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  1. C

    New to this! Got my tank about 4 months ago have a few questions!

    Hi , just posting a hello. With a few questions , I recently upgraded from a 10 gallon tank to a 36 gallon. So of course I got more fish , I’ve been super into bichirs so it’s become my new focus. I bought a new one and the people at the store have been feeding him blood worms (I’ve been wanting...
  2. CozyCat

    Feeding fish while away on holiday

    Hi all, 7 weeks until Christmas!! Yay!! 🎄🎄🎄🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎅🎅🎅 I'm curious to know what you do to maintain your tanks and feed the fish when you go on holidays? I'm going on January Christmas holidays with the family for three weeks. I've never left the tanks with no one home to feed them for so long...
  3. AmyKieran

    When to feed my Malawi tank?

    I have a malawi tank with some bottom feeders. I rarely see the bottom feeders as they are nocturnal and only come out at night, should I feed my tank on the morning for the Malawi and hope the catfish get the food at the bottom, or feed at the night?
  4. ChrissFishes01

    Feeding My Otos Nori!

    Just thought this was cool, and haven't seen anyone else do it (I'm sure it's been done, though!) I keep some Nori (roasted, non-salted, human grade) around for when I make Miso Soup and for feeding my saltwater herbivores. I decided to try it on my ottos today, and they seemed to enjoy it! It...
  5. Falconwithaboxon


    It has happened again. Another Tetra has been chomped on. I got a new tank that I will be moving my Angelfish into do they can't chomp my little guys anymore. The move is tomorrow. I am worried if the Angelfish will survive the move but I have to try. The water is how it should be. PH of 7.4...
  6. S

    HELP PLEASE. Fish staying at surface.

    Hi all. I’m new to the fish keeping hobby, I’m from uk. We bought a 40L tank from a pet shop, cleaned tank, gravel and plastic plants etc, installed filter and heater set at (25 degrees Celsius)that came with the tank, filled tank to the water level marked on the filter, we added tapsafe and...
  7. S

    Feeding my Mbuna Broccoli

    Hi guys. Nice easy one for you. I want to feed my Mbuna some broccoli and eventually some other veggies. Never done this before. Do I feed raw, blanched or cooked? Any advice appreciated
  8. G

    Molly Behavior and Feeding Issue

    For context, I have a 30 gal tank with Current Satellite LEDs, moderately planted with gravel bottom, mostly hornwart, water sprite, swords and java ferns, lots of driftwood, with 15 cardinals, 8 pygmy corys and 5 cherry shrimp. I have two female lyretail mollies and one black sailfin male...
  9. B

    African Dwarf Frogs biting each other

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 5 gallon tank and I have 2 molies and 2 African dwarf frogs in it. This is my first time ever keeping frogs and I’m not very experienced at it. I’ve had them for about a month now. I’ve been feeding them aquatic frog sinking pellets but have never observed...
  10. Circus


    Am I underfeeding my female BN Pleco? I give her 1/2 of a sera spirulina tablet every other day. I put the tab in front of her and she quickly gobbles it up. I target feed her and make sure the cardinal tetra in the tank with her don't steal it. She always finishes it in under a minute, does...
  11. Guyb93

    My fish will only eat when I feed them

    My pair of electric blue acara seem to not eat when I’m not there , this sound strange I know but does anybody else have this problem because it is a problem for me as I stress about being away for more than a few days , they normally get fed first thing 6am before I work and around 6pm when...
  12. SRbettas

    How many betta pellets to feed betta?

    How many aquaeon betta pellets should I feed my betta if I feed once a day? I'm currently feeding 3 a day is this enough?
  13. E

    Feeding Panda Loaches

    Hi all, We've recently aquired some wonderful looking Panda loaches, 6 in total. They're in with some guppies, rainbow fish and glass catfish. When it comes to feeding them, we're researched what to feed however we're having the problem of the other fish gobbling everything up before it settles...
  14. J

    Question about Betta fish

    Hi have a betta fish and a few khuli loaches in an aquarium at home. I heard it would be best if I fed the loaches at night with the lights off because they are most active at night plus my betta would eat most of their sinking pellets before they do if i fed during the day. However, if i did...
  15. vivapity

    Picky Betta?

    Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster,, blah blah Im pretty new to caring for bettas and i was wondering how to sdeal w picky eaters? I got a beautiful combtail named Poison a few weeks ago and at the time i got a cheaper, and lower quality pellets for him, and he loves it. ive been...
  16. Tttay89

    How to feed upside down catfish that hides

    I bought an upside down catfish over a week ago for my 110 litre, he was very active in store and very active when I introduced him to the tank and is the largest fish in the tank at around 3.5-4 inches , next day it was gone. I do keep seeing his tail poking out of a cave or from behind drift...
  17. fisharecool789

    food for angelfish?

    what is some good food for angelfish? for now all i’ve got for them is the standard tetra tropical flakes, they also eat the freeze dried blood worms (i feed my betta those as well) and i crush up some API freshwater pellets because they’re too big for them to handle whole. preferably...
  18. Ingrid

    Fish eating planting plants

    My platties are eating my plants is this normal and how can I reduce it happening ?
  19. Ingrid

    Advice wanted!

    Hi we are thinking of going on holiday in a few weeks and so we are wondering whether it would be all right to leave the fish for a week and what should we do before we leave so they survive. We at the moment have 6 platys. All advice is welcome thanks
  20. Ingrid

    Feeding plants

    How often do you need to feed plant in a fish tank ?