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  1. R

    Adding fish to an established tank

    I currently have 15 neons and can't decide what fish to add to the tank. My options are: 1. 8-10 ember tetras/gold tetras 2. 2-3 honey gouramis The tank size is 60x30x40 cm with an eheim 2213 filter. Nitrates are 0. The tank is running for 2 years with the current stock.
  2. R

    Actual introduction

    Hello fellow aquatic enthusiasts! After my initial panicked introduction today I decided to post an ACTUAL introduction, haha. So I have dabbled on and off in fishkeeping for over 10 years now. Initially I began the hobby as almost everyone does with a betta fish once upon a time. I quickly...
  3. D

    20G High Questions/Ideas/Suggestions

    Hello All! I have tried to find some good forums for getting back into the hobby but none seem to be very active or as engaging as this one. I've run quite a few successful tanks in the past but havent done so in a while. I set-up a 20 gallon high, planted tank. Theres about 8 different plants...
  4. Seb2502

    White clouds or CPDs??!

    Hi everyone, I’m moving my fish from my current 20 gallon aquarium to a larger 75 gallon aquarium once my brother gets rid of the last of his cichlids. Im planning on doing an overgrown type planted tank with the 75 gallon. As well as a similar style with the 20 gallon. However I’m unsure about...