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Oct 26, 2018
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Hi all!

I've set up a Corydoras species only tank a little over a month ago. I currently have 12 Corydoras (6 Peppered, 6 Green) in a 20 Gal Long with sand and driftwood. My question is about their feeding schedule. I have Hikari Sinking Wafers, Freeze dried Tubifex and bloodworms, and API Shrimp pellets. How should I go about feeding? This is what I've been doing so far:

Monday- 6 Wafers
Tuesday- 6 shrimp pellets
Wednesday- 1/2 Tubifex cube
Thursday- 6 Wafers
Friday- 6 Shrimp pellets
Saturday- 1/2 Tubifex cube
Sunday- fast

Am I overfeeding? Underfeeding? Should I also include algae wafers?
I think you're overfeeding, though I don't exactly know the sizes of the pellets / wafers you use.

I feed two pellets a day (even in tanks with more Corys) or a cube of freeze dried brineshrimp / tubifex and variate with flakes / algaewafers (now and then cause they don't get a lot.of nutrition from those : they are more on the carnivorious side.of the spectrum).

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I agree you are likely over feeding. I have 50 mixed cories, wild caught, in my 70g along with upper fish, and for the cories I feed the following:

Day 1 and 5-- Omega One shrimp pellets, maybe six or seven; these are smallish pellets.

Day 2 and 6-- Omega One Veggie Rounds, three. These have fish in them but also the vegetable matter (kelp/algae) which is important for a healthy intestinal tract in all fish.

Day 3 Nutrafin tabs with earthworm, three.

Day 4 nothing (fast day).

Day 7 is water change day, so no food prior, and a couple hours after their "treat" of frozen bloodworms.

I have had these cories for 9-10 years now, on this schedule, and about 7 or 8 of them are fry that have hatched in the tank and I rescued from the canister filter at cleanings.
Erm....just a little over feeding. Really as you feed your fish, you should feel when you had fed enough verus not fee ding enough. Just an instinct really. I have over 100 corydoras in my possession. Have 15-20 in a 10 gallon (Yes I'm a breeder), 30 in a 60 gallon. And 40 fry in a 2.5 gallon. When you are breeding you want to slightly over feed as it encourages the corydoras to breed. You should at least fast one or two days, give sinking pellets at night, and a few blood worms in the morning. Earthworms are very yummy!

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