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Sep 6, 2006
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Sedgley, UK
Hi. I just wanted to say hello as it has been YEARS since I last logged into these forums!

I’ve had my current setup for 10+ years but during themat time I have kept everything from 100+ shrimps, to community fish, to breeding Kribs, to loaches, frogs and snails.

Having recently had 2 children I have stripped most of my activity back and now just have a 3ft community tank with a few live plants and wood.

However, to try and keep my interest from waning I have setup an online blog for the year and plan to update it regularly with images and news from my tank.

Please feel free to take a look if you have the time. It can be found at the minute.

I also plan on being a lot more active on here so please feel free to drop me any responses! Thanks. Rich.

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