1. L

    Is my guppy pregnant and how far please

    Ok so I bought a couple female guppies from my local aquatic store a few weeks ago, I've noticed on one of them her gravid spot getting slightly bigger so I'm now wondering if she is pregnant and how far as they are also in with a male, I've added a few pics to hopefully help thanks for any advice
  2. lazarusthefishboy10

    HELP! Why are my guppy fry dying?

    I have 6 baby guppies, and I have them in a large breeder box. I have a sponge filter running outside of the breeder box. But I have found a few dead ones on the bottom of the breeder box recently. Hopefully in a week I'll be able to move them into the 20 litre (five gallon tank that they're...
  3. I

    Just in case it’s worms... should I treat the tank

    As some of you have advised me before you might remember I have some trouble with my guppies. My first batch of guppies have progressively sickened and died with just 1 remaining of the first 6 after 4 months. The first 3 deaths I put down to ammonia spikes as I struggled to keep my water...
  4. G

    Sick Guppy?

    Hello, my guppy has been acting strange lately. We have recently moved him to a new tank that was, as far as I’m concerned, cycled or almost cycled as it was used and there was good bacteria in the filter media, gravel, decor, surface, etc. and we also used a bacteria starter for a couple days...
  5. R

    Help, is my guppies stressed or?

    Hi everyone. 3 females, 2 pregnant & 7 males, all guppies. My guppies been acting strange since morning. Usually they are super active but since morning, I noticed that they are not swimming around & instead just wiggling their tails & hiding behind. Can it be stress due to environment...
  6. C

    Split tail, resulting in dying guppy

    We have 1 male and 3 female guppies in a newly set up tank, one of the females gave birth to 5 fry a week ago and two days ago we notice her tail had split and it only got larger, she started sitting on the tank floor and hiding away then today when we came home she had died :( the other three...
  7. Jennifer Gonzales

    Dropping fry then getting ich??

    Hi all! I have a 40gal tank with 2 adult platies 1 juvenile platy 8 adult guppies, and until today 12 guppy fry. (Set up a 10 gal tank and transferred my fry to it today, they were born 11/23, for reference sake) I do not know specific parameters but I do water changes every 1-2weeks and have...
  8. Aynia

    Fairly new and full of questions

    Hi all, my name is Aynia. I've already posted a few threads on the forum and realized that I never did an introduction post. About me: I'm from Ontario, I love anything geeky/nerdy, anything artsy or crafty and I absolutely love animals. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but have recently really...
  9. vikinglord13

    Vikinglord's Freshwater Biocube

    Hey all, I'll be posting videos from my channel here, and am happy to discuss my tank! -Andrew New tank video: 3-week update video: As always, thanks for watching and please like and subscribe to follow along :)
  10. P

    I'm not sure anymore. 75 gallon tank.

    I used seachem stability to restart the tank. After about 6 or so months I got the dreaded blue/green algea aka cyanobacteria. I removed as much as possible then treated with erythromycin. Didnt lose that many fish tbh. Anyway so I'm back on track and my plants look like crap to say the least...
  11. HalfTailedOwner

    New Guppy Suddenly Pooping Stringy Poop

    I've noticed that the guppy I got a few days ago is pooping what appears to be stringy poop. Apparently this isn't a good sign in the tank; I checked the tank and everything is still normal: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 40 ppm... It's oxygenated with both an airstone and the filter, but I haven't...
  12. F

    Guppy Fry

    Hi! My guppy just gave birth to around 11 guppy fry. Right now I’m feeding them crushed up flake food. I’ve also heard of some people feeding live food, such as brine shrimp. If feeding brine shrimp is best, how often would I feed it. Thanks in advance!
  13. HalfTailedOwner

    New Guppy Behavior? Is it normal?

    Hi all, sorry if I seem to be posting too much. I ended up returning the females and got 3 male cobra guppies instead. Just wanted to know if it's normal for the guppies to stay at the top of the tank? They aren't motionless, but they do swim around a lot but don't go deeper, always staying near...
  14. HalfTailedOwner

    Are these Guppies Pregnant?

    Hi all, I haven't been back here in a while. My dad and I decided to start anew and we have four guppies (all female) in the tank which were on sale at the lfs. Something doesn't look right with them though, most if not all appear to have bloated bellies, and apparently according to google...
  15. L

    Baby Guppies : pregnant guppy

    I have three female guppies, two look pregnant how can I tell which one is giving birth? We found one baby guppy in the tank and wondering also about how long will be between the birth of each guppy ?? Thanks !! Lowri
  16. C

    Is my tank overstocked?

    Hi! I have a ten gallon tank, and I’m just wondering if it’s overstocked. I have a really good filter and all my fish seem happy and healthy, but I do have quite a few. I have 3 cories 4 adult guppies 7 young guppies(around 3-4months) 3 juveniles And 3 fry
  17. F

    Is she Pregnant?

    I suspect one of my fish is pregnant here is a picture.
  18. D

    Help guppies

    Hello everyone, desperately worried about my new tank.... tank has been up and running for a month. Added 5 guppies yesterday, 2 dwarf frogs, catfish and a rainbow Garra and all seem perfectly happy together. Today I purchased another 5 guppies and they are all rubbing them self’s againest the...
  19. Ingrid

    Plants that platties and guppies don't eat

    Are there any plants that guppies and platties can't eat or don't eat ? Any advice welcome
  20. Ingrid

    Guppy advice

    Does anyone have advice that I need to know to keep guppies ?