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  1. WestCoastChelle

    Stocking Thoughts for a 20 (Maybe 50?) Gallon Tank

    I'd like to set up a little community tank. I plan to get it cycling sometime this week and while that whole process happens I'm researching and thinking about who all I'd like to have in there. The tank will have a lid, driftwood and live plants with sand substrate. My initial thoughts atm...
  2. V

    Injured Fish Emergency - Any chance of survival?

    I came back home from vacation to find that my betta attacked and injured one of my other fish. There were no signs of aggression before this. The victim is missing an eye, and I think a few scales. It was swimming around, occasionally stopping to rest on the bottom. Before I could remove the...
  3. outofwater

    Postmortem for dwarf cory

    Just would like any thoughts/opinions on this. My tank has been firmly established now for 3 months, and this little guy was there from the start. A few days ago I found him dead early in the morning. Pictures were taken as soon as I noticed and pulled him out. The day before I had not...
  4. 6

    Mystery Fish?

    hey y'all! im super new to keeping fish. I currently have a 10 gallon with a male betta, a kuhli loach, a pair of shrimp, a pair of endless, and something. I was *told* that it was a pair of neon tetras, but once I got them home it became very clear that only one really was. the other looks to...
  5. April_ht

    70 Litre Community Tank

    Hi, so I’ve recently bought a 70 litre tank and cycled for 48 hours with beneficial bacteria and de-chlorinator. Tank dimensions are around 60cm x 30cm x 50cm and type is Blue Planet 70l. Is this big enough to have a community tank? If so, what types of fish could I have? I’ve been thinking...
  6. S

    Tinfoil Barb having Blood on its scales | Urgent help

    Hello, I have a tinfoil barb of age around 2 years. A week ago it was healthy, active and eating food regularly. But suddenly I spotted blood on its scales and it was spreading to its other scales as well. However, the fish is eating properly and active as hell even now. Please help me, i dont...
  7. S

    Ideas for 30 Gallon Betta Community Tank

    Hello, I'm Aakash and totally new to this hobby. Yesterday I bought my 1st Aquarium (30 Gallon) Tank. I want to setup a planted community tank for my Betta Shiroi, so please give me suggestions for her tank mates and plants. Thank you in advance ☺️☺️
  8. Dopatri

    Why are all my fish staying at the surface?

    I have 6 fish in my tank, 3 guppies and 2 balloon mollies. However, since last night, I’ve noticed they’re all swimming around at the surface of the tank. Particularly the guppies. I’ve got no clue why because I have a pump that sprays bubbles so I’m sure there is enough oxygen in there for...
  9. Circus

    Good Color Development

    It looks like some of my male Black Ruby Barbs are starting to develop some nice colors. Is there anything I need to do in order for them to stay colorful, other than the usual WCs and food variety? In a 55 gallon community tank at the moment.
  10. shaziasadiqah

    Upgrading to 33gal Tank

    Hello, So, right now i have a 25gal community tank. i have a pair of honey gourami 12 ember tetra 6 albino corydoras if i upgrade the tank to a 33gal (so i can add more plants) can i add more fish? i really want 6 khuli loaches to join the community if that’s not gonna overstocked the tank...
  11. B

    Is this too many fish?

    Hi guys, kinda new to the hobby. was wondering if the fish I have is too many for my 36” long aquarium tank 36x12x16 fish: 1 betta 9 harlequin rasboras 4 danio glowlight 5 danio tinwini I have two random fish I think they are micro tiger rasbora that came in the mix when I got the...
  12. W.R

    Clown Killifish, good idea?

    Heya all, recently I've had my established 20L/5Gal tank emptied out (bare a few pregnant shrimp), and I've been thinking about what to stock it with, the filter flow is minimal, very many floating plants (red root and salvinia, frogbit) as well as some vallisneria gigantea, mosses etc. Ph is a...
  13. Ellie Potts

    55 gallon community tank ideas NEEDED

    Hey everyone! I have a 55g tank newly cycled and I'm really excited to put some stuff in it... but I don't know what. It's over filtered with a canister pumping 360 gph and two, 200 watt heaters that will keep the tank at any temperature. My heating probe allows for a very stable temp with a...
  14. D

    Stocking Help

    Hello eveyone, i am fairly new to the hobby i have obviously done research but would like some advice! I have had a 14 gallon / 64 liter fish tank for a while and it had 5 danios and 4 corydoras, a friend of mine needed to get rid of his 125l/33G tank so i took it almost a month ago i recently...
  15. C

    Killifish in higher temperatures

    I recently decided to make use of the space in my Discus tank by introducing a killifish. I maintain my Discus at around 82- 83°F. Do you think its a good idea. There are lots of good hiding places for the killifish.
  16. france is pain

    aquatic isopods

    theoretically, could you keep freshwater aquatic isopods in a freshwater community tank?
  17. pkenziep

    Help! What did my catfish die of and is it contagious?

    First off - I apologize as this will probably be a novel. Can anyone help me ID what killed my albino corydora? I've had two for over a year (which I know they need more friends, but I didn't have tank space until very recently and haven't even had a chance to increase their school size), and...
  18. Ellie Potts

    Community Tank Advice Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm relatively new to this forum but was looking for some advice. I'm setting up a 55-gallon tank (48" x 13" x 21") and would like it to be a community tank. I've recently been really into schooling-tanks with many different kinds of schooling fish. For example, one fish keeper...
  19. pkenziep

    Sexing young guppies?

    Hello! I’m sure this is a very common question, but I was hoping someone could help my ID the sexes of my guppies. I rescued a “Noah’s ark” assortment of tons of fish and that included two young guppies. I’ve kept them in a nursery box because they were so small and plan on releasing them into...
  20. 3

    New 40 gallon tank (Community tank)

    Hey, so i am trying to create a community tank in my new 40 gallon tank i am up for suggestions and help... So in my 40 gallon tank i am wanting to inhabit it with 2 angel fish, 6 honey Gourami, Neon Tetras 10-15, 5 Cory catfish and a few bristlenose is this going to work is their going to be an...