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  1. Tacocat

    Seemingly random colour changes in Royal Farlowella

    I'm currently keeping 2 royal farlowella which are 2.5 and 3 inches respectively. A curious thing I notice is that the 3 inch one tends to have strange colour switches in which it gets really pale and loses all colour in the pattern, and then sometimes it regains the pattern and looks completely...
  2. rebe

    Hoplo Catfish?

    Does anybody have experience with these fish? I'm researching them as a possibility for a 280L planted community tank 😁 (It has play sand for the substrate, river rocks and mangle wood. Plants to be decided.)
  3. Stefan3289

    ground cleaner stocking ideas

    Hello all, So I currently have a 29 gallon with gravel substrate. I also have a group of 7 mollies with half being juvenile (inch or less) and half being about 1.5-2 inches. I currently have the tank salinity around 1.003/.005 as I’ve been told mollies need a little bit of salt especially when...
  4. J

    Freshwater Catfish ID

    I recently bought a small catfish from Petsmart that was mistakenly put in with the otocinclus. I have no idea what it is even after searching through google. It mostly hides until the food comes out. It’s a voracious eater and has already grown a good amount. Any help would be greatly...
  5. B

    New tiger shovel nose catfish, need some advice on behaviour.

    So im new to large freshwater fish, but have had malawis in the past. I was under the impression tiger shovel nose catfish were active fish, but i got one today and he has just hid under a log all day. It looks amazing but it would be better if i could see it swimming around in its full glory...
  6. V

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    I just want a general consensus as to what's popular in this hobby.
  7. KnowingKira

    Ryuk fan club

  8. C

    cory cat swimming at top of tank

    in my tank i have 8 cory cats and a betta. one of my cory cats suddenly started like only swimming at the top. i mean like it has not left the top of the water since 6pm last night (it's 9am rn). whenever it tried to swim down, it just floats up again. i'm gonna attach some pics becuase you cant...
  9. AmyKieran

    When to feed my Malawi tank?

    I have a malawi tank with some bottom feeders. I rarely see the bottom feeders as they are nocturnal and only come out at night, should I feed my tank on the morning for the Malawi and hope the catfish get the food at the bottom, or feed at the night?
  10. KnowingKira

    So I am back with yet another picture of my fish since I have nobody to show him to

    I'm a simple guy, once in a blue moon when I see him not hiding, I need to have a photoshoot
  11. Frank228

    What’s wrong with my catfish?

    Hello this is Draco I’ve had him for about a year now and his stomach is getting pretty big. I’m not sure if he may be a she and is pregnant but I don’t have another catfish in there so I don’t know if it’s just going to lay infertile eggs. Draco is very active and zooms around but the stomach...
  12. T

    Corydoras skin disease

    Hey, I just recently got an aquarium from a reseller. The reseller had the aquarium for 1/2 months. Now I have it for 2 weeks. The aquarium is 60 liters, I have 6 corydoras and 5 guppies. Now I have just checked up on the aquarium, and ai have seen one of my corydorases skin looking like this...
  13. P

    Marbled Talking Catfish Sick After Pictus Dying Fast

    A few days ago, I found 2 of my 6 Pictus Catfish alive but belly up, breathing fast, and not being able to move. I removed them to a quarantine tank immediately and noticed a slight film on the rest of the pictus catfish. I removed 3 that I could find to the quarantine tank and did a water...
  14. M

    Free cardinal, rummy nose tetras + plants due to country move

    Hi all, I live in central/north London and have a planted 180L tank with various freshwater fish, all bought around 6-12 month ago. Due to moving country, I will not be able to take the fish or plants with me unfortunately, so I'm looking for a new home for them. Ideally, you would be...
  15. KnowingKira

    Here's a picture of my pleco for absolutely no reason.

    I've had Larry over here for 5 years, boy is living his best life.
  16. Tacocat

    What water conditions do I need to have for Asian Stone Catfish?

    I have a 5 gallon tank with 10 life forms, but I recently learned that 2 types favour opposite water hardness and ph, so I'm wondering what kind of parameters Stone Catfish prefer so that I can return the appropriate one to my LFS.
  17. C

    Amano Shrimps?

    Hello all, I'm wondering how much extent will amano shrimps reduce algae growth and clean up remaining food on the substrate? Currently, I have eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank. There are occasional leftover danios...
  18. KnowingKira

    Update on my spotted raphael catfish.

    Ryuk has apparently been doing fine and dandy after I posted that other thing. If you check what I've posted before you might see I thought he wasn't okay. He quite literally knocked over two shells on his nightly workout recently and honestly good on him. Here's a picture
  19. M

    Should I replace my lost corycat?

    I lost one of my three peppered corycats today. Since my once tiny school is now a pair, should I replace the lost cory? If so, will a new peppered cory school well with the other two (who I’ve had for about a year)? I also have 3 oto cats, 5 harlequin rasboras, and a honey Gourami in the tank...
  20. KnowingKira

    Spotted raphael catfish seems to be dying

    Hello. I've been seeing an issue with my spotted raphael catfish recently. I cleaned the tank recently and he has been getting comfy face first/face up or horizontally between the tank walls / a rock and moves not as much as he used to and it's a bit worrying. I got him roughly 8/9 years ago...