1. S

    How long until babies

    How long do you guys think until she pops?
  2. G

    Pregnant guppy gave birth to only 4 fry

    I am confused. She still has a belly and just popped out 4 fry like 4 days ago. Could it have been stress induced? She was getting harassed by males. Is she going to have more? The babies are also uninterested in any food. I've tried pellets, flakes and shrimp but they don't want anything.
  3. E

    Small Guppy Not Eating

    Hi, I recently got three male guppies, and are keeping them in a 5 gallon tank with lots of plants and places to hide. My smallest guppy, Fabio, is being chased by the other two a lot. He spends a lot of his time in the corner of the tank at the top of the water, usually by the heater...
  4. Bksulli1

    What type of guppy?

    I have been breeding guppies and this is the first fry I have brought to maturity. They have beautiful colors and are almost holographic. I do not know the type that the females are and I have no clue what males they were bred with. Does anyone know if there is a specific name for this type of...
  5. carligraceee

    New Corys and an update!

    Hey guys! I took some tests these past weeks and have been watching my water. My ammonia levels are at 0 and all my water levels are puerfect (the hardness is a little low but my fish are not exhibiting any signs of stress or malnutrition). My fish have been so well that I took another step and...
  6. FishFry420


  7. L

    Chubby fish

    So I look at my fish often. Like every hour of the day if I can and I’ve come home this evening to find all 4 of my male guppies and maybe 5/7 cardinal tetras have quite big bellies!! All seem pretty happy and active as usual except 1 guppy is obviously trying to poop and is being quite...
  8. Selby

    First forum post

    So, this is my first time ever using a forum, I did join to ask a couple questions about my girlfriends pregnant guppy which I had to foster due to her tank getting cracked, but a couple minutes after creating the account she started to pop out her babies. I've haven't kept guppies for a long...
  9. M

    First time fish keeper - but need some help!

    Hi all, first time posting here so thought I'd introduce myself! Me and my Mrs have recently bought a 64L tank that's in great condition and nice and clean. It came with everything needed, including filters, heater and lights. We got it Monday evening and got it all set up and ready. We put in...
  10. L

    Missing fish?

    Hello, I have only had my tropical fish and the tank for a week now, however in that week some fish have started to go missing. 3 tetras and one guppy have mysteriously vanished with no sign of their bodies (we also checked the filter today with no luck). We have reason to believe they have...
  11. L

    Suspected velvet!

    I’m new to fishkeeping, and I was wondering if someone could advise me on these yellow patches that have appeared on my female guppies. They’re quite small, and are located near the front fins. After doing a bit of research, I’m really worried that I’ve got velvet in my tank, although apart...
  12. D

    Odd Dragonfly Nymph thing found in aquarium

    Hello everyone, I was doing a water change today when I noticed this insect-like thing on the bottom of the tank. I immediately scooped it up and got rid of it. I also found one exactly like it around a month ago. Does anyone know what this is, and if it's bad for the aquarium? Thanks! FYI...
  13. G

    What is suitable for a small 18-20litre tank?

    Hi all, I have always wanted to keep tropical fish and thought I would start small. I am looking into getting an 18/20 litre tank and I’m looking for advice as to wether this will be large enough to keep 3 guppies. I have researched online but different sources have different answers. I would...
  14. L

    White Spot (only one)

    I’ve had guppies on and off. I recently purchased this one and she was fine in when I got her. Few days later she developed this big white spot on her tail, both side. She moves around fine and all the other fish are clear. I wonder if it’s just something that happens or if I need to do...
  15. H

    How far along in their pregnancies? Two separate guppies. Please refer as guppy 1/guppy 2.

    People told me that guppy 1 was 2-3 weeks away from birth, while guppy 2 was 1-2 weeks away. Just looking for some reassurance so I can be prepared. Thanks!
  16. N

    Guppy with big stomach and white stringy poop. What should I do?

    My guppy (in picture) has developed a pretty big stomach and white stringy poop recently. He has also had moments where he seems to spazz out a bit. The water conditions were fine except for the gh which was a lil high. I have since put in some parasite medicine. Anything else I should do?
  17. E

    Is this guppy male or female?

    I'm new to tropical fishkeeping! Recently added some guppies to my tank which I were told were male but I am starting to think the black one is female? Mainly because lack of colour, shorter tail and rounder body compared to the others. Just wondered if anyone could clarify through the photos...
  18. S

    Help With Names!

    This is going to one of my more fun posts! I need help with finding names for my soon to be 5 guppys and 1 snail! I'm thinking of group names from TV shows, movies, books, etc. I will post a poll with some of my ideas and please vote for your favorite option! (There will be an option labeled...
  19. kittyclown

    My guppy tank

    I took some photos of my guppies today and wanted to share! I only have 4 right now (2m 2f) and I'm raising 3 fry at the moment ^ This is a sandwich! shes shyer than the other fish usually so its hard to get a lot of photos of her. ^ This is my FAVORITE guppy I have, I think she's so...
  20. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello it’s me again, my fish are now pooping pretty normal, however I did a cleaning of the tank I think I did too much of a water change and gravel clean. I added dechlorinator though. However I think I overfed them. Now they r staying at the top all of the together. Maybe they r in shock. They...