Issues with my guppies and their seaweed

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Mar 30, 2017
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Hi. I have 3 guppies, all in a 5.5 gallon tank, and no other aquatic animals (I do have three wonderful dogs, though! I keep them far away from the guppies.). My three guppies are named The Narrator, Tobias, and The Baker. All are male. The issues I'm having are that yesterday, I bought the Omega One Veggie Clip for giving them their dried seaweed and 1. the space between the two sides of the clip seems to be just the right size for my fish to get stuck or injured 2. the instructions on the box of seaweed say to leave a 3-inch strip of seaweed and that seems wrong for guppies regardless of what the other measurements of the strip are (3 inches seems to long for a thin piece to not dissolve in the water and too long for a thick piece to be the right size) and 3. the box says to leave the seaweed in there for hours and I put a 1 inch by .75 inches piece of seaweed in there and a few minutes later, Tobias ate half of it in 5 minutes! What should I do about each of these problems?

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