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  1. M

    Walstad tank stocking

    I am a beginner and have a 15 gallon high tank(20"x10"x18") with plants like dwarf hair grass, anubias nana petite, ludwigia super red, Bacopa caroliniana & a few water lettuce. There are 6 widow tetras, 5 cherry shrimps & 1 spotted nerite snail. They have all been doing fine for about a month...
  2. R


    Looking at getting more fish for my community tank. I currently have a lot of tetra such as black neon, gold, redline, white fin, green neon. ect all community. I was looking at getting Cochu blue and silvertips. Good idea ? Or will fin nipping be an issue. I also was wanting dwarf pencilfish...
  3. April_ht

    70 Litre (18 Gallon) Tank Restart

    Yesterday, I came to the decision to swap my tank from cold water to tropical. I sold my WCMM and Corydoras, and now have an 18 Gallon tank empty and ready for a fresh start. I done a 95% water change and did not wash the substrate so as not to have to cycle again, though I suspect I may go...
  4. P

    Will these fish fight? help with stocking 55 gallon.

    Ok, so I’m pretty new to fish keeping and I was recently given a 260 litre/ 55 gallon tank. I’ve been playing with a few ideas but have settled on stocking with fish on the larger side. I am not sure if this will work as the gouramis may fight but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have...
  5. 7

    Best schooling fish for Dwarf Gourami in a 20gal?

    Hi guys! I'm new to this site. I have a 20gal (high) tank with pool filter sand and mopani wood. My current plan: - 2x m/f Dwarf Gourami (orange coloring) - 8x pygmy corycats - cherry or amano shrimp colony What school would complement the Dwarf Gourami and light substrate the best? (options...
  6. A

    Betta has a white bump on its side

    Hi, What is wrong with my Betta fish? It looks a bit like a tumour. They’ve had this since I got them a few months back, but it was considerably smaller, and has grown bigger since this picture. I thought it was due to stress at first as I had a few tank changes, but it’s been at least a month...
  7. Captain holt

    Oscar tank setups

    Would love some aqua scaping inspiration! Post photos of your Oscar tanks below :) This is mine currently. 5ft x 1.5ft x1.5ft. Home to: - 1 Oscar (Rudy) - 1 Senegal bichir (Bruce) - 1 albino sailfin pleco (Boris īī ) A wee bit on the small side but everyone seems happy :)
  8. Juliak

    Black Ghost Knife Fish and Bichir Tank Size Suggestions

    I recently bought a 2" black ghost knife fish. As of right now, he is in a 60 gallon aquarium with my 2 Senegal bichirs (3-4"), 2 rope fish (12"), 2 giant danios (2"), 1 dojo loach (5"), and 3 adult bronze corys. Most of the fish in this tank (bichirs, rope fish, and BGK fish are very calm and...
  9. Ellie Potts

    Community Tank Advice Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm relatively new to this forum but was looking for some advice. I'm setting up a 55-gallon tank (48" x 13" x 21") and would like it to be a community tank. I've recently been really into schooling-tanks with many different kinds of schooling fish. For example, one fish keeper...
  10. N

    Newbie - c.80-90cm wide/c.125 L tank suggestions, setup and general advice (upgrading from 19L)

    I’m a newbie who was gifted a small Fluval Spec 19L tank (″ (W 52 x D 19 x H 30 cm, for reference) with 5 armano shrimp and a few fish (not sure what they are!) about 4-5 months ago. I have some tap safe and water cleaner, and have been doing 10-15% water changes every 7-14 days. I'm in London...
  11. HevvyC

    New 20 Gallon Starter Tank - Advice? :)

    Hey guys, I've just bought a 100L/ 20 gallon tank and I'm waiting to pick it up at the moment. Very excited! It comes with 2 internal filters (both Aquael 700) and a heater which is great. I was looking into keeping some honey gouramis, platies, neon tetras and maybe some leopard cory's? Nice...
  12. Jimbob1223

    Setting up my 40 gallon

    So I've got a few small tanks at the moment, nothing bigger than 20 gallons though, and I have decided after thinking for a long time that I want to get a 40 gallon and use it as a peaceful(ish) community tank. I just have a few questions regarding the tank equipment and stocking. 1. I have a...
  13. E

    Community Rainbow tank (Pseudomugil and Others)

    Hi guys, has anyone had any experience with having a community tank of mixed rainbow species? i have a 55 gallon which I want to have the following: either pseudomugil furcata or Pseudomugil luminatus irian reds turqoise rainbows dwarf neons Boosemanis adolfoi cory bronzs cory maybe a trio of...
  14. ukdamon

    Frogs & Shrimp

    I have a fairly happy community tank, which includes African Dwarf Frogs and Cherry Shrimp. Unfortunately the Shrimp all seem to be vanishing. I think it's a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are hiding because of the fish in the tank, and secondly because I have frogs and I have seen the...
  15. ukdamon


    Hello and thanks for having me. I am new to the forum, but I've been keeping fish on and off for many years. I presently have a 60L Tropical Aquarium with community fish, some African Dwarf Frogs and some shrimp. I plan in the future to have a larger Discus aquarium.
  16. matchstickgeezer

    Hello... it’s been a while!!

    Hi. I just wanted to say hello as it has been YEARS since I last logged into these forums! I’ve had my current setup for 10+ years but during themat time I have kept everything from 100+ shrimps, to community fish, to breeding Kribs, to loaches, frogs and snails. Having recently had 2...
  17. Tool13x

    African Community Tank stocking ideas.

    I am trying to put together a stock list for a 55 gallon community tank and hoping for some input. I already have an Amazon River biotope and I was hoping to do a Congo biotope for this one, or at the very least stick with African species. The tank will be planted, sunken driftwood, and...
  18. M

    Lighting suggestions

    Hello. I’m setting up a new tank. It will house a variety of community fish and have live plants. The tank will be 36” deep. I am after some suggestions for some good lighting preferably LED. As the tank Is 120” long I want to put 2 or 3 light units across the width of the tank which will be 18”...
  19. L

    5 Clown Loaches in a 30 gallon?

    Hey I’m starting a 30 gal community tank and would love to center it around clown loaches. I do plan on eventually getting a bigger tank as they grow, but only have the 30 gallon at the moment.
  20. F

    First timer here!

    Hi all! Very happy to be part of this group! After reading a ton of posts, I'm still lost so hopefully someone can help me asap. We don't have test strips so we will be getting them today, but we live out of the city so if there's a chance we need anything else, id like to get it in the same...