1. C

    Urgent advise - help!!

    Hi, I have a 70L fresh water tank. I have 2 koris and started with about 6 female guppies and 4 male guppies. I’ve had them for about 7 months and it was going well. They have been procreating and I think I ended up with about 25 guppies or so. I went to my usual fish shop yesterday and they...
  2. J

    White Bump on my Guppies Head

    Does anyone know what this might be/how to treat it? I noticed this white spot on my guppies head a few days ago. I quarantined her and added salt. She is still alive and swimming, however, the bump hasn’t changed size or shape. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. B

    Ich problems

    Hey all, new to the forums (and fish keeping in general so don’t bash me too hard lol) I have about a 1 month old, 37 gal tank. It’s not fully cycled but getting close. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.25 Nitrate: 5 I know now about the nitrogen cycle and cycling a tank but in the beginning I just...
  4. B

    Guppies at top of tank

    Hi, I have a cycled 15 gallon planted tank. Today I added 6 guppies that I bought today. After 4-5 hours I added in my male Betta from my 5 gallon tank. Now my guppies are at the top of the tank (not dead.) Is it possible that I’ve added to many fish at a time? Is there anything I can do?
  5. bettafishlover86

    Too many guppies

    A couple months ago, I got 20 free normal feeder guppies from someone on facebook. They were not a problem at first and my betta eats most of the babies, but they poop a lot and steal all of the food. I posted that I had some guppies I didn't want on facebook but nobody wanted any. What should I...
  6. Chloem07

    Sand in tank

    Hellooo, Im in the process of switching my tank too tropical. Im planning to have just guppys in there at the moment, i love the colours and movement of them. Im on abit of a budget and i have just regular playing sand for the base. Is that ok to use? Or do i have to buy sand especially for...
  7. L

    Why do my fish keep dying

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my tank and so far every fish I’ve got has died after a few weeks. I have cycled the tank, checked all levels are ‘good’ and the only issue I can think of is that our water is hard with a PH of 8. I have had two bettas (not at the same time) but after...
  8. R

    Actual introduction

    Hello fellow aquatic enthusiasts! After my initial panicked introduction today I decided to post an ACTUAL introduction, haha. So I have dabbled on and off in fishkeeping for over 10 years now. Initially I began the hobby as almost everyone does with a betta fish once upon a time. I quickly...
  9. F

    Is my pH too high? Help please

    Hello :) I have a planted 24l tank with four male fancy guppies. The pH in the tank is 8.2, I have read that guppies like it between 6.8 and 7.6. I have a bottle of API pH adjuster, it says 1ml for 38l but it doesn't say how much that actually lowers the water by. I know that sudden changes in...
  10. L

    Sponge filter crushed guppy

    I currently have a 20 gallon. It's stocked with 9 harlequin rasboras (they've been there for a little over month), a male Betta (2 weeks), and as of this morning, 2 female guppies (not even a full 24 hours). The male guppy who accompanied the females was tragically crushed under the brand new...
  11. YourReptileFanatic

    about my fish/future fish

    Hi I'm Jamie I'm new to the hobby and I currently have a 10 gallon fish tank with a male red veil tailed betta fish his name is Cal and a golden mystery snail (not sure what my snails gender is yet).:) I made a tank divider for my betta using a plastic mesh canvas and some binding bars I also...
  12. Divinityinlove

    Guppy tail damaged!?

    First time having an issue like this! Very concerned. Fish is swimming fine, but tail looks awful! I check on my fish daily multiple times, I woke up to notice this guppy's tail is half gone? I've got 4 female bettas but they're usually shy and won't even fight for food, guppies are 3x larger in...
  13. Honey Fish

    Guppies how do I care for them

    Ok I’m getting guppies I have a 10 gallon tank so I have a few questions 1. How many should I put in? 2. Males? Females? Both? 3. Should I add tank mates? 4. What plants should a put in? 5. Also please include a basic care guide My water info I have hard water at 127 ppm I have a ph my PH...
  14. CozyCat

    Bent spine?

    Hello! I have been keeping guppies since May 2021 and my first batch of fry are now juveniles/semi-adults. I remember when they were no bigger than a grain of rice!🤩 Anyway, I have noticed a couple fish have an interesting body shape. They are wonky and not the smooth torpedo shape like the...
  15. L

    New Here!

    Hi there, This is my introductory post! (I'm going to write out my fish keeping journey so skip to the bottom if you don't want to read a bunch!) I'm Mariah, I am 22 years old, a college student (majoring in art education) and a very very new fish keeper! My family always have had fish but I...
  16. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to the hobby, about a year in. I have a 155g tank with 2 Oscars, 2 catfish, and 2 goldfish (that the oscars didn't eat and have grown). I also have a 55g planted tank that's cycled and houses an army of Cherry Shrimp, plants, and 5 snails. Recently i've added guppies...
  17. 6

    Mystery Fish?

    hey y'all! im super new to keeping fish. I currently have a 10 gallon with a male betta, a kuhli loach, a pair of shrimp, a pair of endless, and something. I was *told* that it was a pair of neon tetras, but once I got them home it became very clear that only one really was. the other looks to...
  18. Kelseyghardin125

    Guppy Female Endler Protrusion

    Hello again! Does this look normal on my female Endler guppy? There’s like a protrusion there on her belly closer to her head than her anal vent. I haven’t noticed any behavioral changes in her tho and nothing drastic has changed over the last few days so I’m not sure what could have caused it...
  19. LuluH

    Baby guppys and filter intake pipe

    Can anyone recommend a good preventative measure to stop the very young fry under a month old from being swept into the cylinder's end that is black plastic with gaps. i used the toes' tip of a ladies fine stocking and elastic band over it this week but found one fish was attached by its mouth...
  20. Kelseyghardin125

    Pregnant Endler Guppy - Does this look normal?

    I purchased a couple of Endler females from the aquarium store yesterday. The employee said a couple of them that she picked *should* be fixing to pop. After getting them home and having time to thoroughly look them over, I noticed that 2 of them look seriously miserable. One is swimming...