10 gallon planted aquarium

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  1. M

    Stocking for a 10 gallon

    Hey! I currently have a 10 gallon tank that is my first tank. It is fully cycled and currently has a small goldfish in it. I know that goldfish will grow too large and am planning on finding someone nearby with a pond and giving it away in the future once it grows a little bigger - right now it...
  2. W

    Dwarf Puffer Planted Tank Help

    Hey everybody, Need some advice from more experienced folks on this site. I am currently setting up a new 10 Gallon tank for Dwarf Puffers and wanted to gain some clarity on my water parameters. My current setup: - Top Fin Essentials Starter Kit (10 Gallon) - Modified TF 10 Filter with intake...
  3. N

    Overstocked 10 gallon?

    Hi there, After 23 days of fishless cycling my 10 gallon finally could process 3ppms of ammonia in 24 hours with zero nitrates. Since then I've rescaped (twice!!!) And finally stocked my tank. I put 4 panda corys, one large zebra nerite, one small tiger nerite, and my male koi half moon betta I...
  4. N

    10 gallon stocking ideas?

    Hi there, I currently started a new 10 gallon 2 weeks ago that I am in the middle of doing a fishless cycle in. Here is a picture, although I am adding some microsworfs along the perimeter of the glass, a moss covered bridge made of coconut shell over the sand, and dwarf baby tears on a piece...
  5. M

    Need some suggestions for plants and light for 10 gallon setup

    I have recently bought a 10 gallon all glass aquarium with a powerhead spongefilter and 6 kg gravel stones. I am thinking of keeping just a betta inside this tank and need some ideas for plants which are low maintainence and do not require a lot of fertilizers. I am currently cycling this tank...
  6. cheesy feet

    Cheesy Feet's 30 Litre Planted Aquarium

    I'll have to get my proper camera out and take some pictures of the fish and slightly changed layout (the rock is now vertical, with the moss attached with some plant netting), but here's some pics from my phone: [/URL]   Sooo. I got bored and decided to set up another little planted aquarium...