1. G

    Help! I Can't Get Anything to Grow

    I have tried using root tabs (one per plant, at base of plant, replace every 4 months as per instructions) on my rooted plants and seachem flourish for my floaters and nothing seems to be working. My hornwort seems to shed needles until there is either nothing left or just a small part covered...
  2. C

    Unidentified Algae on Driftwood

    I found this growing in my tank... I think it’s algae, but I’m not completely sure. I just set up my tank a few days ago and I have driftwood, rock, substrate, and a couple of plants so far. I have only noticed it on the pieces of driftwood. I am planning on adding fish this weekend. I have had...
  3. H

    Need advice on light management for my aquarium.

    Hi all! I am new to the world of fish keeping. I have a 35 gallon tank, with black widow tetras, gold tetras, cardinals and I have introduced 2 clown loaches just today. Every thing seems to be going well, but I am unsure on how I should run my lights. I have 2 x 3W LEDs, one on each side of my...
  4. S

    Beginner - Lighting, CO2 and not knowing what I don't know

    Hi Everyone! I'm pretty new to the forum - I posted once before to ask for help on my 21 Litre Nano, because every time I did a water change, my nitrites would go up! I've actually had to break down the tank and nearly gave up on it (and the hobby) altogether - but here I am. I started having...
  5. T

    Aquarium Lighting Help

    Hi all, Im looking for help with my aquarium lighting. I currently have a Juwel primo 70L (20gal) aquarium with the out of the box light and aquarium hood. The light is an LED tube (Juwel NovoLux LED 60) but it is very low wattage (8w) so I cant grow plants (all my attempts so far have ended...
  6. E

    What's the deal with lighting?

    Hi TFF, I am hoping that you guys can help me out with lighting. I honestly don't get how it works and to know if you have a strong enough light for your plants. I have been looking around and doing some research and the most common term I found was watt per gallon. Apparently you should aim...
  7. B

    55 gallon growing lights

    What brand would you recommend for a 55 gallon tank? I’m planting a high light tank and can’t decode what lighting to use. It could be LED or a T5 or whatever else. I could even do two lights if necessary but would prefer just one strong one. Need something that could keep the color on red...
  8. Jimbob1223

    Setting up my 40 gallon

    So I've got a few small tanks at the moment, nothing bigger than 20 gallons though, and I have decided after thinking for a long time that I want to get a 40 gallon and use it as a peaceful(ish) community tank. I just have a few questions regarding the tank equipment and stocking. 1. I have a...
  9. ukdamon

    Warning about Fluval 60L 7000K LED

    I recently purchased a 60L Fluval Edge Aquarium with integrated filter and LED lighting. It's a lovely sized tank, but I wanted share a couple of issues with you in case you're thinking of getting one. The LED light is great, and super bright. It does have 3 modes. White, White & Blue and...
  10. E

    New Lighting for 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Hi, I'm new to the form and have been searching for a new light for a 36 gallon bow front aquarium. I have a hood to the aquarium and would like to just buy a new florescent light if that is possible but, I can only find full hood replacements for 36 gallon bow front aquariums. Are full hood...
  11. G

    Please help me figure out my lighting, ferts and CO2!

    I have a lot of trouble figuring out how much light and CO2 I have, and what plants would thrive in my tank. I could also use some help dosing ferts. My tank is about 120gallon or 540liters. I have 2 18w LEDs, (AquaEl) one at 10 000k and one at 6500k. I can't figure out what their PUR/PAR or...
  12. M

    Lighting suggestions

    Hello. I’m setting up a new tank. It will house a variety of community fish and have live plants. The tank will be 36” deep. I am after some suggestions for some good lighting preferably LED. As the tank Is 120” long I want to put 2 or 3 light units across the width of the tank which will be 18”...
  13. P

    Aqua One Acquience 1500r lighting

    Hello, I'm new here and have had a quick look round but am looking for advise on my lighting unit. My tank has two units and one has failed a couple of time (have replaced the ballast) but its gone again and I'm getting tired of changing it. A replacement unit is £160+, I wondered if anyone...
  14. L

    I need opinions on a good light!

    I am planning on planting my 20H gallon tank with beginner, low-light plants. I came across the Fluval Aquasky 2.0 and loved the convenience of just using my phone! I saw one website had it on sale from 104.99 to about 72.99. Will it be enough to support the growth of low-light plants?
  15. Tyler_Fishman

    Lighting question

    I have two 5000k LED bulbs together that hangs above my plants and a nano aquarium setup, combined do they give of 10000k's? Im not sure how it works, questions would help
  16. M

    Need some suggestions for plants and light for 10 gallon setup

    I have recently bought a 10 gallon all glass aquarium with a powerhead spongefilter and 6 kg gravel stones. I am thinking of keeping just a betta inside this tank and need some ideas for plants which are low maintainence and do not require a lot of fertilizers. I am currently cycling this tank...
  17. Tyler_Fishman

    Importance of LED's

    About a week ago I went to Home Depot to Pick up a few things, I had no luck growing my plants to their full potential, and creating a nice soothing white light that that is visually appealing in the day time. At home depot I picked up a Philodendron plant to go into my HOB filter and a set of...
  18. Tyler_Fishman

    CFL bulbs

    I have a 10 gallon, Im wondering if CFL bulbs are good enough to use for plants, I have a spiral CFL that reads 6500k on a clamp lamp fixture, I'm no expert on lighting at all. So I'm wondering if anyone could clarify if CFL bulbs are a good option Cheers!
  19. AlexJordan

    Looking for a new cover?

    Hello there! I had to recover my tank from the Algae Apocalypse of 2016, which was pretty dreadful, but now we're back up and running. I just did a little bit of replanting, but I was thinking about the lighting. About three years ago I got a 20" hood that fitted 4 T5 bulbs for my ten gallon...
  20. Fish Swim A Lot

    Beginner Coral Help?

    Hi! I'm new on here, I've been wanting to make an account for a while but just never got around to it, and I figured this question would be a good reason to make one! I have a 37G saltwater fish tank with only dry rock, but it just looks so ugly. I want some more life in it, and so I started to...