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Sep 1, 2018
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Hello. I’m setting up a new tank. It will house a variety of community fish and have live plants. The tank will be 36” deep. I am after some suggestions for some good lighting preferably LED. As the tank Is 120” long I want to put 2 or 3 light units across the width of the tank which will be 18” so it’s important that they can be connected to one another and work in unison. I would also like WiFi enabled so I can set up on my phone and adjust as needed. Finally I would prefer a light unit that attach to each side of the tank as apparently to hanging. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
Fluval do a range of Bluetooth controlled LED lights, but I'm not sure if you can connect them to each other. You can connect them all to the all though. Fluval Plant 3.0.

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