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Dec 11, 2017
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Hi there,

I currently started a new 10 gallon 2 weeks ago that I am in the middle of doing a fishless cycle in. Here is a picture, although I am adding some microsworfs along the perimeter of the glass, a moss covered bridge made of coconut shell over the sand, and dwarf baby tears on a piece of miniature driftwood.

On to my question--
The main inhabitant of this tank will be a male half moon Betta (very expensive) that I will be receiving in the mail in about 3 weeks. My original plan was 6 neon tetras and a dozen cherry shrimp. I have rethought the tetras as my Betta is so gorgeous (and expensive!) That I don't want to risk his beautiful fins getting nipped. So here are my stocking ideas,
6 tetras and 12 cherry shrimps?
2 African dwarf frogs and either 6 ghost shrimps or the 12 cherries (although I know they tend to eat smaller shrimp like cherries so I'm apprehensive)
Of two cory cats and a dozen cherry shrimp (which is what I'm leaning towards)

Any opinions or ideas on these?? I currently keep two bettas and 3 ghost shrimps in each of my 5 gallons that are doing great, but i would like to keep a new species in this 10 gal.
Thank you


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Aug 11, 2014
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Corydoras need a larger tank and a group of 6+ preferably. I would not pick neon tetras, I feel they need a larger tank as well because they are active fish. Truly there aren't many schooling species that will get on well in a 10gal tank. Smaller species of rasboras can do ok but because of their small size they could be eaten/killed by the betta. It is a 50-50 change on whether a betta will be able to get along with other fish, which is why it is recommended to keep them alone.

I think your best bet is to stick with just shrimp and snails. Mystery snails and nerite snails come in many different color forms and can be quite interesting to watch.


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Mar 15, 2018
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I suggest looking at It will tell you the stocking levels along with the filtration capacity.

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