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  1. Casper23


    Hi everyone! My name is Cassi, I am a stay at home mom and I am fairly new to this hobby, having only started this a few months ago. I did do LOTS of research before diving into this hobby and I’m still learning which I love! I have a current set up of a 29 gallon Topfin tank. HOB filter and...
  2. Slammin’ Aquascaping


    Hey fishkeepers! My name is Sammy and I am from thr GTA. I breed fish for fun, specifically livebearers (especially from the genus poecilia) and bettas. My goal on this platform is to help fishkeepers worldwide! (I may seek help as well) Fishkeeping is my favourite hobby and I have been doing it...
  3. S

    Hi 👋

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and new to fish keeping. I recently purchased my first fish tank. A 15 gallon interpet beginner set up with all the bits included. It’s currently running through its first ever fish less cycle so I thought I’d find a community where I can learn from the best while I...
  4. Lgrhm215

    Hi There! I’m Lauren!! Nice to meet you!

    Hi there!! I’m Lauren! I’m 21 and from Kentucky! I have 3 fish tanks. A 20 gallon, a 10 gallon, and a 3.5 gallon. I just recently got into fish keeping the correct way lol. What I mean by that is I had fish tanks as a kid with a goldfish you get from a county fair. Not the best conditions but...
  5. Couwu

    Introduction Couwu

    Hello there ^~^ I am a 20 year old college student from Germany, I currently have one main Tank, a ~40Gallon tank (150 litres) with some guppies that breed like crazy and a Placo ( Antennenwels), including a bunch of snails. I would like to some day have a bigger/ more aquariums for different...
  6. R

    Actual introduction

    Hello fellow aquatic enthusiasts! After my initial panicked introduction today I decided to post an ACTUAL introduction, haha. So I have dabbled on and off in fishkeeping for over 10 years now. Initially I began the hobby as almost everyone does with a betta fish once upon a time. I quickly...
  7. N

    Fisherman taking care of fish :)

    Hey all, I am a lifelong avid fisherman who is kind of a new fish keeper. Had to take care of my sister's HUGE comet goldfish (we named her Fatty), a severum, and some of those glowing tetras like 3-4 years ago because her work place didn't have any more time to care for them. She brought them...
  8. B

    Hello :) First-Time Forum User, Experienced Forum Browser

    Hello! My name is Shannon, I'm a US college student and I've been keeping freshwater fish since I was little. I've always sought out advice on this forum, but didn't think to make an account until now! I have two boy cats named Dart and Sprinkles, and two fish tanks. One is a 10 gallon planted...
  9. SAJin

    Hello o/

    Hi I'm Jin, I'm a relatively new to this hobby. I'm a 24yr old Minnesota native who grew up in the farm life, and love animals. I had a gold fish from the state fair when I was a child but honestly I can't remember much I was so young. My current fish is Berry, a male betta. I got him October...
  10. Duckquarium

    Intro thread

    Hi I’m new to this forum This is my 2nd ever betta, it’s fairly energetic.
  11. Kaijuaquatics

    Sup! 🐠

    Hello everybody! My name is Kade, I'm a guy from England who's owned fish in a serious capacity since 2020. Not nearly as long as some people here, however I'd like to believe that I've learnt a lot throughout my journey. My main goal with keeping fish is to provide them with an enriching...
  12. B


    I am coming from a website called "" Its about pigeons. I also like fish so I decided to join this fish forum. My location is top secret (I live in serbia), my favorite fish is the "Ranchu goldfish" because someone taught them how to play football and its cool (here is that video ) I...
  13. Grapcy72

    First thread, introduction

    Hello all! Thanks for having me , I have some glo fish and I try to be the best fish mommy I can I hope to learn more and hopefully have help with my concerns ♥️
  14. CozyCat

    Introducing myself

    Hi! I'm a new fish keeper from Australia🙃 I set up my first tank for my birthday in February, now I have four tanks lol😂 LOVE corydoras and betta fish, I also have some guppies and a honey gourami called Pikachu. Each of my tanks are planted aquariums except one which houses my mum's betta, it's...
  15. Commun_Al

    Old hand, new member

    Hey guys, Hope you are all well. Looking for a nice fish keeping forum I can dip in to. I have been into planted aquarium and fish keeping since I was a kid, brought into the hobby by my dad. I have since moved a lot and dipped in and out when I am in one place for long enough. Which is...
  16. S

    Just a little introduction

    Hi there, I’m new to fishkeeping and aquascaping. I don’t have any fish yet, but I do have a delivery of easy-care plants arriving this week. I’m hoping that I can keep the plants alive and then I’m hoping to add in some guppies at some point. Thank you in advance to everyone on this forum for...
  17. quaintrelle


    I guess I forgot to introduce myself LOL Hi, I'm Eren- as yall may have seen from my first post I'm new to fishkeeping, so uh yeah I'm glad to be here-- I'm still a student as of now. I have a cat (photo attached) and a cockatiel (shown in my pfp) who both surprisingly get along- and I have an...
  18. Vass_sCo


    Hi all, Thank you for this site. I am new to fishkeeping and was told it might help me clear my mind of things. 7 months later and 3 tanks up and running its fair to say that I am hooked. Favourite fish - Rams / Corydoras torn between the two. Lessons learned - Have more patience much more...
  19. U

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm from Pakistan! I've 4 tanks (2 large, one 45 cm cube, and the other 30 cm cube). Here to ask some questions regarding the recent death of my male balloon molly. Hopefully, I'll be able to prevent such deaths of my fishes in the future. Regards, -- Umar Gilani
  20. PlasticGalaxy

    Introduction Post

    Hi! Recently joined this forum since I'm new to this hobby and would love to learn more! I'm Luka and I am very new to personally keeping fish. All my current knowledge on fish comes from my father who has kept fish all his life. As passed-down knowledge only stretches so far, I joined this...