discussions but I think that now it is an emergency. As seen in the second picture the bottoms of my plants are all black and I think they are dying? Also as seen in the first picture there is stuff on all the leaves which I don't know...
  4. Cameronb_01

    Plants For Discus Tank

    Hi Guys,   On the 1st of September 3 Discus fish, (Leopard Snakeskin, Checkerboard and Red Turquoise), are arriving for my 450L tank which is empty apart from substrate and gravel 5 cm deep. I was wondering if I could please run some ideas past you guys regarding the planting of the tank. My...
  5. smithyithy

    220L / 48G Custom Made Aquarium Tank + Stand

    Hi,   I am selling a custom-made 220 litre / 48 gallon tank with stand.   I had the tank professionally made to my measurements a few years ago. The dimensions are 900mm W, 550mm D, 450mm H. It is made from 8mm OptiWhite glass, rimless, clear sealant, and has a white vinyl backing.   The stand...
  6. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Proflora M603 Not Working

    Hi Everyone,   A couple of months ago I bought a brand new JBL pro flora m603 complete unit. I have now come to the time for setting it up and yesterday I followed all the instructions, did the calibration etc… However it does not inject any CO2 into the tank. The only way of me getting it to do...
  7. Waterfins

    Good Light Fixtures For A 75 Gallon Planted Aquarium?

    I plan to start a 75 gallon planted aquarium, does anyone know a good brand of aquarium lights to use for it? Also does anyone know any hardy plants that can sustain a bit of wear and tear from a large fish?   
  8. FroFro

    Just Planted!

    I got some dwarf grass from the LFS in those weird gel packs. After cleaning it I broke it into much smaller clumps, stuck some of those weird flourish stones deep into the gravel, and popped the clumps within six inches of each grass clump. My cories seem VERY interest in these plants...
  9. FroFro

    How To Start Growing Aquarium Plants?

    I decided I want to start some plants in my Aquarium. What would be the easiest to maintain/get started since I've never grown them before? Should I get the little ones I see in the Gel at the LFS, start from seeds? What do I need to make sure they can grow?
  10. FroFro

    Got Some Driftwood!

    I got back home an hour ago with some driftwood sold to me by the store directly from the tank. It's mopani. A medium piece that won't take up too much space. I did notice one thing however when I took it home and took it from the bag, it seems to have some very small white spots in the crevices...
  11. J

    Hey Guys New To The Forums! Help?

    Hey guys my name is Jake I have been keeping fresh water fish for around 4 years now. I just joined because I wanted to put myself into the fish keeping community a little more. I started this forum so you guys that have more experience than me can help me and others start and be successful in...
  12. AnkushNayak

    Aquarium Rock Helpp

    Hi      I am Ankush i am fairly new to this hobby.    I found this stones can anyone tell me if they are safe to use or not.   I would be keeping cichlids in my tank and i have done vinegar test on the rocks saw some fizzing but it was really no that much,
  13. snowflake311

    36Gal Planted Tank

    I have not set this tank up in over 5 years. It was setting in my Garage. I was using a 20gal long and thought WHY use a smaller tank when I can use a larger tank. So I set this up a little while ago. The Val still needs to grow in. I think in a month of so it will look awesome.    looking at is...
  14. cooledwhip

    Would This Restock Plan Work?

    I have a 20 long, fully cycled aquascape. Here is a pic of the layout:   I currently have 3 panda platies, 3 guppies, 6 endlers livebearers, (3 male 3 female) 3 dwarf neon rainbowfish, a bunch of shrimp, 2 blue mystery snails, an albino bristlenose pleco. The reason...
  15. Robbo85

    Leaking Tank Leads To New Beginnings

    So woke up to leaking tank this morning , must be a seal leaked or a crack I can't see but water is coming from all sides slowly and dripping on the floor. As my Jewel rio 125 is 11 years old and was bought second hand, rather than trying to find the cause and repair I'm gonna replace it with a...
  16. Cameronb_01

    Humu Picasso Triggerfish, Mombasae Lionfish And Blue Spotted Puffer Co

    Hi Guys,   I have just set up my marine aquarium and I am currently in the process of stocking it up with fish. It is a 450L tank and as of now has no sand, corals, reef, live-rock, inverts, fish etc... I was thinking in a ideal world of getting the following three fish. A Mombasa Lionfish, a...
  17. W

    Ick Guard Making My Fish Sick?

    About 4 days ago I noticed the dreaded "white spots" were on a couple cherry barbs in my tank. I initially added about a tablespoon of aquarium salt to my tank (36 gallons) and turned up my heater to 82 degrees as a quick fix too try to get rid of the ich, But the next day those barbs gained a...
  18. eslingerl10

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    Hello! I am fairly new to this hobby (about 3-4 months in), and I've begun my hobby by purchasing a 3 gallon half-moon tank with a whisper filter and a heater to keep the water at 78 degrees. I figured this would be the best environment for my Crowntail Betta after I did some research saying...
  19. AshleyNZ

    My Cichlid Adventure - 52G/220L Journal

    Have been inactive for a long while now, but I have returned from the grave.  After a few months of having my tank set up as a tropical community, completed with green-colored silica sand from a pesky algae, and nasty looking plants, I have decided that this is not the setup ideal for me!  ...
  20. notg2009

    I Thought Lighting Would Fix The Problem!

    Hey everyone, I have a 29G Marineland planted tank. I used to use the stock LED unit but decided to upgrade to better lighting in order to get better plant quality. I dose with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel per bottle instructions.The tank is cycled and I dose with Seachem Stability when...