stocking 10 gallons

  1. J

    Tank Stocking

    Hi, I’m almost done cycling my 10 gallon tank. I believe my filter is rated for up to 20 gallons and same with my heater. I’m wondering if stocking with two neon tetras, one Dalmatian platy, and one molly fish will be too much. I went by the original inch to gallon rule and figured this would...
  2. Aeroase

    Stocking Questions!

    Hi! I have a 10gal tank with 4 false julii’s, a dwarf gourami, and an otocinculus (i know they do better in groups, i just haven’t found a shop to get some from that aren’t half dead in the store). The tank is heavily planted and fully cycled! The fish that are in there are doing good. My...
  3. blueseas

    Tips on stocking?

    So, I've just bought a 10 g and i was wondering what people think of my idea of having one male half moon betta and then introducing around 7 neon tetras a little later on or even at the same time? my tank has been cycling for about a month and my filter has been running. i have a heater too...
  4. N

    10 gallon stocking ideas?

    Hi there, I currently started a new 10 gallon 2 weeks ago that I am in the middle of doing a fishless cycle in. Here is a picture, although I am adding some microsworfs along the perimeter of the glass, a moss covered bridge made of coconut shell over the sand, and dwarf baby tears on a piece...
  5. R

    is my tank overstocked? if not what centerpiece fish should i add?

    i have so far in a 10 gallon tank 5x rio flame tetras 4x amano shrimp 2x nerite snails alot of plants
  6. J

    Stocking help!

    I am new to the fish keeping hobby and would like some advice for appropriate stocking for a 10 gallon fish tank I am going to buy, here is a list of fish I really like; Dwarf gourami Corydoras Harlequin rasboras Ember tetras Cardinal tetras If anyone could tell me combinations of these fish...
  7. A

    Need Help Stocking

    Hi I have a ten gallon aquarium and I need ideas for what to put in it.