Freshwater Aquarium - Dried Seaweed Query.

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Sep 19, 2012
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Hi, just a query.
Ive rebuilt an 80l freshwater tank, new substrate but lots of the orignal plants and an oversized hob filter with lots of mature filter media. Been cycling with a 50/50 mix of old tank water (from my 150l tank's water change) and new de-chlor tap water.
I used a load of drift wood (as i live on the beach) in my tank (it floats duhh...) so its  now attached to bogwood in a sick weeping willow tree design.
The only thing is ive noticed is that some of the "drift wood" ive used actually was dried out seaweed - dried kelp stems i think.
- Now it looks nice, a real mix of different woody colours, but im worried wether it will effect water qualities.
All of it has been covered and stuck with xmas/java moss so its gonna be 3hr+ job if i need to remove it.
D'ya reckon its gonna screw me? Or be alright leaving it in.. i can only check for ph ammon, niti/nita.
Its been built to house some fussy rrea delta guppys so yeah.
Cheers. J.

Forgot to add, theyre are not any fish in this tank atm.
I think you're going to be looking at a brackish tank.. 
even if not.. that is just going to degrade and rot in your tank! pull it! I would try to test for salt in there too.. Did you soak the other wood before using it?

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