cory catfish

  1. B

    STORY TIME - Water Parameters for a Community tank

    Hello! I've posted before, it's been awhile. Currently, I have 5 Zebra Danios, 5 Emerald Cory's, a Mystery Snail, And a Single Silver dollar. Those who've seen my previous posts know I've been here before, I'm now 18 and know alot more. I only have a single silver dollar, because inexperienced...
  2. Guyb93

    Could I put corys in my tank?

    I hve a 500l with an Oscar and 4 electric blue acara and a sailfin pleco , I wanted to add 5-10 silver Dollars and 5-10 salt and pepper corys , I’m thinking the SDs will be ok but not too sure about corys are they just lunch ?
  3. pkenziep

    Help! What did my catfish die of and is it contagious?

    First off - I apologize as this will probably be a novel. Can anyone help me ID what killed my albino corydora? I've had two for over a year (which I know they need more friends, but I didn't have tank space until very recently and haven't even had a chance to increase their school size), and...
  4. newmag1659

    Dwarf Mexican Crayfish and Corys?

    I’m thinking about adding a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish to my established 20 tall killifish and Cory tank. I’ve seen conflicting opinions on whether the crayfish will harass/eat the corys. I have 4 albino corys, 2 emerald. Is this a feasible combination or should I just skip out on the crayfish? I...
  5. J

    Tank change help!!!

    So I have 10 Cory's 2 larger mollies and a baby molly 3 while sucker fish and a other sucker fish I'm changing my tank to sand I have a 10 gallon tank can I put the fish in there until the sand settles I'm in way over my head someone help
  6. jucieso

    Cory catfish dancing?(!)

    First, hi there, I’m very new to the forum so sorry if I don’t know how this works. Second, I’ve owned 2 albino Cory catfish in the past, but after they died I got 2 new ones about a month or so ago. Up until yesterday, they’ve been fine. I’ve made no new changes to the water recently and it’s...
  7. 3

    Cory looking ill?

    I have just noticed that the Cory looked like this. It his a white like down the back of its back and looks like a red vein on its stomach. It also has jacked up fins( fin rot ??) what should I do. Excuse the tank being dirty just come back from holiday and had people looking after it. Help...
  8. Tegz

    Bronze cory coloration and size

    Hi all I hope that everyone is well. Quick question regarding my Corys I got them both at the same time and they were about the same size and color but the one is now quite a bit bigger and has alot more colour is this normal?
  9. H

    HELP! Dying catfish?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10 gallons How long has the tank been running? 1.5 years Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 77.4 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Two cory Julii catfish, two...
  10. B

    Weird Bronze Corydora?

    I've been searching over the internet for photos and videos of bronze corydoras and I haven't seen any like this one. I'm not really sure why it looks like this I have 5 others that don't and I got them all at the same store. Any help identifying it would be much appreciated.
  11. H

    Advice on my new tank

    Hi im new to the fishkeeping world and the tropical fish forums forums:) Over the past few weeks ive done a ton of research for the new tank im getting for my bday! I have brought a 105 litre (68 cm length,35 cm depth and 51 cm height) rectangle tank. After all the research and visits to my...
  12. Flavs

    Advice on adding fish to tank

    Hello there! I would really love some advice from seasoned fish keepers! I currently have a 54L tank (60 x 30 x 30). I've currently got a gorgeous Betta, 6 Neon Tetras and 2 Cory Doras. I was wondering whether I could add a 2-3 extra neons to form more of a school and perhaps even another Cory...
  13. Geordie Paul

    Ok to move corydoras?

    Hello all again. My 35 gallon has been running for about 10 days now, my plants are starting to grow as well. I've also used conditioner and bio support. I've also had a betta living in here for about a week before I took him out. I was wondering if it would be safe to move my 4 panda corys from...
  14. joliee

    Am I Overstocking?

    Hi I'm kind of new to this so bear with me haha. So I was thinking of getting a 10 gallon tank and putting 5 scissortail rasboras (I heard they were schooling fish and that I needed to get at least 5), 2 cory catfish (again, I heard they liked to be with each other), 1 dwarf gourami, and 1...
  15. D

    2nd 40 gallon breeder

    I currently have 2 40 gallon breeders, one is recently set up with a few BA tetras but I’ve decided I’m going to leave adding fish to this one for a while, in my 2nd 40 gallon breeder I also have; 6 BA tetras 5 Albino Corys 1 young Male Firemouth Cichlid Is there anything else that I could add...
  16. Tap Water

    White Fungus/Rot on Corydora

    I noticed some white starting to appear on some of my bronze corydoras fins, and I cant quite figure out what it is. One cory has it worse than the rest, and it looks as if the fin is actually beginning to rot away. I've had these cory for over six months now, and I've owned cory for about four...
  17. josh41478

    can you help me identify my corydoras.

  18. Barry Tetra

    ‘short body’ corydoras

    Is short body corydoras natural or its a manmade? I found one in LFS and i like it, should i buy it? Do they have a problem with their internal organ?
  19. BettaChel

    Help me Gender my Cory Cats!

    Hello all! I’m relatively new to fish keeping but I love it so much! I got some new corys yesterday and I was wondering if anyone could help to identify their sexes if possible! Here are the two Juliis. I think the one in the back is female and the one in front male? (guessing! lol) Here’s...
  20. P

    Help with my Corydora catfish!

    Intro: Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to read my first post. This isn't my first forum experience and I am well aware of the search function. However I wanted to post this asap and hopefully someone can help me faster then me looking for the answer. The problem: I noticed a...