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Dec 19, 2017
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What brand would you recommend for a 55 gallon tank? I’m planting a high light tank and can’t decode what lighting to use. It could be LED or a T5 or whatever else. I could even do two lights if necessary but would prefer just one strong one. Need something that could keep the color on red plants as well.
Im really liking my Fluvel 3.0 lights on my 180 gallon.
This is a great light: and programmable!

Here is a review from Cory:

I have a coralife t5 and I would not recommend any fixtures that use a high output t5 bulb. They are just so damn bright. That's really my only complaint. I had that fixture on a 55 for a little bit and it was so bright my fish would hide from it. It was much better when I upgraded to a taller tank.... still on the bright side. Fish don't hate it though.

If I was to buy a new light today, I'd go with the fluval plantlife. I'd probably upgrade to one eventually. The customization is just amazing for a light.

I've never been disappointed with any fluval product.
Thanks guys! In order to get high light plants would you recommend one or two of the fluval 3.0 48”?
Will you be doing Co2 as well?
You can start with one and do another later on if needed. I'd assume one would be enough, but I cannot speak from experience with that fixture

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