1. SRbettas

    How many betta pellets to feed betta?

    How many aquaeon betta pellets should I feed my betta if I feed once a day? I'm currently feeding 3 a day is this enough?
  2. E

    Feeding Panda Loaches

    Hi all, We've recently aquired some wonderful looking Panda loaches, 6 in total. They're in with some guppies, rainbow fish and glass catfish. When it comes to feeding them, we're researched what to feed however we're having the problem of the other fish gobbling everything up before it settles...
  3. J

    Question about Betta fish

    Hi have a betta fish and a few khuli loaches in an aquarium at home. I heard it would be best if I fed the loaches at night with the lights off because they are most active at night plus my betta would eat most of their sinking pellets before they do if i fed during the day. However, if i did...
  4. vivapity

    Picky Betta?

    Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster,, blah blah Im pretty new to caring for bettas and i was wondering how to sdeal w picky eaters? I got a beautiful combtail named Poison a few weeks ago and at the time i got a cheaper, and lower quality pellets for him, and he loves it. ive been...
  5. Tttay89

    How to feed upside down catfish that hides

    I bought an upside down catfish over a week ago for my 110 litre, he was very active in store and very active when I introduced him to the tank and is the largest fish in the tank at around 3.5-4 inches , next day it was gone. I do keep seeing his tail poking out of a cave or from behind drift...
  6. fisharecool789

    food for angelfish?

    what is some good food for angelfish? for now all i’ve got for them is the standard tetra tropical flakes, they also eat the freeze dried blood worms (i feed my betta those as well) and i crush up some API freshwater pellets because they’re too big for them to handle whole. preferably...
  7. Ingrid

    Fish eating planting plants

    My platties are eating my plants is this normal and how can I reduce it happening ?
  8. Ingrid

    Advice wanted!

    Hi we are thinking of going on holiday in a few weeks and so we are wondering whether it would be all right to leave the fish for a week and what should we do before we leave so they survive. We at the moment have 6 platys. All advice is welcome thanks
  9. Ingrid

    Feeding plants

    How often do you need to feed plant in a fish tank ?
  10. The Lumpfish Guy

    Feeding and Nutrition in fish.

    There have been quite a few posts recently about fish nutrition and many of these have been slightly misguided in their understanding of how fish nutrition works. So as I work as a fish scientist I thought I would help clarify some basics about nutrition and feeding in fish. There are two types...
  11. S

    Corydoras Only Tank- Feeding

    Hi all! I've set up a Corydoras species only tank a little over a month ago. I currently have 12 Corydoras (6 Peppered, 6 Green) in a 20 Gal Long with sand and driftwood. My question is about their feeding schedule. I have Hikari Sinking Wafers, Freeze dried Tubifex and bloodworms, and API...
  12. B

    Betta belly swells a LOT after feeding...

    I started feeding Neo every other day because I noticed his belly gets very swollen. I also feed him a very tiny bit as I know their stomachs are about the size of his eye. I feed him only frozen bloodworms, he hates dry food or pellets. I hold it in my hand until it melts then drop it into the...
  13. J

    My first tank!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and tank! For Christmas I received an Interpret 5.5 gal glow life aquarium kit. It's pretty much set up for globefish, but it's compatible with any. I washed the tank only an hour after opening it and I washed the gravel in a spaghetti strainer so my water...
  14. G

    elephant nose fish feeding question

    I have a healthy happy elephant nose fish that eats well and is comfortable in his surroundings. I am going out of town for the weekend and can feed him Friday and Sunday but will be gone Sat, will he be ok not being fed for one day?
  15. M

    Platy feeding

    hey I’ve recenty got 2 platy to start my tank up and was wondering how many flakes should they be fed and how many times a day? Thanks
  16. C


    Hello, I'm new to fish keeping and had a question about feeding. I asked a few people at the fish store(where I got my fish) how much to feed them, the fish, and each person gave different not specific answers. I use tropical flakes and I have 6 platies, 2 fish that I don't remember the name...
  17. Q

    Newbie Questions - Stocking, Cycling, Feeding, Fish Behaviour, Breeding...

    Evening all! So I've just got my first tank and I've made all of the usual 'tank from national pet shop chain with poor advice' mistakes. Totally should have done more research before getting into this, but touch wood no fish loss so far, and I'm hoping you can help me keep it that way for a...
  18. Sege


    Hi :-) I am still new to the fish keeping hobby and I had a couple questions about duckweed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :-) 1) What are the benefits of having duckweed in an aquarium? I have a 10 gallon tank that is filtered by a TopFin 10 and heated by a...
  19. AnnAlfie

    How to stop other fish eating catfish food

    After years of keeping fish I have successfully come up with a solution to stop tank mates of catfish eating all the catfish food before the catfish get a chance to eat it themselves. I have a community tank with some aggressive eaters such as Angel fish and barbs. I had to come up with a...
  20. D

    Can i feed my Betta raw/cooked shrimp? He has been with me for almost 1 year

    (Sorry if i mispelled something, i'm just an young brazilian guy who wants to know more about his pet)