10 gallon

  1. D

    Help! Unidentified disease on guppy

    Hello! I got a few guppies from my local fish store a few days ago and had to add them to my main fish tank without quarantining them because I can't afford a quarantine tank. Sure enough...just a few days after one of the guppies quickly developed this odd disease and symptoms. The back half of...
  2. B

    Head-and-Tail-Tetra Behavior: Circling

    Hello all, I have a few questions about head-and-tail-light tetra behavior. I used to have 3 of these tetras in my planted 10 gallon glass aquarium with intentions to get more once I transfer them into my 30 gallon that I have not yet started to cycle... there are only 2 left- the two bigger...
  3. Meg0000

    10 gallon stocking idea

    Hi, I decided I was gonna sell or give my paradise fish because I know she deserves more than a 10 gallon tank. I feel bad about keeping her for so long because it's pretty clear she's not happy in that tank and I think it stunted her growth. I don't know what fish I could have in a 10 gallon...
  4. GuppyFanaticxd

    Thinking of going from artificial decorations to live plants. How can I make this less stressful for fish?

    Hi again. I've had a 10 gallon tank for over a year but I'm starting to think of switching from artificial to live plants. How can I make it less stressful, since it could be a drastic change in aquarium? I can also provide tank parameters if needed, and any advice is appreciated. :) EDIT...
  5. GuppyFanaticxd

    Hi, new user here -- One of my guppies disappeared without a trace

    Hello, new user here so apologies if I am in the wrong area. I have also recently started to take care of guppies, as I've heard they are one of the easier fish to take care of as a beginner.I own an all male guppy tank (10 gallons and established), with 3 cobra and 3 fancy guppies. I've had...
  6. Quin

    Betta tank ideas

    I just got done watching this video and it's definitely shown me which direction I need to take my tank in. I think it would be super cool to replace my colorful gravel with substrate like sand, neutral or maybe darker colored because the vid said that lighter colors promote algae growth. My...
  7. Irksome

    Rescaped tank to black sand

    Hello, my tank redone with dark sand instead of ugly mixed gravel. My crypts are melting a bit but everything else is doing great. The photos don’t do it justice, there must be a knack that I’m missing.
  8. Hamdhan777

    Hole in head, and growth on gill? Sparkling Gourami Help.

    Hi guys, One of my female sparkling gourami has developed what appears to be a dent on her head, and discoloration to part of one of her gills (there is also some white growth protruding from this area). She still eats, but is swimming rather lethargic. Tank is cycled. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0...
  9. Quin

    Tank progress

    I'm going to record the progress of the set up of my new 10 gallon tank here, feel free to tune in! I didn't have a 5 gallon bucket, but I did have a new unused trash can that I wiped down. It took me 5 trips but my tank is now full of crystal clear water! It's already much brighter than the...
  10. Quin

    Today is the day!

    So excited to be moving from the beginner help section to the discussion section :) Today, once the snow clears off the roads a little later (it is APRIL) I will be heading into the pet store to get the remaining supplies before moving Hank into his new 10 gallon! My checklist is a 10g...
  11. Quin

    Cycling help

    Okay so! I will be cycling my new 10gallon tank and I'd like to be sure I have everything right before I begin. Materials: 1. Tetra safe start or some source of ammonia? I'm not sure about this part 2. Test kit that reads ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate Process: -After the tank is set up...
  12. angrysnort

    Red Wag Platy— Sick or Fine?

    You read the title. I need to know if my Red Wag Platy is okay. Lately it’s been swimming in weird patterns, like straight up or straight down, and staying very close to the surface. It isn’t gulping for air though, and I have a moss ball and a well functioning filter that is most definitely...
  13. Hamdhan777

    Additional Fish or Shrimp ideas for 50L?

    Hi all, Was hoping to get some thoughts on a centerpiece fish, shrimp or other fish I can get for my aquarium (unless I'd be overstocking); I've had a look at the other "centerpiece fish" forum posts, but every tank is different so wanted specific thoughts to reduce the chance of any issues. I...
  14. preserveomelette

    Proper way to change substrate in an established tank?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm still relatively new to the hobby; I've had a 10 gallon tank for a betta for almost a year now. I believe I have a good understanding what it means to take adequate care for him, and he is still doing well. The tank is established and the water parameters...
  15. W

    Dwarf Puffer Planted Tank Help

    Hey everybody, Need some advice from more experienced folks on this site. I am currently setting up a new 10 Gallon tank for Dwarf Puffers and wanted to gain some clarity on my water parameters. My current setup: - Top Fin Essentials Starter Kit (10 Gallon) - Modified TF 10 Filter with intake...
  16. HalfTailedOwner

    Sudden Ich with Koi? Advice ASAP, Please Help :(

    I've had this koi for around 5 months now (surprisingly) in a 10 gallon tank. If you didn't know already, I've actually been trying to find a new place to rehome the koi because I knew it would grow too large for the tank size.. This christmas, my uncle surprised me with some fish (and while I'm...
  17. HalfTailedOwner

    What kind of bloom is this?

    Could it be a bacteria bloom / algae bloom? How can I tell the difference? This is in a 10 gallon tank. Not sure if this is a result of a water change (I do 15% every week) and a few weeks ago I had to replace the filter cartridge. Is that the reason why there is a bloom in the first place...
  18. HalfTailedOwner

    New Guppy Suddenly Pooping Stringy Poop

    I've noticed that the guppy I got a few days ago is pooping what appears to be stringy poop. Apparently this isn't a good sign in the tank; I checked the tank and everything is still normal: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 40 ppm... It's oxygenated with both an airstone and the filter, but I haven't...
  19. H

    something is wrong with my aquarium plz help

    Hi everyone! So I am pretty new to the whole aquarium thing. I was given a 10 Gallon one as a gift. When I got it, there were 5 platyfish in there. All happy and cool. Shortly after, one of them died, but the rest were doing completely fine. I let the tank sit for 2 weeks before adding 4 more...
  20. R

    What to know about 10 Gallon Aquariums?

    Hey! I'm new here :) Just wanted to ask what the major facts I need to consider when considering about the 10 gallon aquarium. This article had some interesting facts. Will those help me? https://theaquariumhobbyist.com/10-gallon-fish-tank/