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May 18, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Hello fellow aquatic enthusiasts! After my initial panicked introduction today I decided to post an ACTUAL introduction, haha.

So I have dabbled on and off in fishkeeping for over 10 years now. Initially I began the hobby as almost everyone does with a betta fish once upon a time. I quickly realized that wasn't quite my style. Over the years I have had a 30G freshwater community tank, a (size forgotten unfortunately) breeder width tank in which I mistakenly housed two juvenile Oscar fish (that were eventually given to homes equipped to actually handle them), a wonderful 55G African cichlid aquarium where I began to truly become invested in the hobby. Of course, being in my early twenties at the time, I was not quite prepared for the 55 gallon at the time either. Due to inadequate research I began with petco mbuna cichlids.... a quite unwise decision I now realize. I lost three (two snow white socolofi's, and a venustus) due to aggression in the tank attributed to a kenyi that I unknowingly purchased in the lovely "assorted cichlids" display. Before I ever managed to round that beginner curve, unfortunately my tank was lost to disease that I was unable to treat in time. Of course the loss of a budding 55 gallon turned me off of the hobby so badly that I sold all of my tanks and though I left the hobby behind. It has taken me a decade to realize that I needed fish in my life again. I just can't stop remembering how fascinating the mbuna behaved, and remembering the piranha-like way that they used to attack the zucchini slices that I would sometimes feed them.

That brings us back to my return to the hobby last year. Recalling my fascination with the cichlids, I wanted to begin again, although I didn't think that I could commit to even a 55G again. So I began with research. I wouldn't be caught unprepared this time. I came across the tiny shell dwelling multi and was once again fascinated by an african cichlid. I ordered my first fish after painstaking research on them and set them up in a 20G long. Eventually that led me to another tank... and another... and here I am now. I just moved into my own home and am allowing myself to indulge in my hobby once more.

My current tanks:
20 G tall set up with white river rock substrate, driftwood, and seiryu stone decor. The only plant that I have in there currently is some guppy grass that I recently pruned back from how it overran the same tank before my recent move. I have attempted to plant it this time, in the (possibly) vain hope of taming the wild weeds. The fish in that tank currently are guppies (I began with six, have lost a few, and gained many many more), as well as my most recent (yesterday) addition of 4 ivory mystery snails. Equipment- AquaClear A610 filter, aqueon adjustable pro 100w heater.
20G long set up with caribsea eco-complete black substrate, driftwood, seiryu stone decor. This is my very first actual planted aquarium and it was originally planned for guppies but... things change when deliveries are not as ordered... anyhow! Plants currently in the tank are dwarf water lettuce, water wisteria, ludwigia repens, rotala indica, amazon sword moneywort, watersprite, brazilian pennywort, rotala green, ludwigia super red mini, hygro sp tai brown. Fish are very limited, as this tank I was working on the most recently (and may be reworking?) . I currently have only 4 ivory mystery snails in the tank. Equipment - AquaClear A610 filter, EHEIM Jagar 100w heater.
10G temporarily set up with only empty escargot shells as decor. Fish - multifasciatus neolamprologus. Equipment - AquaClear A610 filter, aqueon adjustable pro 100w heater (I just moved them out of the 20g long when I moved and kept the same equipment for now). I had some guppy grass in there to kind of hold it, but am taking it out now. I plan to move the multis in order to empty the tank, move it, refill it with black substrate (cichlid substrate to raise ph mixed with black sand for their digging habits) and then move their shells. I think that the white escargot shells and white fish will look amazing against the black base. But that will be soon!
5G Quarantine tank that I set up last night in a mad rush to house my mystery arrivals. It is now home to 3 mystery fish that are likely freshwater gobies (Thanks everyone!!) Equipment - FREESEA 50w heater, UPETTOOLS sponge filter with biomedia balls, tetra whisper 20-40 (all I had on hand!)

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to having fellow aquatic enthusiasts to talk fish to again!!
Hi and welcome to the forum... :hi:
There are lots of fellow aquatic enthusiasts to talk fish to overhere.... ;)

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