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  1. cynful

    Hi there!

    Both my husband and I have started our new hobby of fishkeeping. I grew up around fish tanks so I have basic knowledge but wanted to join a community of more experienced fishkeepers who can help me to identify issues and give information to resolve those issues. I am a huge animal lover of all...
  2. Emilee Maphui

    How to help a fish recover from jumping out of the tank?

    Last night, on New Years Eve, my filter of a few years stopped working. It was too late to get a new filter as most things closed down by then. I did a partial water change and hoped for the best. When I woke up at 2 am, the two fish inhabiting the tank, two 4 year old albino corydora catfish...
  3. D

    One of my mollies has been staying at the surface and seems to be gasping

    I just got 4 new mollies and 2 cory catfish today and after a few hour this one molly has been staying at the surface for the last 10 minutes. It wont ever leave the surface for any reason and it is the only fish in the tank doing this.I checked the water parameters before i added the fish
  4. D

    Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

    Hello all! I've been keeping pygmy corydoras for a few years because they are my favorite fish. I'd really like to see them reproduce but they don't seem to be doing so on their own. So what I'll do here is go through some of the steps I've been taking to get them to spawn and hopefully one of...
  5. F

    Does my Cory have popeye?

    Yesterday I noticed that my cory’s eye looked bigger than the rest of my catfish. Is this popeye? If so, how could I treat it? I’ve been doing ~20% water changes every 1 to 1.5 weeks for my 36 gallon bowfront tank. Nitrites are at 0. Ammonia <0.25ppm. Nitrates <5.0ppm.
  6. M

    Normal behaviour?

    We bought three Green cories today, and the fish store employee was rather rough with handling them. And had lots of dead fish in their displays. I saw the cute little cories looking all sad in their overcrowded tank and couldn't resist bringing them home. It's a gamble, I know, but had to...
  7. P

    Is My Cory Ok?

    Hi, 2 days ago I got some peppered corydoras - one of them died before I even got to drop acclimate them. The other two are doing well in the tank. I called pets at home and they said I could come get a new cory. I’ve just brought him home today and noticed his fins are a bit ‘teared’ ? Not sure...
  8. V

    Is this corydora healthy?

    I have a sole survivor after disease wiped out my group. I'm not sure what it is that they had, I've asked around on different sites and got varying answers, internal parasites, bacterial infection, gill flukes, and even fish TB. I wanted to ask on here if he looks healthy.
  9. outofwater

    Not an emergency, just looking for anything more expert members might notice

    Woke up to one of my female cories dead at the bottom of the tank. As the pictures might show she had the bent spine that seems common on these when overbred/inbreeding, but she was always pretty active and healthy looking, up to last night on my last glance at the tank all the fish were acting...
  10. CozyCat

    Feeding corydoras fry

    Hi My albino cories have started breeding over the last couple weeks and some of the eggs have hatched! This is my first time raising corydoras fry, I'm so excited!😄 I've done some research on how to raise them, but am still a little confused on what to feed them. They are between a few days...
  11. M

    Fish Emergency Redness on temple of corydora

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20G How long has the tank been running? 5 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 78 - 79F What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 6 Harlequin Raspbora, 6 Neon...
  12. outofwater

    Eggs... empty?

    Female just laid them, and promptly tried to eat them too. What do you think of them... do they look like duds? Thanks
  13. outofwater

    Spot on tetra, fin damage on cory, what's going on

    Hi everyone, This morning all looked OK. I've had one cory on 3 day quarantine so far for some fin issues on dorsal and caudal fins. Treating with melafix and damage seems to have stopped spreading so I was thinking of putting him back in the main tank in another day or two. Just returned from...
  14. I

    White fuzzy piece in Cory's gills. Please help

    Hi all, I noticed one of my cory's is seperated from the group (6 total), he hovers still in the flow, or goes up to the surface. Upon close inspection i noticed a white fuzzy piece in his right gills. Any idea what this could be? It's not solid but rather fuzzy when viewing very close. Gills...
  15. H

    Bronze Corydora female is panting

    I noticed a couple of days ago that my big female bronze cory was panting. Normally they move their mouth/gills when eating food, but she does this constantly now and has never shown this behavior before. Other than her mouth/gills moving rapidly, she also goes up for air a bit more than usual-...
  16. M

    Lowering Ammonia levels in tank with ADFs and cory catfish...

    Hi, I have a tank with 2 ADF and 3 albino cory catfish. The ammonia level is at 0.50ppm the nitrates are at 5.0ppm, the nitrite is at 0ppm, ph is at 7.2 and high range ph is at 7.4. I've been doing a partial water change about every 2 or 3 days the last week and usually use some seachem prime...
  17. T

    Corydoras skin disease

    Hey, I just recently got an aquarium from a reseller. The reseller had the aquarium for 1/2 months. Now I have it for 2 weeks. The aquarium is 60 liters, I have 6 corydoras and 5 guppies. Now I have just checked up on the aquarium, and ai have seen one of my corydorases skin looking like this...
  18. CozyCat

    Cory eggs?

    Found these while doing a water change on my cory tank. They were stuck to the side of the filter inlet pipe. There's only corydoras, a couple female guppies and my male bristlenose pleco in the tank. Could they be cory eggs? If so, how do I successfully hatch and raise them?
  19. E

    Corydora with injured pectoral fin and white area on his body?

    My false julii corydora is injured on his left pectoral fin. About a week and a half ago he got both his pectoral fins/bones lodged in the aquarium background and couldn't move. He was so stuck that he couldn't even shake the shrimp off of himself and I had to pry his left fin free. His fin...
  20. biofish

    Bloated Cory catfish floating?

    I just got back a from a week vacation and had set up automatic feeders for my fish…. I think the feeders released too much because a lot of my look a bit chunky. But anyway! My one eyed Cory Catfish, his stomach is bloated, and for some reason he’s floating at the top of the tank, on his side...