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  1. Ellie Potts

    Saying goodbye to my aquarium

    As some of you may have seen in other posts, my move to college has meant abandoning my eight aquariums. Which is heartbreaking, but an inevitable part of fish keeping for many teenagers. The worst part has been selling/giving out the fish and plants in my 55 gallon, the first tank my dad gave...
  2. Katemine

    New to hobby and forum.

    My boyfriend and I are fish enthusiasts who have both previously dabbled in keeping fish, but this is the first time either of is are doing things with research and care. I will probably say we a lot in posts, that is why I mention my boyfriend here. I've quickly become a fish addict. We have...
  3. Circus

    Yoyos and Barbs Eating Veggies

    A recent discussion brought to mind feeding my fish veggies (which I try to do every week). Usually I feed frozen veg, but my boss had some fresh zucchini from his garden, so everybody got a chunk. Here are some of the denizens of my 55 eating a slice.
  4. P

    stock my 55 gallon for me

    hello, hows it going? appreciate the help. so my 55 gallon tank is about cycled and i will move my 2 Electric Blue Acaras from another tank to the 55 gallon. my questions were what should i stock along with those rad bad boys? i have some ideas, but would like to know yall ideas on the numbers...
  5. Ellie Potts

    Apistogramma Cacatouides and African Dwarf Frogs??

    I have a standard 55-gallon aquarium (48" x 13" x 21") kept at about 78 degrees F. The tank gets water changes once a week at 50% and is very heavily planted and over-filtered. I would really like to add a pair of Apistogramma cacatouides, as I've wanted them for over a year now and would like...
  6. Circus

    Lost 2 Yoyo Loaches

    So I have a 55 gallon community tank that had 8 yoyo loaches, 12 Black Ruby Barbs, 12 Harlequin Rasboras, 2 BN Plecos, and a Blovian Ram. The day before yesterday (when I got off of work, a double shift) I found 2 of the YoYos dead, with the stomachs blown out (I believe from other fish picking...
  7. Circus

    Room in the 55 Gallon?

    I would like to get a Gourami of some kind for my 55 gallon acrylic tank. It is pretty stocked up, but I think I have enough room biologically. At current I have: 13 Black Ruby Barbs 12 Harlequin Rasbora 8 Yoyo Loach 2 BNP (one adult, one juvenile) 1 Bolivian Ram (a rock fell on the other of...
  8. Circus

    Pleco Pic

    I caught a cute picture of one of my BNPs in the 55 gallon. I added some more plants and a ceramic cave yesterday, and I already noticed the adult pleco is showing themself a lot more today. The youngster has never been shy, but this is the first good picture of the adult in a couple of weeks.
  9. Circus

    Good Color Development

    It looks like some of my male Black Ruby Barbs are starting to develop some nice colors. Is there anything I need to do in order for them to stay colorful, other than the usual WCs and food variety? In a 55 gallon community tank at the moment.
  10. C

    New Here

    Im new to the fish scene lol well kinda, years ago (back in 1995) I had Oscars Right now Ive got 2 Angels and a Bristlenose in a 30G but am in the process of moving them over to a 55G ? I find they help me with my stress levels and I live watching them also! I want more fish and welcome...
  11. Juliak

    Black ghost knife fish and bichir tank size suggests

    A few weeks ago I was able to buy some fish for my future large tank and I was hoping some of you would have some suggestions. As of right now I have a 2" black ghost knife fish with 2 delhezi bichirs (3-4"), 1 Senegal bichir (2"), 2 rope fish (12"), 1 giant Danio (2.5"), 1 dojo loach (5") and 1...
  12. Circus

    Foam Under Acrylic

    So I traded one of my 29 gallon tanks for a 55 gallon acrylic tank. My stand is coming in the mail soon. I have been told (or read somewhere) that an acrylic needs foam under it. What kind of foam? Styrofoam, neoprene mat, yoga mat? I have some 1/4 neoprene foam matting, about 5 feet of it...
  13. Ellie Potts

    Stocking advice needed!!!

    Hello everyone! I have a 55 gallon aquarium that currently has 2 siamese algae eaters, and 1 male dwarf gourami. As soon as they're out of quarantine I will be adding my shoal of 6 harlequin rasboras and hopefully a bamboo shrimp. I would also like to add a female dwarf gourami and a pair of...
  14. Ellie Potts

    How to make this look good...

    This is my 55 gallon aquarium and I'd really like it to be a heavily planted tank but I'm not sure how to improve on it. The bottom is really hectic but the middle is just empty. Because it's a standard 55, it's really tall and it's hard to buy plants (or reasonably priced decor) that are of...
  15. Ellie Potts

    Best filter

    So it finally happen, my c-360 MarineLand canister filter quit after 10 years of use in a few different tanks. I now need a replacement for my 55 gallon tank. The obvious option is to order the updated version of that canister filter off of MarineLands website for ~$120 or something, but before...
  16. Ellie Potts

    Bettas and eels...

    Perhaps this is a question for the oddball section, but does anyone know if I could keep female betta fish and a peacock eel in the same tank provided it's a 55 or 65 gallon with plenty of backup tanks?
  17. Ellie Potts

    55g Betta tank??

    I've read some mixed things on sorority tanks in 20 gallons... but what about in a heavily planted 55 gallon? I'd really like to try this out but have no idea where to start - how many betta's should I get? Species only, or add some endlers/cardinal tetras as distraction? Is this even worth...
  18. Ellie Potts

    55 gallon community tank ideas NEEDED

    Hey everyone! I have a 55g tank newly cycled and I'm really excited to put some stuff in it... but I don't know what. It's over filtered with a canister pumping 360 gph and two, 200 watt heaters that will keep the tank at any temperature. My heating probe allows for a very stable temp with a...
  19. J

    Setting up new 55 gallon. Would like advice/opinions

    Hello, this is my 1st post. Let me say I am not a total newbie but it has been 20+ years since I have had anything bigger than a 10 gallon. Have had a 150 gallon in the past for a few years. I will be getting the rest of the new filter and new substrate (play sand most likely, but open to...
  20. T

    55 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I have a freshwater 55 gallon tank that im re-doing and am uncertain what to stock it with. Here are some of the ideas I'm playing around with so far: - Discus with some sort of tetras - Angels with some sort of tetras Maybe add loaches too. Are these good combinations? What would be your...