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    Issues with my guppies and their seaweed

    Hi. I have 3 guppies, all in a 5.5 gallon tank, and no other aquatic animals (I do have three wonderful dogs, though! I keep them far away from the guppies.). My three guppies are named The Narrator, Tobias, and The Baker. All are male. The issues I'm having are that yesterday, I bought the...
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    Freshwater Aquarium - Dried Seaweed Query.

    Hi, just a query.   Ive rebuilt an 80l freshwater tank, new substrate but lots of the orignal plants and an oversized hob filter with lots of mature filter media. Been cycling with a 50/50 mix of old tank water (from my 150l tank's water change) and new de-chlor tap water.   I used a load of...